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"Because one of the other dog handlers had to go out, I decided that I would bring Reggie over to my cell to Play with Pepper. If ever you want to see an odd couple, see these two together. Reggie is easily 55 pounds and on his best day, Pepper may top the scales at 20 pounds. Hence the nickname, "Lil' Dude." Anyway, I guess Reggie wasn't in the mood to play, but with Pepper it's always on his terms. Reggie is laying at the back of the cell when little dude keeps running and pecking at him. Reggie ignored the dude the first few times and then when creepo (Pepper) would peck him, he would growl back. Naturally, Pepper would run away, look back, do his boxing thing, and go peck Reggie again. This cycle continues for a good 10 minutes. Keep in mind, Reggie is still laying down, never once getting up. But then he heard his handler coming towards the cell. Reggie jumps up and runs towards the door. I guess Pepper thought Reggie was going after him? I swear to you America, Pepper took off at full speed out of the cell and down the tier. The other handler had to catch him for me, while I had to keep Reggie with me. Then, when Reggie went back to his handler and I had Pepper, the little dude does his boxing thing towards Reggie but runs into the cell. #Pepper'sWay"

"Things just got weird. I have Pepper and Reggie both hanging out in my cell. Nothing new. Reggie was trying to smell everything, while Pepper was busy trying to smell Reggie. Now I have left these two alone before, so I thought nothing of it. I had to leave the cell for no more than 2 to 3 minutes. When I got back is when things started to get weird. Pepper was on his back with Reggie standing over him. It was weird to say the least. I left again and when I returned, one of these two creeps had pulled a bunch of towels out all over the cell. Reggie had his nose buried in the toilet and true to form, creepy, little dude, Pepper was at the back of the cell doing his boxing thing! #MyHouseMyWay"

"Idle hands are the devil's playground so does that apply to paws? I'm cleaning the cell and the dude, Pepper, was just sitting in his cage watching me. Nothing new, but then the little dude brings the ball out and drops it in front of me. But I'm cleaning, so I say, "No." Instead of listening, he brings out another toy to entice me. Again, I say, "No." I am at the back of the cell...America you can't make this up--the creepy dude starts trying to pull his blanket out of the cage. I run towards him and he does his "boxing" thing and runs into the cage. I push the blanket back and the second I turn around, the dude is trying to bring the blanket back out. After 2-3 times of this, I had to take him outside to play. #Pepper'sWay"

"Never try to make Pepper pick between you and a handful of treats... I was walking him around the day room letting him meet new people. In my attempt to show that he knows just about every trick, I put him into a stay. I had someone try to call him and Pepper stayed for the first two attempts until he thought the other guy had treats. The other guy pulled out a handful of candy, none of which Pepper could get. I was at the other end of the tier calling the dude. Once he realized he wasn't getting anything, the chase was on. Naturally, I had to chase him before he would give up. #DontTrustMe"

"Okay, think I'm joking about the dude trying to escape? I was in my cell writing and I had the dude out running on the tier, just playing our regular game of fetch. He's tired and I have work to do. I blocked the door with his cage while he's underneath the bunk playing with the ball. After about 5 minutes, it got quiet, too quiet... This creepy little dude crawled under the bunk, around the cage, and snuck out of the cell without even making a sound! Then, he followed a CO without the CO noticing into the main area where the staff are on the housing unit. I was running around looking for Pepper, meanwhile staff were trying to chase him out of their area!"

"Okay, I've got Pepper out back doing laps, trying to get the little dude some exercise. Nothing new....until he decided he didn't want to play anymore. The dude is moody like that. Anyways, the creep just stops in the middle of our run and lays down. I stop and wait on, "King Pepper". After about 2-3 minutes, I figured he wasn't going anywhere. Wrong... I ran about a half lap when I saw the weirdo jump up on all fours, look at me, and then he took off full speed in the other direction. Normally, I would have chased him, but this time I was already tired. So I tricked him and yelled, "OW," like I was hurt and ran to the door. True as ever, the dude came running back. As soon as I grabbed the leash, dude lays down like he's tired again. #FreePepper"

"America, you can't make this up! It's around chow time so I've got the little creep, Pepper, out just letting him meet people as they head out of the block. I decided to play a small game of fetch with the little dude. All was good until it wasn't... After 10 minutes or so, I guess dude had his own idea of what he wanted to do? He ran into another guy's cell, takes a "whiz" at the bottom of this dude's bunk, then runs and hides under the bed!!!! I wouldn't have known it even happened if it wasn't for the other guy yelling, "Somebody get Pepper! He just peed in my cell!" The funny part is that when I went to get him, he sat down and looked at me as if he was expecting a treat..... #IGoWhereIGo!"

"I've figured it out. As long as Pepper and I are together, I'm the weird one and there is nothing wrong with him?! Case and point: I was cleaning up the cell and got down to clean under the bunk. Naturally, your loyal weirdness (Pepper) comes crawling under the bunk to sniff my face. Weird right? Then he ran into the cage, grabbed his ball, and brought it under the bunk. I said, "NO," and threw the ball into the cage. This little creepo came running back with his ball so I threw the ball, but this time Pepper just flopped down where I was cleaning. As I write this, he's still under the bunk!!! #MyWayOrNoWay"

"Everyone remembers that Pepper is a hoarder right? Well, it's time for an intervention... Yesterday, I gave little creepo a piece of chicken. But before I get into that, a few weeks ago I started noticing that every time I gave Pepper a treat that he would run off, sometimes under the bunk or into his cage. I just figured he was being weird as usual. Anyways, today I jumped down to get ready to head outside and threw my boots on, but I knew something was up. The dude had stashed a piece of the chicken in my boot people! How and why you ask? I asked the same thing!!! #SomeForNow-SomeForLater"

"Well, it happened again.... I'm playing with the little dude Pepper on the tier. It was just a normal game of fetch until everything went south. Dude stops halfway back towards me, looks me dead in the eye and takes off full speed in the other direction. I tried a couple of different recalls. Nothing. So naturally, I ended up chasing this dude around for a strong 10 minutes! Then it really went south, I ran into the pole under the steps and almost fell on my face. Then, another handler and a CO, had to join in on the chase. Have you ever seen 3 grown men chasing a poodle around named Pepper? I got tired and waited until he wasn't looking, got him cornered, but he still got away. No worries because the escapee was caught and is currently looking at the door like he wants to go for Round 2... #TooQuick"

"No trick or treat for Pepper, so I gave him both. I know that I have to keep Pepper busy when I'm writing or reading, otherwise the dude will stop at nothing to get my attention by jumping into my lap, rubbing against my leg like a weird little cat, anything goes basically. So last night I took some treats and rubbed them all over his towel, ball, and hid a few under the bunk. I even hid a few in his cage. I could tell he could smell it. So I gave him the "find it" command and dude spent like 3 minutes looking, found everything, and came back to sit down. I tried again. "Pepper, find it!" He goes into the cage, brings the ball out, and sits it on my bunk. I'm thinking he wants to play... Nope, I think he figured it out! Listen, Pepper is a smart little dude, but this freaked me out. I throw the ball towards the door, he runs, grabs it up, and sniffs the ball for a few seconds. The creepy little dude looks at me, licks his chops, and lays down. After a few minutes of the creepy staring, I gave in, threw the ball, but the dude just looked at me, rolled over and did the weird back scratching thing. The second he heard the treat bag being opened, he's up running in circles, doing his boxing thing. Right after he got the treat, he goes right back to the creepy stare and lays down. Needless to say, I left "Pepper Myers" laying down and I got back on the bunk... #WatchMeWatchingYou..."

