Brownie is a 1.5 year old Perfect Jogging Partner and All-Around Athlete. Sadly, she spent the first year of her life living in a crate. She weighs 50 and aims to please nonstop. 

For information on adopting Brownie, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE. You can complete an application online by clicking here.

"Brownie is going to spend this coming weekend with a family interested in adopting her. They have cats and we are hopeful that this will work out since Brownie didn't seem to care much about the cats when she initially met them. Paws crossed that this works out!"

"I've been working on Brownie pulling when on leash. She has a mind of her own sometimes when she wants to go somewhere. Brownie is afraid of some of the officers when they wear raincoats so we've been trying to work on that. She's getting better. The treat rewards seem to be working."

"Brownie has gotten better with not barking at correctional officers as much in here. Treats work well to redirect her attention. Brownie has taken over the bottom bunk in my cell since her primary handler has left. She loves it, but I know she was sad when he left. She moped around for a few days."

"This week I've been slowly letting Brownie get used to seeing the new dog Obie. We've also been working on getting her to bow and cross her paws while in a down position just for a new trick. She got a chance to go out to the park and I was told she did very well seeing new people and dogs from a far there."

"This week we worked on introducing Brownie to new people especially ones she might bark at or be fearful of at first sight. Brownie is a very friendly & playful dog and many people here who know her tell me they are surprised she hasn't been adopted yet because she's so pretty. If she doesn't take to someone at first, a little patience and some treats will soon fix that problem."

"This week we worked with Brownie on her long distance stay and recall. Also, I got her excited running around and chasing me. I was then able to get her to sit and be calm. We practiced this several times."

"Brownie is doing very well with her roll over and now she loves rolling all over in the grass. She still loves going to the track with Reggie and playing fetch. She's interested in Tango and seems playful, but he's still a little scared and probably too small to play with her."

"Brownie is continuing to do well here. She's been very patient and accepting of the other dogs and friendly with strangers. She loves to play and go to the track. When it's time to relax she loves curling up next to me in the bed and watching tv. She's a great, fun dog and I am very happy with the progress she's continuing to make while here."

"Brownie had a lot of fun playing with Ozzie this week. They seem to be getting more comfortable with each other and are really fun to watch. We're making a lot of progress on getting Brownie to roll over on command."

"Brownie had a rough week, but she handled it very well. Despite being locked in with us for 3.5 days, she behaved very well, mostly just staying very close to me in hopes of going out. I know the lack of exercise was killing her, but we made the most of our limited space and tried to play and practice training. I'm really proud of how well she behaved during this difficult time and couldn't ask for a better dog."

"Brownie is a very fun and loyal dog. She stays close and looks to you for direction when unsure. She's very obedient and fine to have off leash in the yard or on the block. She loves to be outside and loves to play but can also be calm and relax with you while inside. She loves being petted and being close to you. Brownie loves the attention and love. She is a very loving and affectionate dog and has been my favorite dog here so far."

"Brownie has been doing very well lately. We've been working on her crawling and roll over. She's been managing the heat with lots of trips to the water hose. She loves getting cooled off and then rolling around in the grass. She's getting along with Ozzie pretty well, but they haven't been off leash together yet."

"Brownie is doing very well with the other dogs here and with meeting new people. She's very playful, energetic, and a lot of fun to be around. She loves going to the track and walking/running laps with me as well as playing fetch, tug-of-war, and soccer."

"Brownie met a new handler in the program and a new dog this week. She did well with both. She followed all commands and played well with the new handler and did well with the few brief interactions with Ozzie. I have been hosing her off and trying to keep her cool on hot days outside and she seems to like the water. Maybe she'd enjoy swimming in a lake or pool? She's certainly got the energy for it. She's a lot of fun and I'm sure we're going to have a lot of fun this summer."

"Brownie met a lot of new people this week both at the field & track and on the housing unit. She was friendly and playful with all of them. She also got a chance to play with Reggie and Tiffany and had a lot of fun with her frisbee. She listens very well and follows me everywhere. She would be a great addition for anyone looking for an energetic, playful dog."

