Rusty is a loving, 8 year old cocker spaniel. He is looking to land himself into a home with no kids to live out his golden years. He gets along with some dogs, but not all.

For information on adopting Rusty, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE or calling (717) 602-3489. You can complete an application online by clicking here.

3-23-16 Rusty has been paroled and returned to his rescue. He is still available for adoption!

"Rusty is doing very well this week with being patient and waiting for me to take him out. He's waiting in his crate & sitting until I tell him it's okay to come out. He also waits with the "place" command. Rusty seemed to be even more playful and energetic this past week. Overall, he's doing very well and has been well behaved. Rusty is so friendly and affectionate. Nobody can understand why he is still here."

"Rusty has been doing well with all of his known commands. We've been working on variations of "leave it" this week. Now you can place a treat on his paw and he'll wait for you to give the "take it" cue. We are still working on placing it on his nose. Rusty has also done well with variations of the "touch" cue. He's been about the same with his tolerance of the other dogs, but I still try to expose him to them whenever possible."

"Rusty did very well this week with our training. We worked on loose leash walking and I setup an obstacle course for him to go through. That seemed like the best way to get him active this week. For some reason, he wasn't very interested in play or fetch. He's being pretty tolerant of the other dogs. He follows commands from anyone he meets and is always friendly. Rusty hasn't been on a single home visit since he's been here. He's shown much improvement in his time here so I'm hoping we can work on finding him a permanent home. I enjoy his company very much and I know someone else would too. I'd hate to see him spend his life here when he could have a much better one in a real home."

"This week, in addition to our usual training of all his commands, I worked with Rusty and Jasmine together. We did parallel walking and desensitization. Both dogs followed commands together and Rusty did very well with not showing any signs of aggression towards Jasmine. Rusty had to meet 50 people this week in order to complete his homework and as usual he was very friendly with everyone he met. He followed commands well from everyone too."

"Rusty is doing very well with all of his training. Rusty has a new habit of scooping my hand up onto his back and it's pretty sweet. He's been very affectionate lately and hopefully, he can show that to potential adopters & maybe it will help him get a home. Rusty has been doing well with the other dogs with the exception of Katy. These 2 really don't seem to like each other, but we hope in time that it will get better. Overall, I think his tolerance for other dogs is getting better and he's being less reactive to them."

"Rusty gets a gold star this week for his willingness to learn new things and follow multiple commands in order before getting a reward. He still loves playing out in the snow. He likes to dig holes in the snow, but he will not dig holes in the yard which is good. I set up a small obstacle course for Rusty outside with milk crates & balls and he really does well with that in the yard."

"Rusty seems to be doing just a little better around the other dogs this week. With so many new dogs, there is a bit of a getting to know each other period. He is being less reactive to them as time goes on. Rusty is still doing very well with commands and working on new ones. Rusty will sit and wait while his food is in his bowl until I tell him it's okay to eat. His recall is also pretty good when he's off leash and I call him to come."

"I don't think anyone enjoyed the massive amounts of snow we got more than Rusty. He had so much fun digging, jumping, and even eating the snow. We really had a lot of fun playing in the snow this week, but he also did very well listening to me and following all of his commands."

"Rusty got a haircut this week. He looks so small now that he's shaved. Rusty has been working going up and down the stairs a lot. It's going very well. I swear he runs faster outside now that he had his haircut! Guess all that hair really weighed him down. He's still listening well to all of his commands. He's been very well behaved this past week."

"Rusty is more than ready to be adopted. He just needs some help finding a home. Rusty's only barrier to adoption is his general dislike of other dogs, but it is on a case by case basis. He's not a fan of Ayla because she's so bouncy and loves to play. He knows his commands very well and we're working on new ones."

"I'm noticing that Rusty is getting more comfortable with me as time goes on. He's starting to rest his head on me or scoop my hand up onto his head to be petted. It's cute and just helps form more of a bond with him. He seems to listen to my commands better each week too. The new dog, Ayla, is interested in playing with Rusty, but as you know, he doesn't exactly play well with most other dogs. He barked at her when she tried to engage in play with him. Hopefully, over time Rusty will be more tolerant of her. I think sometimes he confuses play with being attacked and gets scared."

"When off leash in the yard, Rusty responded well when given the "come" command this week. He does well when we give him the "place" command. He's content to lay down on his mat and sleep. He's okay with other dogs as long as they don't get in his face. His favorite dog buddy here is still Pepper."

"Rusty and I practiced his commands and worked on getting his back paws on the stairs to walk up backwards. Rusty hung out with Pepper and Wally. He doesn't mind either one of them and gets along well with both. Rusty likes to sleep a lot and would be a good dog for someone who isn't super active."

"Rusty and Wally spent some time walking and playing together this week. Rusty was really good and showed no aggression towards Wally. I also worked with getting Rusty to stand on the seat at our tables. He did it once with no problem but after trying again, he fell and seems scared to try anymore. Rusty is ready for a home."