"What Pepper wants, Pepper takes! I changed the bedding in his cage earlier today. As always, he goes into the cage and turns the blankets around, nothing new there. But I took his pillow out and left it sitting under the bunk. Keep in mind it is around 10:30 PM, past our bedtime. I guess he could not sleep. I would hear him creeping around the cell in the dark. After about 10 minutes, it gets quiet, too quiet... I get up to find your main man, Pepper, curled up into a little ball on the pillow in the middle of the floor! I was going to put him and the pillow back in the cage, but he looked at me as if to say, "You knew I was looking for my pillow!" He yawned and I yawned and laid back down... #SleepWell"

"I had Pepper outside playing ball. Then comes Reggie and his handler. Pepper and Reggie have always been good around each other. But today, I think I watched the little dude get bullied?!? At first, we would let them race to get the ball. The dude is just too quick for Reggie. Then, Reggie got hip to Pepper and started waiting until Pepper had the ball and would charge straight at the little dude. What's really funny is that Pepper would try to run, turn around, and drop the ball. This you would have to see because keep in mind, Pepper weighs 18 pounds and Reggie is 50 pounds! #BulliesAndBabies"

"Pepper has improved this week. He and I are getting along great now that he seems to understand that his other handler is not here at the moment. He is not barking as often and has let a few more people pet him this past week. Pepper has lots of love to give to his owner. He will sit on my bunk and watch TV for over an hour if I am rubbing his neck and back. He loves that and when I come back from work he gets on his hind legs and begs for me to acknowledge him. I was talking to him yesterday and he started to lick my face. I did not expect that. That did make me smile!"

"Pepper has had a good week and a crazy one at the same time. He is good with me. Pepper listens and obeys my commands, but he will only let certain people pet him. He is a hard headed dog, but his other side is sweet and loving."

"I got Pepper on Friday of last week because his regular handler isn't here temporarily. Pepper is a surprising dog. One minute he is on my bed wanting me to rub his back and the next he freaks out on someone who comes to the door of the cell. Pepper wants to be loved. He loves attention. He is always jumping up on my bunk wanting attention. I have been working with him on his barking at the cell door to no avail. I believe Pepper is set in his ways. But nevertheless, he wants to be loved and shows it back."

"I got the little dude, Pepper, out back and there's another handler there too with his dog, Coco, as well as Reggie. At first, Pepper just ignored both of them. Once Coco and Reggie started playing, Pepper just stood still and watched them for a few minutes. I could tell he was interested so I walked him over. Naturally, he did his boxing thing and got super excited until Coco stopped and stared at him. "Little Creepo" froze, looked at me and sat down. I felt like a dad whose son would never get picked to play with the big, cool kids. No worries, the little dude went back to running circles... #MakeYourOwnGame"

"Remember I told you all about Pepper's new thing, where he sits and whines until he gets what he wants. I was thinking about trying to turn it into a trick like use "cry" and he would whine. But the sound is driving me crazy! Anyways, I got back to my cell and had some work to do so I kept the cry baby in the cage. I swear to you the dude cried for 10 minutes straight. Naturally, I caved in and the little weirdo got out. The dude came out, took 2 steps, sniffed my leg, and went right back into the cage. The creepy part was he yawned, looked at me, and laid back down. So here's my question, was I just "mind freaked" by Pepper? #DoAsISay"

"You have to be careful what you ask for when dealing with Pepper... I've read how dogs, along with exercise, need mental stimuli. So I decided to play a game of "find it" with the little weirdo... Never again! I planted a few treats around the cell and I thought I was making it a challenge so I hid them everywhere like inside sneakers, under the bunk, under clothes, even in a cabinet. When I got back to the cell, it looked like some hoarder was living in here. The dude tore it up! When I looked under the bunk, he was just laying there looking at me like, "You knew better...." #NoStoneUnturned"

"Ok, I am officially on a mission! Earlier, I returned from work, only to find this little weirdo running around the cell. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem, but this time it was different... I know I locked this dude into his crate before leaving. Not only was he out, the other door to his cage was opened. No other handler had taken "creepo" out, nor did any staff. So I decided to play detective. I had another handler take him outside while I hid under the bunk to spy on how he gets out (don't judge us, it was needed). Anyways, I was hiding and waiting and heard him coming. Once the other handler let him into the cell, instead of going into his cage, I swear the dude came running straight to the bunk like he knew I was there. So I tried again, only this time, I locked him in and left. I hid outside waiting to see what he would do. About 5 minutes go by and nothing happened so I walked away. By the time I got back, I swear to you the dude was under the bed again. As soon as I walked into the cell, he came flying from under the bed straight into the cage. The funny part was he ran in and then laid down like he was there the entire time. #NoLockedDoors"

"Ok, what I'm doing to Pepper is just wrong at least he thinks so... I was cleaning the cell so I had him go into his cage. I didn't lock the door because he usually stays in. Prior to cleaning, we were playing with a ball and I left it on the table and it rolled off. Anyways, every time I turned my back to Pepper he would ease out of the cage. When I would turn around towards him, he'd jump back into the crate. This happened 3 times!! So naturally, I locked him in. Now, the furry little dude was doing a million circles and trying to box in his cage. I thought something was wrong with the creep so I let him out. Man, the dude ran, grabbed the ball, and high-tailed it back into the cage and laid down with the ball. I just looked at the dude and kept cleaning, but as always, little dude has to have things his way. So he stepped out of the crate and dropped the ball. Every time I would go for the ball, he'd grab it and run back in the crate. I tricked the weirdo to come out with the ball, but true to form, Pepper does his boxing move, ran in a few circles, and went back into the cage. I figured it was over until he came out, looked at me, sat down, barked once or twice, laid on his side, and did our "bang" play dead trick. Of course, I gave in and gave him the ball back. Now he doesn't want it. #SpoiledRotten"

"It's weird, but I'm proud of the little dude. I was outside with Reggie, his handler, and Pepper. For whatever reason, Pepper was in a bad mood. Normally, whenever Reggie messes with the dude and it's no issue, but today he snapped at Reggie. I freaked out thinking Reggie might spaz and eat the little dude. Nope--Reggie did the play bow and stayed like that until Pepper decided to trot over and do a couple of humps. Then, he and Reggie were standing perfectly still just looking at each other for a few seconds before they took off running full speed with both of them still on leash so you know how that worked out. Pepper had to itch his butt across half the grass after that point once he was tangled in the leash. Of course, he stared at me the whole time he did it..."