"This week we worked on getting Brownie and Tiffany together and just getting them comfortable around each other. They didn't like each other at first, but they are getting better around each other now. Brownie is doing well with her dance and spin moves and we are still working on getting her to roll over."

"The week we've been working on getting Tiffany and Brownie together more and they're doing very well. We're still going to the big field so Brownie can play frisbee and fetch. She loves playing with the new jolly balls and soccer balls. She's really a lot of fun to play with and I think we're going to have a lot of fun together this summer."

"Brownie is doing well with her training this week. We worked on her dancing and spin moves. We went to the track and played with her new, favorite toy, the frisbee. She's doing great with Tegan & Beau and being a little calmer and gentler with them in general. She's a really great, fun dog to have."

"Brownie is still doing very well here. She loves playing with Reggie and going to the track and field. We just got her a frisbee to play with and it is her new favorite toy. She is still working on exactly how to catch it, but she is trying and always brings it back to you. We practiced walking both Brownie and Reggie on a leash at the same time with one person holding both of them in case someone adopts both dogs and would want to do that. They didn't do bad for their first time. They got a little tangled up from time to time but did good for the most part."

"Brownie is doing very well learning how to roll over this week. She got to go to the track with me and Reggie and she was very good. She is also doing very well with Tegan and Beau. She enjoys playing with Trevor too so she is getting much better with the other dogs. The nice weather has her playing outside a lot more and you can see when she's getting tired, but it doesn't take her long before she is back up and ready to play again. She is really a lot of fun. Best dog I have had yet."

"Brownie is doing very well meeting and being around Tegan and Beau while playing. She is learning to be a little less excited and go easy on them. She still loves playing rough with Reggie though. Brownie is doing well with loose leash walking and we are still working on roll over. We are able to go to the field and track now and she likes walking laps with me and playing fetch. She's a really great dog who I love playing with."

"Brownie loves playing outside and walking laps with me at the track. We also worked on meeting Tegan and being a little more gentle with small dogs. I am working on getting her to roll over, but she is still doing well with what she already knows like sit, stay, down, shake with both paws, touch, dance, etc. Brownie is such a great dog and listens so well. I really enjoy my time with her. We have a semi-regular routine and she knows it well. She anticipates playtime and knows when I am just leaving for work. Great dog for someone who is looking for a playful, energetic dog."

"Brownie is loving this nice weather and extra yard time. She has a ton of energy and loves to play outside. Normally, we play fetch with her favorite ball or tug of war with her rope. She's a very fun dog who loves to play and listens very well while off her leash. We have a lot of fun together and I'm enjoying my time with her."

"Brownie and Reggie had a lot of fun playing together this week. I had them both in the cell playing and they made a big mess of the rugs in my bed while wrestling, but they had fun so I didn't mind. Brownie and I worked on loose leash walking and off leash behavior. She is doing very well and seems happy. This has been my favorite dog here yet and I feel a little more attached every day. Just a great dog to have with you every day."

"Brownie went out for a home visit this week and from what I hear, she did very well with the potential adopters. Reggie went with her and I think that helped her feel more comfortable and safe in the new place. She has been doing very well with her training and taking commands from new people. The warmer weather has been a blessing and allowed us to play outside more which Brownie loves to do."

"Brownie has taken more of a liking to the snow this week. Now that there's not as much of it she likes playing in it and finding her ball which I bury in the snow. She's been listening very well and seems pretty calm around the guards which is an improvement. She played with Trevor briefly and Reggie like she normally does. Since it's officially spring, I hope to get some better weather soon so we can go walk the track since she seems to really like that."

"Brownie isn't really a big fan of all this snow we got this week. A little coating is okay with her, but this is too much. She's been having fun playing tug with her rope toy inside though. A couple different people have come by to play with her and she'll listen to the drop it cue from anyone who plays with her. Hopefully, the sunny warm weather she loves so much will be back soon."

