Denver is a 1-3 year old boxer/pit bull mix. He was a stray dog and ended up at a shelter in pretty bad---emaciated and poor overall condition. Denver is doing 110% better now and we can't wait to watch his personality unfold inside the prison.

For information on adopting Denver, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE. You can complete an application online by clicking here.

"This will be the last journal entry I write for Denver as my little man is adopted and will be leaving November 4th. While I'll be heartbroken to see him go, he truly deserves a forever home and that is the goal of the HOPE program. We work with the dogs and love them, but we need people to adopt them. There are so many unloved dogs to find homes for and we cannot do it without you. So please, look into your heart and find room for a shelter dog. Thank you."

"Denver has found a home and will be leaving at the end of the month. I will be sad to see him go, but he so deserves it. He is such a wonderful dog and will always be a part of me."

"When Denver arrived, I was full of ideas about all the things I would teach him. And while I taught him a lot of stuff, I wound up learning the biggest lesson---you can't pre-judge a dog."

"Last week while demonstrating Denver's 42 commands, (okay, showing off) the trainer decided I had to teach him to wave. What? Such a silly trick---And how am I going to teach him that? The next morning we started work on the wave and 30 minutes later.... Voilà! Wave bye-bye. Number 43."

"When Denver got here, he was so underweight you could see all the vertebrate in his back and count his ribs. His coat was patchy and dull. Denver was so anxious he would bark fiercely at everyone. I look at him today and he is sleek and strong. His coat is glossy and he is calm and affectionate. He's come so far. This is my dog and I'm proud of him."

"Okay people, I've run out of superlatives for this dog. It's time for him to be adopted. So if you're looking for a happy, well-adjusted and personable companion... This is the one!!!"

"Denver has now learned 40+ different commands. Considering that I thought him to be dense when he first arrived, that's pretty good. Last week, I told someone I was teaching him to crawl and they weren't impressed. What I didn't tell them was that it was crawl backwards."

"Denver had a play date with another one of our dogs here, Brownie, who is essentially a puppy. She has no manners, no boundaries, and limitless energy. I was concerned about Denver's tolerance for her, but it was completely unfounded. He was great putting up with her antics and nonstop onslaught. When she'd get out of hand, Denver would flip her onto her back and sit on her."

"This dog has taught me a lot. When he first arrived, I thought he was dumb, really dumb. However, I've come to realize that I was the dumb one. It was dumb of me to expect every dog to respond the same way to the same training methods. Denver has proven to be an intelligent dog and I'm not as smart as I thought."

"So Denver has discovered the joy of frisbee. He can't catch it to save his life but boy is he good at going after it. He really enjoys playing tug of war and chase me. When I get tired, he'll bring it right to me and put it in my hand. Anything to get me to keep throwing it. He's just such a happy dog."

"Mr. Man learned a new trick. On command, "leash," he runs to his kennel, jumps up, grabs the leash and brings it to me. It's funny to watch because he's so excited as it means we're going somewhere. He doesn't care where just as long as it's out. "We're going somewhere!" When he brings it to me, he has this jaunty little strut going. High-stepping like a Clydesdale. He's just so tickled with himself hence Mr. Man Moniker."

We'd like to brag a bit because here's the LONG list of commands that Denver's handler has taught him:

sit, down, stand, stay, left, right, front, around/other way, spin/other way, through (legs), here, with me, this side (when walking), other side (when walking), jump, sit pretty, shake, other hand, bang (play dead), roll over, crawl, leave it, up, off, in, out, watch, speak, house, wait, kiss, touch, and leash

"When Denver arrived, he was underfed with a patchy coat. He had no manners or discipline. He was a mess. Since then, Denver has grown into a handsome, well behaved dog. He's my constant companion---24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and I'm proud of him. He's great company--social, fun loving, and adventurous. He's truly ready for a forever home."

"Yesterday was bath day for Denver. Needless to say, he wasn't overwhelmed with joy, but he is more tolerant than before. At first, I would be soaked head to toe and now he just gets me with the shake. He enjoys the towel dry at the end though. I supposed he could just be happy the ordeal is over.... Until it's time to clean the ears. "Oh, no!"