"Don't let Pepper trick you! I'm coming in from working out and the dude is on the bottom bunk laid out like he's sick. So naturally, I was looking him over. For the first 10 minutes, all he did was lay still so now I'm really worried. I offer treats and he refuses. I offer water and still no interest. So I figured I'll take him outside for some fresh air. The second I grabbed his leash, the little dude went postal. He's jumping, running in circles, boxing, and he's just super excited. Just to mess with him, I hung the leash back up. I swear to you the creep jumped back up on the bed and laid down. You know I broke first and took him out after getting the, "I'm so sad puppy face." #WhatPepperWantsPepperActsSadFor"

"Ever hear the saying, "Run circles around you?" Well, Pepper actually will. I got the dude out back running a few laps with me. For whatever reason, when he gets really excited, he'll do his boxing thing and then run in circles. This time he got the leash tangled around my legs. Of course, I fell down and the little dude is still doing circles around me. I swear if he could laugh, he would have laughed all night at this one. Then, true to calling, I didn't grab the leash and the dude took off running around the front and back of the block. I tried to trick him like I was leaving, hoping he would come back to me. Nope. The creep kept going and luckily for me, someone caught him before he could get out to the main gate. That would have been really funny! #NoGatesCanHoldPepper"

"Can dogs know when they're aggravating another dog? I'm out back just giving Pepper some exercise when another dog, Rocky, was in one of the runs. Every time he would see Pepper, he would flip out. Now, once Rocky's handlers would get Rocky to calm down, the little weirdo, Pepper, would run to the cage and flip out on Rocky. Then, Pepper would run away! I swear it's like he was engaging it. I had the creep on a 20-26 foot leash and he would run to the end of the leash to flip out on Rocky. The second that Rocky would flip back, Pepper would run away and wait for Rocky to stop and then go again! #NoPeace"

"Well, it's official. Pepper has taken our relationship to another level... And this time, things got weird, at least for me it was. Right after breakfast, I needed to use the bathroom and Pepper wasn't locked in his cage. Anyways, the creepy dude comes crawling from underneath the bunk, like he was stalking prey or something. I told the dude to "go in." Usually, he does go into his cage, but this time the dude strolls over to me and just sits down! Yeah, he sat there until I was done. Then, he goes back under the bunk... Nothing is off limits to Pepper. Whether you want it or not, he's involved in every aspect of your life. #NoIinTeam"

"Just so everyone knows, Pepper started it... I was trying to type, but the dude keeps grabbing different things like towels, toys, and 1 shoe. I guess he wanted to play? I told him I'm going to get him back. So after I finished typing, I went into his cage to get a few toys. Naturally, he comes running from underneath the bunk assuming it's play time. I know how much he loves his squeaky toy so I got him super gassed-up. I was squeaking the toy and kept telling him to, "get it." Now, it's payback time. I threw the toy in the cage and locked the dude out. I wish you could see him trying to figure out how to get in. After 10-15 minutes, he stopped, looked at me, and then just crawled under the bed. I felt bad and gave the spoiled brat the toy. But now he doesn't want it."

"Well, I think I might have to change it up! Allow me to explain... A few weeks ago, I moved up on the top bunk. After a few days, Pepper finally realized he can't lay up there with me. Last week, the dude took a nose dive into the cabinet off the top bunk (talk about 9 lives). Today, I had him up top while I was cleaning and he stared out the window for a bit. He must have seen something and did his "boxing" dance, then splatttt! I turned around and he's under the desk looking at me like it's my fault. The dude doesn't respect heights! After I checked him out, I picked him up. I guess he thought he was going back up top. The dude wiggles free and runs under the bunk. He's still there. #BottomBunkStatus"

"Pepper is a lot of things---attentive, loving, funny, weird and curious, but he is not a hunter! I was out back near the dog runs letting the dude get some air and run around. I noticed he started paying a lot of attention to this one corner of the building. After 2-3 minutes, the dude started chasing a mouse. Once he caught it, he dropped it and came running back to me barking. I was laughing but the little dude was all business. Pepper was barking and running in circles all hyped up even though he wouldn't go back to the corner. Now he's acting as if he's super tired. #NoMice #NoRats #NoOtherAnimalsAtAll"

"The dude, Pepper, doesn't want to share! Reggie, the pit bull mix, came over to my cell while his handler went out. No big deal. I figured since he and Pepper had been in the runs out back that it shouldn't be a problem. Everything was cool until Reggie started messing with Pepper's toys. No growling or fighting, but everything that Reggie tried to play with, the dude, Pepper, would run it into his cage or under the bed as soon as he could get to it. 2 balls and 1 squeaky, dinosaur toy. Now he's following Reggie around the cell. It's almost like he doesn't want Reggie playing in his house. #AllMine"

"Cleaning day. I'm trying to change the blankets inside of Pepper's cage, but he feels like playing. I call him out of the cage and he'll come out but run right back in. Then, he'll just lay down, tongue hanging out with his tail wagging. Next, I start pulling blankets from under him and he his mind it's tug-a-war time. He's pulling and yanking on one end and I'm yanking and pulling back. Finally, I'm putting fresh blankets in the cage and the little dude runs inside and goes bananas! This is normal so I ignored it until he started to bring blankets outside of the cage. Three times this happens and I put them back each time. So now, I locked him out of the cage. He's not one to give up so now he has the ball in his mouth, staring at me. He thinks it's playtime."

"Did you ever have a child or grandchild, about 3-4 years old, who is bad as all hell? Gets into everything they see? Well, Pepper is that child, only he's a dog... On laundry day, I got towels, sheets, t-shirts, and other clothes neatly folded sitting on the trunk. The little dude is running around the cell doing his circular thing. I stepped out of the cell for 2 minutes, literally only 2 minutes! When I got back, every piece of clothing was all over the place. Pepper was rolling around on his back with my t-shirt. I waited until he was done thinking he was going to run away. Nope! He stopped, looked at me, got up, did his boxing thing, and kept on going. The funny thing is the little dude looked at me as if to say, "That's what I do!" #Don't leave me alone"

"Well people, it's official. Pepper is NOT to be tempted. Earlier in the day, I had fed him a pack of mackerel (fish) along with his regular meal. Nothing new there, but I usually take the trash out so he can't get into it. I forgot to do it this time and please believe, the dude picked up on it!! I returned from work and saw the mackerel pack torn up in the middle of the floor. Oh, and the little dude was hiding under the bunk. I called him out and I swear it's almost as if he knew he did something wrong. Pepper comes out, sits down, and refuses to look at me. I was asking him why he did this. Once he realized I wasn't mad, he brings the ball out wanting me to play. His peace offering was accepted."

"Okay, you have to try and picture this scene. As we all know, Pepper is only about 15-18 pounds on his best day. Now, Reggie is 50-60 pounds. To the unknowing, Reggie looks like a mean beast, but he's really like a muffin. Anyways, another handler and I were out back and decided to merge Reggie and the little dude, Pepper, into the same run. I'm super nervous because like I said, Reggie is 3 times Pepper's size and weight. Pepper chased Reggie around for 10 minutes trying to just hump him. I guess Reggie thought it was some type of game because he never stopped running which I think only fueled the little dude's motivation to chase him. #AlphaDog?"

"And the award for best actor goes to Pepper! Let me explain... Pepper had injured his paw a few days ago or so I thought. While I thought the dude was injured, I babied this creep. Everything he wanted he got. Anyways, he's out running around with another handler so I know the dude is feeling better. So I bring him back into the cell and I'm getting ready to eat. He's running around in circles, pecking me in the leg, and I'm ignoring him. I just want to eat. Finally, I see the little dude sit, then down, roll over, box, and so basically all his tricks. I ignored him and Pepper lifts his paw up like he's hurt and limps towards the door. He lays on his side and looks at me like he's hurting again!! You can't make this stuff up America!! I called him to me and little dude jumped up and ran like the wind. There was nothing wrong."