"Brownie met a new dog, Tiffany, this week a few times and that's been going pretty well. Brownie met Angel this week too. She didn't seem to like Angel as much, but she's brand new here so it might take some time for them to warm up to each other. We lost Brownie's favorite ball under a fence this week and she was a little heartbroken. She loves that one specific ball and wasn't really too interested in playing with anything else, but the rope. We finally got it back yesterday and now Brownie is so happy. It's funny how she's picked one ball as her favorite and always finds it and wants to play with it."

"Brownie has been having a lot of fun playing with Reggie this week. She has been doing very well with her dancing trick. She loves to play fetch as much as possible and is full of playful energy. She is a great dog to take to the park or play outside with and with spring coming soon, we should be in for a lot of fun. She is a very loving dog who wants to be right by your side or laying in your bed with you, but she's also very good with going in her crate when told to. Brownie is a great dog who deserves a wonderful home and while I love having her here with me, I hope she finds that home soon."

"Brownie is enjoying the warmer weather we have been having and playing outside a lot more. She loves playing fetch with her buddy Reggie and they have a lot of fun together. I have been taking her around the housing block and letting her socialize more with new people. Brownie is great with inmates, but she is a little intimidated by some of the guards so I am trying to desensitize her to them and she's doing very well with that."

"Brownie seems to be feeling much better after her trip to the vet this week. We have been working and reinforcing what she already knows, especially a long distance stay and recall. We got a good amount of snow which I thought she would like, but it seemed like it was a little too much snow at once for her liking. She likes playing in just a light coating of snow. Brownie is doing very well with everyone here as well as most of the other dogs. As long as you are playing with her or have a treat, you have her full attention. She is a great, playful dog and my favorite one here so far."

"Brownie had a lot of fun playing out in the yard this week. She has a new favorite toy, a hard rubber ball, about the size of a mini soccer ball. She loves chasing it and always brings it back to you, leaving it at your feet so you can kick or throw it again for her. Brownie is so fun, playful, and energetic. She also got to go out for a few trips to visit & see the vet so she's had a busy, fun week."

"I am teaching Brownie how to dance and spin which she seems to like. She has made some progress with getting up on a milk crate outside. She will put her front paws up on it and we are working on getting her hind legs up too. She does excellent with the more useful commands like sit, stay, down, paw, come, and drop it. Brownie is doing well with meeting the new dogs here and seems to be playful with them. Overall, she is a great dog who loves to play and listens well. Brownie is very attached to me and loves to lay at my side with her head on my chest or arm and follows me everywhere I go. This has been my favorite dog out of the three that I have had so far. I know she will make a great companion for someone."

"Brownie is doing very well with her training. She got a chance to go out for a little field trip to a pet store and did well while there. We are still working on her dance and spin tricks, but she's doing very well overall."

"Brownie got to meet a lot of people this week. Some of the people she met for the first time and some of them she's met before. Brownie did well with everyone. She is very food motivated and for the most part will follow commands from everyone and not just me. Brownie's favorite trick is to give you one or both paws for a shake."

"Brownie is doing very well. She's so friendly and everyone likes her. She's doing well learning new tricks and seems to be catching on more quickly. She's a very loyal dog and stays right with me no matter where I go. Brownie is such a great dog and I hope she finds a good home soon. I know she will make a great pet for someone."

"Brownie is finally getting to play in some snow and she really likes it. She eats it and runs around with excitement when you toss the snow at her. She's so playful and loves being outside. We're continuing with her training and trying to teach her new things. Brownie's a little slow to pick things up but when it finally clicks, she does it all the time without fail. She's such a fun, loving dog and she's my favorite one I've had so far."

"This week I've been working on trying to get Brownie to do proper greetings. When she sees someone she really likes, she gets very excited and will jump up on them. I'm working on teaching her patience and waiting for them to come to her. Brownie is doing very well with all of her training and is doing well here overall. She's a popular dog due to the fact that she's so friendly, affectionate, and loves to play."