"This week I did something a little different with Rusty. While out in the yard, I would jog backwards and coax Rusty to chase me for a short distance. Then, I'd stop suddenly and treat him when he auto sits. He did very well and caught on right away allowing us to do a sort of stop/go kind of game. I also started working with him trying the "touch" command but getting him to touch a ball when I point at it instead of my hand like usual. That one needs a little more work and practice."

"I took Rusty cell to cell to meet some new people and he loved it. He loves attention. Rusty will snap at another dog if the dog gets right in his face but otherwise he's okay. He's completely fine with Pepper though and doesn't seem to mind Wally. The weather hasn't been great this week so our outdoor time has been short so we've practiced loose leash walking inside."

"Rusty gets a gold star this week for practicing find it and puppy push ups. I put a treat under one of the two bowls I have and he found it. Rusty met the new dog, Chloe. They don't play together, but they sniffed each other and he was okay with that. He's getting better at not barking as much when I'm not in the cell. Rusty really has come a long way. He's such a good dog."

"This week Rusty played with Pepper and he's okay with Wally so they hang out near each other. We did lots of doggie push ups. We played hide and seek in the cell. We tried to get Delaney and Rusty closer together this week and they still aren't very fond of each other. We'll keep working on it."

"Rusty is doing well living with 2 people now versus 1 like he originally was. He barks less when left alone from what I've heard and noticed. I've been using the place command with him in the cell more often and he's doing really well with it."

"Rusty listens to all of his commands and enjoys balls that squeak the best. We spent some time close to Ivy this week while both dogs were leashed and it went pretty well. They were able to get close. Neither dog reacted negatively to one another. It is a start and I am proud of him."

"I put Rusty on a diet and he's doing good with that. He gets along with all the dogs here except Delaney but they're getting better. Rusty no longer barks at her when she barks at him. He is a really good dog who just needs a home with people who can pay attention to him a lot."

"Rusty practiced auto sit and stay which he does both well. We played catch and tug of war. Rusty goes in his crate in the cell whenever I tell him to. If he jumps on my bed and I tell him to get off, he does so with no problems. He is a really great dog."

"Pepper and Rusty had fun chasing each other in and out of the dog pool. Rusty even liked laying in the water. His favorite dog here is Pepper. Rusty gets along with most of the other dogs here. He doesn't like hyper dogs. Rusty listens very well and knows all basic commands."

"Rusty and I had fun going to the dog park with Pepper. They get along super well. I even tied their leashes together and let them run around with each other. I did this to keep them both moving. Pepper has so much energy and I wanted to wear him out. Plus, I wanted them to try to walk together. Rusty has learned to automatically sit when I stop walking and to put his front paws in the milk crate. I put Rusty on a diet this week. I was told he was getting fat."

"Rusty met Sweetpea this week and did well with her. We played catch and lots of tug of war. Rusty loves to play with his balls and teddy bear. He's a great dog who is very people friendly. Everyone here loves him."

"Rusty and I played catch together this week like always. I took Rusty and Pepper to the softball field together. They are great together. Rusty is pretty good with the other dogs unless they bark at him and then he will lunge forward. We practiced stay and some tricks on the milk crate. I even let Rusty go in the pool which he liked to do."

"This week, Rusty and Pepper had fun playing with one another. Rusty gets along with all of the dogs except Delaney. It's something we have been working on. Rusty likes to play catch and walk around the block while people pet him. He loves people and the attention they give him. He does not like it when other dogs bark. He likes to play with his teddy bear and other toys. Rusty is a great dog."

"This week me and Rusty got to play with the new dogs here. Rusty did very well with this. We practiced some tricks like stand, stay, and sit. He is doing very well with all of them. Rusty is a good dog."

"Rusty is doing very well. He played with his best friend here, Pepper. If I tell him to stay anywhere, he won't move and listens so well. He loves to cuddle and play catch. Rusty loves when people pet him and I haven't had any problems with him. I have no problems putting his eye and ear meds in."

"Each week, Rusty gets better and better. He really is a good dog who needs a good home. He will make someone very happy. If I wasn't in jail, I would take him home with me. This week, we hung out playing catch. He loves that and practicing commands like find it, sit, rollover, and leave it."

"Rusty is an amazing dog. He's very well behaved and listens well. I tell him to stay, lay down, or sit and he knows all of the commands. He likes to cuddle with you. Rusty is good with people and tolerates most of the other dogs pretty well. I love that he knows his name. We play catch and I take him in the doggie pool we have here. He likes to do both of those things."

"Rusty is such a joy to have. He is so lovable and loves to play. He is also very smart. I took him to the dog yard this week so he could run around and we played catch. He gets along with most of the dogs. Rusty and Pepper are friends. They like each other very much. I love Rusty and hope that he can get into a good home. He is going to make someone very happy."

"I just got Rusty and he is a really friendly dog. He met a lot of new people so far and he did well with all of them. I took him out to play and he likes to play catch. He does really well for an older dog. Rusty knows commands like sit, stay, down, and roll over. He is very smart and let's me put medicine in his eyes and ears. Rusty doesn't always let you take a toy from him, but we're going to work on it. I let him sleep in bed with me and he takes up a lot of the room on the bed. Oh, and he does fart. When he comes over to me and puts his head on my chest though, it makes it worth it!"