Ariel is a 1 year old bull terrier mix. She is great with dogs and kids.

For information on adopting Ariel, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE or calling (717) 602-3489. You can complete an application online by clicking here.

"Ariel has been working on her stay and down. She's been playing a lot with all of the dogs except Lucy and Rusty. She loves to meet everyone. Ariel seems to like watching TV and listening to the sounds. She really likes when there are dogs on and watching The Simpsons."

"Ariel went to an adoption event this week and I was told that she did very well. Here at the prison, she has been meeting everyone she sees and playing with all the dogs who like her. She is learning lots of new things and would be great for any family."

"Ariel is the friendliest dog I've ever met. She runs up to everyone to say hi and be petted. She loves to play with the other dogs. Her commands are getting stronger every day. Ariel has been working on down, stay, and leave it. She's doing very well with sit, shake, and find it."

"This week, Ariel learned to shake & down. We are working on stay and loose leash walking now. Ariel is a very playful dog that loves to meet people and play with other dogs. She also loves to play fetch and chew on toes. Each morning when the alarm goes off for count, she comes and wakes me up by licking and jumping on me. She is a morning dog for sure! Ariel would be a great puppy for any family that would give her love."

"Ariel is a true pleasure to work with. She is very friendly with other dogs and all people. She seems to be learning quickly and shows that she is a smart dog. Ariel loves to play with Gabbie and Delaney. She already learned how to sit on command and we're working on down, shake, and stay."