"Brownie has been very good this week. I've been trying to get her to respond to commands from as many people as possible so new owners have less trouble with continued training. She's very friendly with everyone and listens to others well. We had some ice forming out back and Brownie loves to eat it and carry around big chunks of it. I think she's really going to like winter and the snow."

"Brownie is doing better on her visits with other dogs and is playing with them more and more. We are continuing to work on her social skills here with the other dogs as well as our usual commands. She is a little nervous about being on her back so rolling over is proving to be quite a task, but I have gotten her to lay on her side and start to roll just a little so that is a work in progress. Overall, Brownie is doing very well here and I am confident that she will have a home very soon."

"Brownie has been visiting with a potential adopter a few times lately and meeting an older, male dog. While the trainer is working with them at the park, I've been trying to help by letting Brownie play with another older, male dog here. Hopefully, this will help her get along better with her potential new adopters and their dog."

"Brownie is doing very well with her training. I've been working on having her bring me her leash when it's time to go outside. Brownie got to go to a park this week and meet a beagle. She loves to play tug of war with her new rope toy and loves to play soccer too."

"This week I took some time to introduce Brownie to 2 new dogs, Trevor and Winston. They are both shy, reserved dogs. Brownie seemed to be very interested and playful. I kept her restrained a little because she can be somewhat aggressive in her play which works out great with some dogs like Reggie or Denver when he was here, but it can be intimidating or even scary for shy dogs. Overall, I think it went well and the dogs got a chance to meet and interact with each other."

"This week Brownie got to go to the park for the first time. She did very well meeting new people and loose leash walking. She's so full of energy and super playful. I'm sure she loved getting out of here to go somewhere new. Brownie's being very good this week and listening well. She seems interested in the new dog, Trevor. She hasn't barked at him and seems interested in playing so when he gets a little more comfortable here, I'd like to get them together to meet and play."

"Brownie is such a friendly and fun dog. She's friendly with everyone, but you can tell her favorites because she'll be visibly more excited and affectionate. Brownie has been a real joy to live with. She's very playful and likes tug of war and soccer the most. We also play fetch and she will bring the ball back to you. I'm working on having her place it right in your hand as opposed to just leaving it somewhere near you."

"Brownie has been doing very well with her loose leash walking this week. We've spent a lot of time just walking, getting her used to her harness and staying with me. Brownie still loves to play with Reggie and the two of them are doing really well together. We even joke about them being a packaged deal if adopted."

"This week I worked on loose leash walking and started seeing some real progress. I also take Brownie up and down the steps at least once a day for practice. I keep trying, but I still haven't been able to get Brownie to climb up and sit on a milk crate. She's doing great with the other dogs and loves playing with Reggie who is doing surprisingly well with her. They seem to find a good medium where they can play rough like they like to do but not too rough. If someone yelps or stops for a drink, they both stop to cool off. Overall, Brownie is doing very well here."

"Brownie is a very loyal and devoted dog for sure. We're practically attached at all times because she follows me everywhere even while in the cell. We're back to playing soccer and she loves that along with fetch or tug games. We're working on some new tricks like "sit pretty" and "sit like a lady". Brownie gets easily frustrated and hasn't quite gotten these yet, but it's a work in progress. She's doing very well here and is a very friendly, loving dog. I'm really surprised that she's still here."

"Brownie needs some work on her loose leash walking so that is what we focused on this week. She is just young, hyper at times and needs to calm down a little bit. The funny thing is that she is great off leash and stays right with me or plays fetch. Overall, she is doing great and getting along with all of the people and dogs very well."

"This week I finally got Brownie to go up and down the steps here. She would not go up them at first and I suspected it was because you can see through them so I placed rugs over each step and she went up with no problem. After a few turns, I removed the rugs and she still went up and down them multiple times. Brownie walks a little lightly I believe because the metal grates feel strange but just like Reggie, now that she knows she can do it that's all she wants to do. We also worked on loose leash walking."