"This week we address the, "huff." The huff is the sharp exhalation Denver makes when I insist he do something he doesn't want to do. It goes like this--"Denver sit!" Denver looks the other way. "Denver sit!!" Huff and the slow sit. Such a brat. However, if you have a cookie, he can't sit quickly enough."

"Mr. Man seems to have declared war on my socks. And he's winning. It started with laundry day and has progressed to targets of opportunity. I caught him sneaking them out of my shoes and running back to his cage to destroy them. In other news, he stepped on a bee and has finally learned not to mess with them."

"This is a happy dog. With all the business of training, it's possible to lose sight of the sheer fun of having a dog. Denver is young and his exuberance can be refreshing."

"I'm really proud of this little dog. He started with no skills or manners and has progressed so far. Starting with no focus and a real stubborn streak, I wondered if I was up to the task but things have really come together as of lately. It's a wonderful thing to see even "difficult" dogs respond to love and consistency. He's really become a great companion and someone is going to be lucky to have him."

"The Little Lord continues to make progress and has become...gasp...well behaved. He remains as sweet as ever and is always ready to play. My socks disappear on a regular basis."

"Denver continues to make progress and has become a pretty well behaved dog. He's always up for a little mischief though and laundry is his favorite time for mayhem. He likes to lay on the clean pile and interfere with the folding. Socks have a way of mysteriously disappearing as well. Pretty entertaining for both of us."

"Little Lord Farts Alot continues to make progress and has become quite civilized. Aside from his nickname, he's very social and loves to be out and about with other dogs and people. He's just a happy little guy---not complicated at all. Someone needs to take him home."

"When Denver first got here, I thought he was a bit dim or slow. Hard-headed, no manners, no focus, and no patience. After a while, I discovered that I was wrong---Denver simply wasn't getting the training he needed. After trying different things, he began to learn quickly. He's still hard-headed, but it seems I was the one who was a bit slow."

"Denver's confidence continues to grow and with it he shows more interest in meeting new people. We play the "strangers with treats" game so often that he looks disappointed if someone new doesn't have treats. Brat."

"Denver continues to make progress in all areas of development. His manners have improved and he's getting more comfortable with strangers. Denver's decided that he loves helping me fold laundry on the bed and he dives right in. He's particularly good with socks!"

"Denver continues to make progress. He's learned all of his basic commands and some silly tricks as well. He really needs a home with some boys to rough house with. He's an active little dog who is very sweet."

"Denver is a very happy dog who loves to play--he is always up for silliness. Keep away is a favorite. His training is coming along and his manners have improved. The best thing about him though is how affectionate he is. He LOVES attention."

"Denver continues to make progress and is doing well. He is a happy go lucky dog with lots of energy. He loves to play---never tires of tug of war--and loves affection. He's quite a dog."

"Denver is a very well rounded dog. He's always ready to go--whether to play or for a cuddle. However, do not fold laundry with him as socks will disappear."

"Play, play, play---eat. Play, play, play---sleep. Repeat.
Denver has learned watch, sit, stay, down, shake, come right, come left, and roll over."

"Denver seems to think my bed is actually his bed. If I'm laying down, he leaps directly on top of me and isn't happy unless his head is on my chest. If I push Denver off, he waits 2 minutes and tries again. Such a brat."

"Denver thinks the whole world is here for his amusement. He is ready to play at the drop of a hat and will do so for hours. He's not overly bright, but he's very sweet."

"Denver is settling in nicely. He has gotten used to this environment and schedule. His manners are improving and so are his obedience skills. Denver plays with the other dogs and gets along with all of them except the grouchy old man (no one gets along with the grouch). He has learned sit, side left, side right, front, lay down, up, off, shake, kiss, stay, and crawl. Denver is just a typical, happy go lucky dog."

"Denver is a very sweet, young dog. On arrival, he didn't have any manners but he's really coming around. He's learning the basics and his leash manners are improving. Denver's major fault is flatulence. I've taken to calling him stinky."

"This is a happy little dog. All he wants to do is be around people or play with the other dogs. He plays for hours with Ayla---rough housing over a ball or the tug toy. Then, he likes to nap on my chest."

"So Denver shows up this week and doesn't know many commands yet. He's underweight and has some skin sores---he obviously was neglected prior to being rescued from the shelter. And yet, Denver has such a sweet disposition that I'm amazed. All he wants is affection."