"I've been cutting Pepper's hair for the last 3 days! No shears, no clippers, only my finger nail clippers...long story. Anyways, I had plans on finishing this dude up, but Pepper must have had different plans. I walk into the cell, let him out of the cage and he's happy, running in circles doing his regular stuff until he sees me grab the comb and nail clippers. I swear to you the dude ran underneath the bunk, all the way in the back. It took me about 5 minutes to trick the little weasel to come out. He was peeking out to see where I went and that's when I got him. #hide&seek"

"Okay; as much as I would love to keep the dude, Pepper, I have to stop being selfish and allow you (or you) to enjoy this furry little blessing. I'm laying down watching TV and Pepper is sprawled out at the foot of the bed looking at me. Nothing new or different, but reality hit me. I'm in prison and anything can happen at any time to anyone....

But if and when it happens, who can I leave Pepper with? Don't get me wrong, there are a few guys in the HOPE program that would take great care of lil' Pepper. Not like I would, but my love for Pepper wants a forever home for him. I swear to you he deserves it. He deserves to be somewhere outside of these walls. He's never committed a crime in his life so why should he remain in jail? Granted, I try to make it as comfortable as possible, but it pales in comparison to what you (or you) can offer him.

"Long walks in dog parks, meeting new people and dogs, just an all out different experience, but I need your help! Right now, Pepper has been in the program the longest. Nothing wrong with that, but I hear so many success stories and I long for the day when I can tell Pepper's... And to those who have adopted, I thank you and I truly appreciate everything you dog for these dogs.

And to these potential adopters, I ask you, what if anything, are you looking for in your next adoption? Is there anything we as handlers can do? Training, grooming, etc. I'm sure all of us in the program will do what we can do to ensure a smooth transition.

So to anyone reading this, this is my call of hearts. I realize that nothing can last forever, who knows, how or when things change. And before any change comes, I would love to see my main man, Pepper, get adopted! So stop thinking about how or why and give it a try... I make you a promise, love Pepper, and you'll have a true friend for the rest of your life.

P.S. Is it weird that Pepper is now sniffing my leg while I write???"

"Well America, I'm pretty sure Pepper is mocking me! It's time for us to lock down for the night, but I guess Pepper had different thoughts. He had been off leash, just walking around the block meeting people. I walked into the cell first and then I gave Pepper the "okay" command. This dude looks back at the tier and takes off running. I'm thinking, He's gonna come right back." Nope. I spent 15 minutes chasing the dude. The thing is I'm 6'2 and 203 pounds so I have no chance of catching him. Everyone is laughing and cheering Pepper on. This is when I realized he is mocking me. I stopped to catch my breath and I swear America, your man looked me in my eyes, yawned, did his "boxing" thing then ran in circles until I started chasing him again... I had to trick him to come back. The good 'ole hand in the pocket trick gets him every time!!!
On a more serious note, it's been over a year and we already know what Pepper's "issues" are. We just have to find someone who will be willing to deal with the weirdness that is Pepper. But once he accepts you, he's a very very loving and loyal little dude. I continue to socialize him as much as possible."

"Ok, it's getting a little warmer outside so I decided to take Pepper for a run. After a few laps, he was winded so I took him over to the water hose... I forgot this dude thinks he can bite the water! It's turned into a game at this point. I spray water in the air and Pepper yells and screams, jumping as high as he can hoping to catch, well bite the water. The weird thing is after 10 minutes I dropped the hose and Pepper creeps up trying to bite the water. After the third time of getting nothing, he looked at me like what's up with this. I just laughed. Now, every time I get close to the hose, little dude flips out!"

"Pepper doesn't like change! I decided to move his cage to the back of the cell with the thinking that it'll help him out if he's not so close to the door. Nope! Dude hasn't gone inside his crate once today. He keeps going to the door, sniffs everything, and runs back to me and sits down. So just as a "heat check," I gave him the "house" command and this is where it gets weird. Instead of just going in, the little dude went in circles, puts one paw inside and looks at me. Pepper runs to the door and lays down. So naturally, I gave in and moved his cage back by the door. Right away, Pepper goes in and tosses his blankets around. He flopped down and let's out a weird sigh and as I write this, he's in the cage looking at me like I knew better than to move his stuff! #Pepper's house=Pepper's way!"

"Ok, I'm not sure if this one is more about me or Pepper so let me explain. I'm out playing with Pepper, just our normal game of catch. I try to do it every night to help him burn off any extra energy. Anyways, we had been playing for about 5-10 minutes when another handler told me he would be bringing Reggie out for a walk. Nothing new there and no worries so Pepper and I kept playing catch until he decided to run to Reggie instead of coming right back to me. Now in order to understand how this happened, you have to picture my environment. I'm in an end cell and Reggie is across from me, but there is a unit manager's office that separates the 2 cells. So I can't see Reggie's cell unless I walk around the corner. Anyways, Pepper runs his noisey butt over there to sniff Reggie. I call him to come back, but he only comes halfway and keeps looking back towards Reggie. Oh and he no longer has the ball. I walk over and the creepy dude, Reggie, has Pepper's ball... Oh no, I spent like 5 minutes trying to get the ball back. Finally when I did, I turn around and see the dude Pepper peeking around the corner. You should have seen his face when I gave him back the ball. He's jumping, running in circles and just totally excited. When we locked in, he jumps in my bunk with the ball and just flops down. It's weird because I felt like a bully had taken one of my son's toys and I had to get it back. And yes, Pepper slept with the ball. #Pepper's Protector"

"Ladies & Gentlemen, it's official. Pepper thinks he owns me! I'm serious. I'm sitting on the bunk reading and I notice the little dude going in circles but nothing new there so I let him do his thing. Then he comes over, taps, well pecks my leg with his ball in his mouth and tail wagging. I knew he wanted to play, but I tried to ignore him until I finished my chapter. Well, Pepper jumps on the bunk, drops his ball in my lap and stared me in the eyes. I threw the ball and said no. Naturally, he ran, got the ball, and dropped it in my lap. Again, I threw it towards the door. This happened about 7-8 times before I realized he was getting exactly what he wanted which was me throwing the ball! On the last trip, I held onto the ball and meanwhile my man, Pepper, is just looking at me as if to say, "Throw the damn ball." After a few minutes of holding out, he ran and got another toy and dropped it at my lap. Needless to say we played tug of war for about 10 minutes. As I write this, he's sitting in my bunk, tongue hanging out, and looking at the TV as if he knows what's going on! It's Pepper's world and I just live in it!"

"Pepper's Checklist:
1) Run up and down the tier like I want to play ☑️
2) Pee on the tier while I play ☑️ (He still had the ball and was running)
3) Chase and scare the shortest Puerto Rican dude I can find ☑️
4) Eat food that doesn't belong to me ☑️
5) Tear the cell apart when left alone ☑️
6) When one of the staff members tries to pet me, flip out ☑️
7) Sprawl out on my handler's bed right after a bath ☑️
8) Look as cute as I can when it's all over ☑️
This all happened in 1 day! It was almost as if Pepper had a goal in mind. When it was all over, he jumped up on the bed and looked at me. Pepper made a weird noise, spun in circles, and plopped down. Mission accomplished."