"This week we worked on shaping Brownie's fetch behaviors. We worked on having Brownie bring me a toy and placing it in my hand. We also worked on having her bring me her leash on command. These behaviors take some time to nail down, but we started the first steps to shaping these desired behaviors."

"This week I tried to work on the loose leash walking with Brownie. I think that's the thing she could use work on the most right now. She is doing well but has room for improvement. We also worked on fetch and getting Brownie to bring the ball or rope right to me and placing it in my hand. We had a lot of fun playing soccer and kicking the ball around until I managed to break my toe in the process. So for now we are giving that some time to heal and I am just throwing the ball or playing tug-of-war with her."

"This week we worked on Brownie's stay and she's making a lot of improvement with that. She went to the track with Reggie, the dog yard with Denver and even played with Coco a little. She's been very tolerant of everyone here as well as the dogs and noise. I'm trying to get Brownie to sit up on a milk crate, but she's a little nervous about that right now. She loves playing tug of war with me which really helps her burn off some of that excess energy."

"This week I've been trying to increase Brownie's stay. With being so young and energetic, that's proving to be a little difficult. I've also been working on some desensitization with Coco. We've been making some real progress with that so far. Other than that, we've just been doing the same things we've been doing since day 1. We work on her down, sit, paw, watch, touch, leave it, and drop it. Overall, Brownie is doing very well."

"Brownie is playing very well with the other dogs and is doing well with ignoring some of the noise and people who make her nervous while in the cell. We've been going to the big yard so she can play off leash with Denver and they seem to really enjoy playing together. Somehow the "paw" command finally clicked in her head and she just started doing it on her own after weeks of trying to teach her. We're still working on stay. Brownie is so full of energy and wants to be close to me all of the time so that's going to take some work. When I put on my shoes, I sit on the bed and she will lay down across my feet and look up with her puppy dog eyes. Brownie waits for me to pet her then. She's very adoptable for someone who is looking for a young dog with tons of energy."

"Brownie is doing very well. She played with Denver in the big yard off leash and they had a lot of fun together. We went to the softball yard and track and walked together for about an hour. Brownie stayed right with me and didn't bother with any of the other people there. She's doing very well with down and crawl, but we need to work on stay with her. Brownie seems to be very dog and people friendly."

"Brownie is doing well with the other dogs here. She loves playing with Reggie and Katy the most. She's been a lot less reactive to people and noise and seems a lot more relaxed here. We've been working on "paw" but she hasn't quite grasped it yet. We got the chance to go to the softball field and she was very well behaved. I was able to let her off the leash and she still stayed close to me as we walked around the track & field. Brownie is very playful, energetic, and a lot of fun in those types of settings."

"Brownie is doing very well and is getting more comfortable here. She just started going into her crate on her own to relax or chew on a toy. She can play a little rough, but she is playing and getting along well with the other dogs. Brownie just loves to be in the bed and she always wants to cuddle, be pet, or just be in contact with me in some way."

"Brownie is adjusting to her new home well. She came in very jumpy and easily startled, but she's getting a little better lately. Brownie is meeting new people. Some she likes and some she's not sure about but just getting her used to different people & being touched is a good start so far. This is the third dog that I've had while here and already she's my favorite. I'm just happy that I get the chance to let her play and be loved instead of spending her whole life in a crate like before she was rescued. Brownie is very sweet and playful. You can tell she's very happy to get some attention."

"Brownie just got here so she's still feeling things out. She's been doing really well around the other dogs. She's scared of the steps, but we'll work on that. Brownie has lots of energy and loves her toys so I try to take her out as much as possible to play outside. As for being in the cell, she's doing extremely well. Brownie needs some time to get used to all of the sounds and noises here because right now she barks at everything. I think she'll be much better after a week or two."