Program Graduates



Angel is a 7 year old playful Wiggle-Butt who loves to give kisses and wants to be your one & only.

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Biscuit is a one and a half year old coonhound mix, weighing about 60 lbs, who lost his home when his owner moved on without him.

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Coco is a 2 year old boxer/pit bull mix. She is about 65 pounds and loves to play.

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Domino's mind is hungry to train and learn new things so we have revisited some old training like sit, stay, walk nice, and down.

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Humphrey is truly a little old man stuck in a dog's body. He's set in his ways and although we have to admit he's a little odd...

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Khloe is an 8 month old, boxer/mastiff mix pup, who weighs about 55lbs. Her entire litter was found abandoned in a box in a dumpster when you they were very young puppies.

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Tango is a 4-5 year old, 25 pound, lovable mutt who was rescued from a hoarding situation.

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Thorne was rescued from a hoarding situation in Tennessee along with other dogs.

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Winston is a Jack Russell Terrier mix who weighs about 22lbs. He was initially rescued from a hoarding case and is very shy right now...

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