"Yup, it's official. Pepper's obsessed! A few weeks ago Pepper had caught this mouse which was pure luck. Once Pepper realized it was a living thing, (the mouse started screaming) he let it go and ran back to me. Now every single time we cross the threshold of our door, the first thing Pepper does is run to the same spot where he caught the mouse. So I pick at him by knocking and scratching on the siding. Pepper starts to go crazy digging, sniffing, scratching and running in circles. His eyes were as big as basketballs until he realized it was me knocking! #PaybackTime"

"I wonder if dogs hold a grudge? I just gave Pepper a bath. He seemed as if he was ticked off, but he needed it. Anyway, I let him run around like always, but this time the dude runs straight to my bed instead of his cage! Listen, my bed is so wet that I thought he peed on it! As I'm changing my sheet, Pepper keeps pecking from underneath the bed. Guess who comes running out the minute I finished? The look on his face is priceless...mouth open, eyes glossy, body still wet, and acting like he wanted to jump back on my bed..."

"Okay, all day Pepper has been acting weird. I lay down and he runs under the table. I get up and he goes into his cage. So naturally I thought the little dude just wanted attention? I let him, well offered him the bed and he just glared at me and walked away. No big deal. I dozed off and woke up to Pepper's face about 6 inches from mine. I didn't even feel this dude jump into bed. The sad part is he sat up and looked me in the eye as if to say, "I'm not moving!" Of course, I let him stay. And as you already know, always on Pepper's terms!!"

"All week Pepper was cool. No real problems until he felt like making one! I had my dirty laundry underneath my bunk. I've seen Pepper messing with my bag before so I've never paid any attention to it. Naturally, your boy Pepper, has to go to the extreme. He's pulling on the bag and playing, but here's where it got weird....the dude was sniffing the bag for 2-3 minutes, looks at me, lifts his leg, gives a few squirts, and runs under the bunk. Does that mean he now owns my dirty laundry? #All his...."

"Lately, I've been giving Pepper more freedom and room to do as he pleases. No more!!! I got towels, blankets, and clothing folded under my desk. I left the cell for a bit, but I let the dude stay out. You know the old saying, "Giving 'em an inch...." Well, forget a mile, dude ran a marathon! Pepper pulled all the stuff from underneath the desk out. I found my pillow under my bed and my blanket was wet. Still not sure why it was wet and the little creep got into my trash. The weird thing is when I got back he was sprawled out in his cage like he did nothing wrong! Now as I'm cleaning, he keeps following me. I think he's admiring his handy work???"

"Okay, Pepper is no longer allowed to love company! I was cleaning my cell when another handler brought Jasmine over. No problem, I let them run around the cell for a bit. But your man, Pepper, had to show off. First, he grabs my hanging towels and pulls my laundry out of my laundry bag. Nah, he wasn't finished, so he pulls the bedding out of his cage and starts jumping all over Jasmine and knocks the water bowl over. Leaving me to clean up his mess... All I could really do is look at the little dude and follow his lead. I didn't want to make him look bad in front of his company! #Pepper's House"

"I'm just learning how important contact, physical contact, is to Pepper. Let me explain... I was sitting on my bed typing a letter and Pepper was running around the cell just doing his own thing. This is nothing new. I was busy so I didn't know the little dude ran underneath my bunk. Anyways, I didn't see his little paw and accidentally stepped on it. It shook me up the way he yelped. After I spent some time checking him out, I let him get back to his spot and I laid back on the bunk. Pepper comes creeping from under the bunk holding one paw up and licking his chops. Needless to say, I felt like a bag of crap. So I let him jump up on the bed with me. Pepper practically climbed inside my chest that's how close he and I snuggle now? But as I pet him and told him it's ok, he wagged his little tail, letting me know it was ok on his end as well. See, this is my interpretation of this series of events. Pepper knew how bad I felt about stepping on his paws and maybe, just maybe, he wanted to reassure me that we were still good. Merely seconds after I stepped on his paw, he still loved me! Pepper didn't hold a grudge, he didn't snap, it was nothing like that. These animals really might be the truest expression of love, loyalty, compassion, and resiliency. Have you any friends of Pepper's status? Really think about that...."

"Pepper has been back for a day or two. He went out for a few days. You ever hear the saying, "Don't know how much you miss something until it's gone?" Truth be told, I missed the little dude. Right now, he's sitting on my foot locker with a stomach ache looking at me with a weirdo gleam in his eyes. He wants to play with the ball, but I want him to relax! Naturally, it all has to be on Pepper's terms. Dude jumps down, grabs his ball, jumps back onto the locker, looks at me, and I turned my head. Now he's chewing on this ball and probably thinking, "I own this human!"

"Pepper must be feeling better! After having a rough weekend, I tried to let the dude chance! I let the little dude walk around the block with me, but I guess that wasn't good enough. Right before I put Pepper in the cell, he decides to take off running. Listen, no one speed is a match for Pepper. Just when I think I got him, he hits another gear. Anyways, I gave chase, he turns it into a game. I get another inmate to block him and Pepper's too smart for that. Little dude runs under the table, I slip hang my knee and he looks at me and runs straight into the cell. He finally locked in but only on his terms!!! FYI he's now sitting at the end of my bunk. I think he's laughing at me?!?"

"I got Wally over in my cell. Nothing new there except tonight I guess Wally must have been feeling risky. He played with Pepper for a few seconds and Pepper wasn't in the mood to play so he runs off. Wally decided to urinate in my cell. I'm talking puddle sized. It took me a few minutes to get it all cleaned up. Now Pepper comes back in and starts sniffing around the cell. I swear to you the dude sniffs the spot where Wally went and looks at me as if to say, "You let another dog pee in here?" Now he keeps going to that spot and cocking his leg up while looking at me. I've had to chase him away a dozen or so times now. He won't give up!"

"One of Pepper's best traits, once he's your friend, he's always your friend! I took the little dude over to another handler's cell to play with his dog, Wally. I threw the ball and naturally, Pepper went crazy running around the guy's cell to get the ball. Wally was just laying in his crate like an old man. I guess Pepper wanted his friend to play with him. First, Pepper ran into the crate with Wally and dropped the ball in front of Wally. Wally just stared at Pepper so Pepper decided to do a couple of head butts trying to initiate play, but he got no response from that either so he just laid down. This is progress people..."

"Ok, here's the thing... Before you give Pepper a bath, make sure all doors are locked tightly! I was getting ready to give "el chapo" a bath so I took off his leash and he backed away from me while staring me in the eyes! Pepper don't do it!! Those were my only words before little dude took off, right out the front door! I got on my flip flops and ran out into the rain, not to mention, Pepper is stupid fast. Anyway, he runs off the block and is running all over the place outside. He was dodging me and 3 other people. I thought I had the little dude, but no, he side steps me and I fall into a mud puddle. People are watching and laughing at this point. Then, he runs head first into the gate, looks back at me, and I swear this dude had a smile on his face. After 5 minutes, I along with pepper, were tired and I caught him. Needless to say, Pepper's terms."

"I beat Pepper! Not like that but in a game... At night, I'll stand in front of the door and have Pepper sit so I can launch the ball down the tier and race him to it. I beat him to it tonight. But now he doesn't want to chase the ball. #Always on Pepper's terms!"

"Want Pepper to show his soft side? Ignore him... I got back from work at 3:30pm and as soon as I get in the cell, I could hear Pepper freaking out in his crate. I was busy so I didn't let him out right away. Dude comes over, sniffs my leg, and walks away. He comes back, softly paws at my arms, and then stands up and lays his head on my lap. Once he gave me the, "I'm your friend," puppy eyes, I had to break down and play with him. I mean that is my friend."

"Be careful what you ask for with Pepper! I've been trying to get him to sleep at the end of my bed because of the heat he provides to my cold feet. He wasn't having it. So last night after a long day of exercise and training, dude hops on the bed and goes to sleep and I'm okay with it at first. Sometime in the night, I tried to get him up and off. Naturally, he woke up, looked at me and flopped back down! 10 minutes passed and I'm trying to get little dude off the bunk again. He would stand up, lick his chops, and flop back down! So I gave up and Pepper won yet again. He slept like a baby and now my leg is cramped! Always on Pepper's terms..."

"When Pepper wants to play, be ready. It's about 9-9:30pm and I'm trying to watch the game, but the dude wanted to play. Three times he's brought the ball and dropped it on my bunk, wanting me to throw it. I ignored the dude,but as always, it has to be on Pepper's terms. He runs under the bunk making all kinds of noise like running into boxes and into his cage. While in the cage, he was rummaging through everything in there so I give in. I get up and get the ball to toss it to Pepper. He grabs it and then runs back into his cage and lays down. I'm calling him to bring the ball back but the dude just looks at me and lays back down! Always on Pepper's terms...."

"Don't let Pepper's hype and energy fool you! Usually, he wants to run and play, jumping around, smelling any and everything but because of the holiday, we had a long weekend so I just laid around doing nothing but watching TV. Guess who was right beside me all the way? Pepper!! I think we watched every football and basketball game that was on. No fighting over what we were watching or fighting over anything. That's the beauty of having a friend like Pepper..."

"Okay, here's the thing...Pepper just freaked me out. I'm sitting on the bunk eating an apple which is normal for me, but Pepper has become a regular eater of apples. I break down with the little dude and bite off a couple of pieces for Pepper and toss the rest. I guess Pepper wanted more so this little creep grabs the core and is now even as I write this, under the bunk trying to eat it!! Pepper likes what Pepper likes!!! So from here on out, ignore that old saying of, "Don't feed the animals." What Pepper likes, Pepper gets! #All mine!!!"

"Okay, Pepper might be on to me! For the last week, it's been kind of chilly in our cells. A few nights prior to this I noticed how warm Pepper can be while laying at the foot of my bunk. Tonight, I tried to trick him into getting on the bunk. My plan was to use him as a foot warmer. He gets to sleep in my bunk and I get my feet warm. But no not Pepper... The second I tried to put my feet under him, dude jumps off the bunk and goes into his crate. I'm trying to get him to come back, but all he does is look at me and go back. Told you, always on Pepper's terms. #ColdFeet"

"Pepper just had a relapse! It's been a while since he freaked out when meeting a new person. I had someone come to my door to play with Pepper. I wanted to see how he'd react. Everything was cool until he took Pepper's toy and acted like he was going to run away. Listen, when Pepper started chasing him, this had to be the funniest sight ever. Dude is about 6 feet tall and 200 pounds running away from Pepper who might be 18 pounds after a good week. The funny part was that Pepper has actually never chased anyone before, but he chased this dude for his toy! When the dude dropped Pepper's toy, Pepper grabbed it and ran back into his cage! #Pepper's terms..."

"So I decided to bring Pepper over to meet the new dog, Wally, a mastiff mix. This dude is old but seems to be a cool dog. I got Pepper sitting and waiting. Finally, I let Pepper go sniff Wally and after 2 sniffs, Pepper went into mount mode. Every dog that Pepper meets here he tries to do that to. Wally ignored it at first so Pepper did his weird chicken pecking until Wally turned to play. Naturally, Pepper ran away....always on Pepper's terms."

"Sweetpea came over like any other night except I'm guessing that Pepper was in the mood to play. Every time I would pet Sweetpea, Pepper would try to jump into my lap or run head first into her. The funny part is that Sweetpea is 3x Pepper's size so she would only look at him then turn away. I guess she finally got the message when Pepper ran into his cage and brought out a ball. He dropped it at her feet. Naturally, he snatched it back and ran under the bunk... Always on Pepper's terms."

"Did your child ever do something that you're super proud of? Well, Pepper did!! We were in front of the block just running around when a group of people showed up for a walk through. At first, I freaked out thinking Pepper's going to go running. But nah, he walked over and sat down. One lady asked if she could pet him and gave him some treats too. Pepper let everyone ogle over him. I felt like the proud Pops whose son just accomplished something. #Progress"

"Pepper can play with other dogs but only on HIS terms... Every night, Sweetpea comes over to my cell and tries to play with him. Normally, he'll ignore her for the most part. Tonight was different because not a single growl, bark, or anything came from him. For some reason, he would sneak up on Sweetpea, peck her like some sort of weird chicken and then they'd play until Sweetpea would get the best of him. The best part was when both Pepper and Sweetpea were inside of Pepper's crate. They were just laying down sniffing each other. Pepper even shared his toys. Normally that's a huge no-no for him. I guess he wanted someone to play with. #new bff's"

"I've been trying to teach him to play dead. Sometimes he gets it, but it's hard for him to sit still. Pepper pretty much knows all the basics---down, sit, come, stay, stand, up, and find it. Another guy has been helping me train Pepper and Pepper's okay with him giving him a bath. I think Pepper will continue to get better with other people as long as I keep getting guys to help me train him."

"Best friends share everything...right? At least Pepper seems to think so... We're sitting in bed and I had a few boiled eggs and toast. Without thinking about it, I left the plate in front of Pepper while I went to the sink. Naturally, he took "his half" and the funny thing is the dude looks at me as if to say, "What did you expect me to do?"

"I took Pepper outside for a little exercise and training. Sweetpea's handler had her out there too so we decided to put them together to see how it would go. All was well well until Pepper thought he should "lay claim" to both of them. How you ask? By deciding to lift his leg on them.... He looked at me first and then tried it. Luckily, we caught him in time."

"Pepper is a softy! I got back from working out and was hot, tired, and sweaty. I laid on the floor waiting for my shower. Usually, Pepper runs around like crazy when I return but since I just laid down, I guess he thought something was wrong. Little dude comes and sits next to me, paws at my chest as softly as he could, then licks my face. He didn't move until I got up... Hey, what are friends for?"

"Pepper has to be involved in everything you do! Or at least he thinks he does... I'm typing a letter and usually when I do that he wants to jump on the bunk or my lap, but I was drinking coffee so I sent the little dude away until I was finished. Pepper is just too nosy to go away... I walked out of the cell for 2 minutes and when I came back in, he's got his nose planted in my cup of coffee! So I did the only respectable thing and poured the rest into a bowl for him. The funny thing is he didn't touch the bowl. He just sat there staring at me and then ran in circles. Maybe he needs a "doggy cup?"

"Do not leave cookies around Pepper! I fell asleep and left some cookies sitting out. I guess Pepper just couldn't control himself. When I woke up, I found an empty bag at the foot of my bunk. At first, I thought maybe I knocked them off until little dude comes running from underneath the bunk with cookie crumbs all over his face. What I bugged out over was when I asked him, "Pepper, you eat my cookies?" He just turned away and walked into his kennel as if he knew he was wrong. Gotta love this little dude."

"I just gave Pepper a bath. Nothing unusual until I went to dry him off. First, I spent 5 minutes chasing him around the block. Once I get him into the cell, I thought he might have still been angry about the bath. He jumped up on my bunk and rolled around a few times, jumped down, barked and ran under the bunk. It took another 5 minutes to coax him to come out. Meanwhile, my covers are wet, there's doggie tracks all over the cell and I'm on my knees saying, "Pepper, come on." And he gives me the sad puppy look.... No worries, we worked it out."

"Pepper might be back to hoarding. I went to clean his cage and he started freaking out. I pulled out all of the blankets and low and behold, the little dude had stashed half of an apple and what I think was once a slice of bread. What's funny is that when I threw it away, he barked a few times and ran under the bed. He stayed there until I finished cleaning...he hates getting caught! #save some for later!"

"Pepper and I are working on his recalls. I'll have him sit, stay, wait for a minute and then I'll call him to come. Here's the problem: prior to Pepper getting his haircut, his eyes were partially blocked by his hair. So I had the little dude sit and I walked to my cell. I called him to come and Pepper ran head first into the wall!!! Dude falls flat out and then looks at me as if to say, "where did that come from?" It's cool. He's okay. #wall always wins!"

"Pepper may have really found a friend! Pepper and I were out back, just walking around and I noticed that he was pulling towards Rusty. Slowly, we went over. I thought Pepper was going to freak out once we got close. He sniffed Rusty a few times and then did the play hump thing and ran in circles. I felt like a proud father whose son was finally allowed to play with the other boys in the neighborhood. This means progress!!!"

"Today, I took my main man, Pepper, to his first softball practice. He's been to the field before, but this was the first time with a bunch of other people. Pepper stayed away from everyone until he saw the first ball hit in his direction. Everyone stopped because no one knew how he'd react if they tried to get the ball. I guess Pepper was in the mood to play....again! He stole the ball and ran full speed around the field with 3 dudes chasing him. In Pepper's mind, he just learned a new game. The funniest part is that he could only carry the ball a few yards at a time because it's too big for his little mouth. Even once he'd drop it, no one would try to get it. (Oh, I was on the batting team so no need for me to get it!)

"I'm trying to teach Pepper to fetch a few different things. Since he took my remote and ran under the bed, I figured I would start with that. I tied a treat to the remote and started asking him to "get the remote." Once Pepper would run to the remote, he'd pull the treat off and run into his crate or under the bunk and then come out licking his chops. I tried again and tied the treat tighter this time. Pepper decided he'd take the whole remote and treat with him that time under the bunk. Needless to say, I spent the next few minutes trying to coax him to come out from under the bunk. The dude just stayed put."

"Pepper has been watching too much TV! CNN, CSPAN, whatever show that has anything to do with the guy who escaped from prison. Let me explain... It's 6:20am and I wake up to take Pepper outside to potty. I was half asleep and we were behind the block so Pepper must have decided that was the perfect time. He jerked the leash out of my hand and ran full speed towards the rear gate. I'm chasing him and yelling, "Pepper, come!" He stops, looks at me, sits down, looks back at the gate and then he jumped through a small opening! Luckily, he ran into another fenced area so I was able to catch him. I swear this dog had a smile on his face! In his mind, we were playing, but I was sweating bullets. It was too early, hot and I was in slippers chasing him all over the place. The funniest part is that he acted like it never happened. He came back into the cell and jumped up on my bed and laid down like nothing happened. #The One That Almost Got Away!"

"Never leave Pepper alone without his toys! I came back from work, only to find Pepper on my top bunk with all of his blankets out of the cage. He was lying on top of them as if he was exhausted from doing hard work. When I tried to put the blankets back in his crate, he wanted to play tug of war. I push, he pulls, and then I tell him to leave it so he runs away. I grabbed a toy and then he laid flat on his stomach waiting to play. All I could do was laugh and play with him. Can't beat 'em, join 'em."

"Pepper and I were working with a new handler in the program this week so we agreed that he would be the one to give Pepper his bath... Everything was cool until I walked back to the cell to get more towels. Pepper must have decided that he'd rather follow me than get a bath. He jumped out of the sink and ran full speed around the tier with me. One of the C.O.'s was trying to catch him too. At some point, I guess he got tired of playing and ran to his kennel and laid down. And yes, he was still soaking wet!"

"Pepper now has numerous friends throughout the block. I'm assuming he's trusting them not to hurt him. Thinking about it is sad but once you get to know Pepper's ways, it's all relative. He has to trust that you're not going to hurt him and then he'll open up to you. Twice this week, he laid on his back allowing people to pet him. Trust is a step that's included in the journey of progression with Pepper."

"Pepper has started to pick up on the "fetch" cue. His recall is getting much better too. Pepper is untrusting of some other people and dogs. I've been asking other inmates to help by doing "meet & greets." We've only done it inside so far, but next week I'll try it in the dog yard outside."

"Do not fall asleep before Pepper does! Sunday night, usually he'll lay with me until I'm ready to fall asleep, but I dozed off, only to awake to Pepper licking my face! This was a first for me, but Pepper seemed to be okay with it. I jumped up thinking something was happening. Pepper sat in an attempt to say please the second I let him up on the bed. He stretched out as if he owns the joint. My cell has now become the house that Pepper built! #PepperTakeOver!"

"Pepper is officially a hoarder! I was cleaning out his cage, but he kept trying to run past me to get in there. When I pulled his bedding out, I found fish oil pills, half of a tennis ball, my sock (missing for 3 days now) and what looks like pieces of doggie biscuits! Does Pepper need an intervention??? #Doggie Hoarders!!!" We all love Pepper and so does his handler as you can see by his journal entries!

"This is the first week that I left Pepper out of the crate with having free roam of the cell when I went to work. On the first day, I expected to come back to my cell being a mess. Not even close! Upon my return, Pepper was sitting at the end of the bed just hanging out. The funny thing is that I left the TV on ESPN and if I didn't know any better, I swear he was watching it."

"Pepper decided to take himself for a run this week. He was doing so well with his commands so I dropped the leash to see what would happen. I walked two steps away and told Pepper to come. Instead of coming to me, he ran to the play yard and I spent 5 minutes trying to catch him. When I stopped chasing him because I was tired, Pepper stopped and would bark at me to chase him. Quick note: Never try to play chase with a miniature poodle who loves to play. He'll always win!"

"Over the last week, Pepper and I have been working on his issue with people approaching him and reaching out to pet or rub him. I'm proud to say Pepper hasn't freaked out on anyone this entire week. He's allowing some to pet or rub him, but it's only on his terms. He has to sniff you a few times and then it's okay. Pepper has the ability to learn very fast. I've taken it up a notch and set up a mini obstacle course in the cell. He pretty much mastered it after 2-3 days. He now responds to come or Pepper here. Pepper's only barrier to adoption seems to be his lack of trust of people. I've been asking others to help me by having them come to my door, talking to me for a few minutes and then they leave. They come back shortly after and give Pepper a treat. It seems to be working because he's more relaxed the second time around." We recently learned that Pepper was hit by a prior owner so it explains why he is so nervous when people reach out quickly and try to pet him.

"Monday night is laundry night so I lured Pepper out of the crate so I can exchange his blankets. I took the blanket out and set it to the side when I was ready to swap it out. I guess Pepper had other plans! He grabbed the dirty blanket and drug it back into the crate. He put it back where he had it and flopped down. All I could do was laugh. He loves his blanket... It's now the house that Pepper built."

"I finally allowed Pepper to lay in the bed with me while I watched TV. After 10 minutes or so, he hopped down. I didn't hear from him for a couple of minutes so I got up to check and Pepper was underneath the bed, laid flat out with the cutest look of comfortability on his face. He now has pushed blankets to the back of the bunk and made it officially his!!!"

"When Pepper gets really excited, he stands up on his hind legs and will rapidly swing at the air with his front paws. I'm turning this action into a trick. When given the command, "Box," Pepper will then do the standing, boxing trick. Pepper knows all of the basic commands and seems to be up for almost any challenge. Pepper guards the cell, but we're working on that. Pepper likes to hide his toys and even treats sometimes in his blankets in his cage." We expect to see this boy really come out of his shell soon!

Pepper has left Roxbury and entered the prison in Camp Hill to continue his training. So far, he's doing great! Pepper knows basic commands and has taken to his new handler well. He loves to play outside. Pepper loves playing with Humphrey and will hopefully have several doggie buddies soon!

"I feel that Pepper would do better in a different environment other than Roxbury. I think it would help to build his confidence. He's a great dog. Pepper is very loyal and smart. He's awesome and I love him. If I were home, I would adopt him, but I know that I'm not his human. He deserves the best possible chance to find a good home."

"Pepper is still nervous around new people, but he enjoys dancing and playing fetch and tug of war. One interesting thing he did this week was bring his bone out of his crate and drop it at the feet of someone I was talking to. The person was familiar to Pepper because he'd come by before to give Pepper treats."

Pepper had another great week. He likes his new toothpaste and getting his teeth brushed!

Pepper has been working on his commands and cues and is doing great. He has no resource guarding issues and is ready for a furever home!

Pepper has been having fun playing with Rex in the snow this week! Pepper has passed his good citizen canine test and is ready for his forever home.

Pepper is becoming more playful with people and other dogs, though he doesn't care much for Jake. Pepper doesn't do any resource guarding with food or toys. He will need a family who can be firm with him when needed. He loves fetch and tug of war!

Pepper's getting better with interacting with people he used to not like and has no issues with other dogs. He continues to do great with his cues.

Pepper's handler says "I've been working on getting Pepper to be a more social dog." He has some issues on the leash that he's working on, but off leash he couldn't be any nicer. He runs into the cells just to be petted and he even slipped into Rex's cell and stole his bone! Rex just stood there and watched him. Rex's handler said to let Pepper have it since Rex wasn't very interested in it.

Pepper had a better week this week. He went to the vet and got his feet trimmed and his handler has been brushing his teeth. He's been doing well with mat work and loves playing with the other dogs. Pepper loves the snow! His handler throws it in the air and he jumps and tries to catch it! Pepper also 'dances' on cue now.

Pepper loves playing with Jack, but was having some discomfort this week.

Pepper met Jack this week and they had fun playing together, though they are still working out letting the other know when done playing. Pepper is a good dog, but is still working on his people skills. He's very smart and will see what he can get away with. He really needs someone who can be firm with him, but also give him the love he needs.

Pepper worked on his people skills this week. The handler had a few people take turns sitting by the door with a treat, then gave commands and had the other people give him the treat. This worked fine as long as the others had treats!

Pepper also loves to play and will bring his handler his stuffed giraffe when he wants to play.

Pepper's handler says "this week we worked on the touch command, which Pepper caught onto quickly. All you do is hold your hand up like you're giving a high five and he'll touch with his nose."

Pepper did some mat work this week. He has no problem sitting and laying on his mat, but is still working on his 'stay' command. Pepper loves his ball and will run for it as long as he can. He was having some issues with his behavior this week, and will need a family that can be firm with him.

Pepper has made a lot of progress with his behavior but can still be hyper at times. He loves to do his dance which everyone loves, and enjoys playing with his tennis ball.

Pepper's handler says that "this week Pepper has been working on focusing and basic training... and worked on some new tricks and cues." Pepper loves to run and dance! He's a very interesting guy who would do good with a family that loves being outside and has a yard he can run in. He needs a family that can be firm, but give him the love he needs.

Pepper is still doing well and did some loose leash walking this week. He worked on tricks and cues, and loves going jogging because he has so much energy. His special tricks include bringing back a ball and he can dance on cue! Everything about this boy is interesting and he always comes up with something to make us smile.

Pepper does well but at times gets over excited and tends to pull on the leash. He's working on tricks including rolling over. Pepper would be a great addition to a family, and kids would be a great compliment to his active behavior! He enjoys finding hidden treats and does a good job witht the go find command.

Week 9
Pepper continues to do well with his basic commands. His sit, down and stay are great. He will give his paw, but he would rather give you a kiss.

Week 8
“Pepper is a very playful and energetic dog who enjoys running and playing with other dogs as well as people. He loves to chase his squeaky ball and is getting better at bringing it back. When he is focused on you, he will do just about anything asked of him.”

Week 7
Pepper’s handlers says Pepper is a good listener. He does what is asked of him. Pepper does well with all basic commands such as sit, stay and crate. Pepper has a pretty good recall, but can become distracted at times.

Week 6
“Pepper is a playful, energetic dog! He loves to meet new people and gets along with other dogs. When he is focused on you, there’s just about nothing he won’t do when you ask him. He likes to chase a ball when thrown, but doesn’t always bring it back, although he is getting better at it.” Pepper gets gold stars for his sit, stay, down, crate and leave it commands.

Week 5
“Pepper is coming along nicely with basically everything. He is a very energetic dog so he needs a whole bunch of exercise. But when he is focused, he does just about anything you ask him to. He loves meeting new people and gets along good with other dogs.” Pepper gets gold stars for sit, stay, crate, down and leave it. With his attention on his handler, he does well with his loose leash walking.

Week 4
Pepper is an energetic dog who love to chase the ball when it's thrown. He is still working on brining it back. Pepper likes meeting new people an enjoys playing with all of the dogs.

Week 3
Pepper is still working on his recall but has almost all of the basic commands down.

Week 2
Pepper is a loveable energetic little dog. He loves to meet new people and plays well with all of the other dogs. When you have his attention he will do just about anything you ask him to do. He will be a great addition to an active family.

Week 1
Pepper is a very engeretic little dog. He plays well with all of the other dogs. Pepper likes to chase the ball or bone or any other toy you will throw for him. He is coming along with learning to retreive the items and bring them back. Pepper loves attention!

UPDATE 03-16-14
Pepper headed to the big house this weekend. This little sweetheart just needs a crash course in manners and a super-sized membership to the doggie yard to help him burn off some of his energy. He is an adorable, two year old poodle mix who is available for adoption through Diamond Dog Rescue.