For information on adopting Boomer, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE or calling (717) 602-3489.  You can complete an application online by clicking here.

"Boomer is ready for adoption. He's super human and dog friendly. He listens well and knows his cues. He is such a great dog."

"Boomer has gained complete confidence. He runs around freely and displays no signs of fear for most of the time. Boomer isn't terrified of things with wheels anymore. He's aware of them and reacts much better towards them. He loves to play soccer now and would do well with an active family."

"Boomer has really great manners and his recall when off leash is pretty good too. He's learning how to play soccer and kick the ball with his paws. He's still aware of objects with wheels but doesn't freak out like he used to. He's made a lot of progress."

"Boomer is doing so well that he even responds to his cues without treats involved most of the time. He loves to fetch tennis balls. Boomer is now curious about things that used to terrify him. It's great to see how comfortable and confident he is now."

"Boomer is a great dog with a lot of energy. He is much more focused now compared to when he arrived. He loves to play and will jog with you. He really has no issues at all other than now minor issues with moving wheels."

"I worked with Boomer this week on maintaining his focus on me when there's distractions. He has slowly but surely become comfortable in his surroundings and you can really see a huge difference in him. He loves to do the agility course for treats."

"At times, Boomer will bark out of fear at new people, but it's completely harmless and he doesn't do it for too long. He is ready to be adopted. Boomer can read your lips when you speak to him and he's a really smart dog."

"Boomer is still waiting for a family to adopt him. He would be great with kids and other dogs. Boomer has definitely gained a little bit of confidence each day that he has been here."

"Boomer is still somewhat anxious when anything with wheels is present, but he's gotten much better and continues to improve. He's great with his commands and enjoys going through them."

"We have been working with Boomer all week trying to get him over his fear of things that move like wheels. He has no other issues and would be great for an active family."

"Boomer had a great week. He still hasn't overcome his fear of moving things. We are trying to break him of it. He's a very smart dog that listens to every command. He loves to play fetch and tag. He gets very excited when he catches you."

"Boomer has grown exceptionally. We're through all of his cues, his ability to grow out of some of his fears from noise carts and anything with wheels. He is a great dog and from my personal opinion, he is ready for adoption. He has excellent manners and responds well to his name. He also has impressive agility skills."

"I worked with Boomer on his noise reaction this week. He's very reactive to carts so we walked around a cart at first. Once he was willing to do that, we walked next to it while I pushed it. We did this for about 10 minutes at a time for twice a day. He is very untrusting of the cart still, but he's not as vocal when he hears one. Boomer would be great for an active family."

"Boomer is a very energetic dog, but he's getting better at calming down quickly. He will sit on command, along with going "down" and giving you his paw when you ask for it. He is a very good dog. Boomer has mastered all of his normal cues. We're working on improving his recall. He'd be great with an active family with children."

Boomer is doing very well! He would thrive in a safe, active household. He is very affectionate and loves attention. Boomer is doing well with cues, and is working on his recall. He can jump 3 feet high! Boomer has earned his Canine Good Citizen certification—a remarkable achievement! Boomer would love a home with another canine companion.

Boomer, welcome to Roxbury! "On the first day with Boomer, he was always on alert. He was nervous and fearful because of the new environment. He was more comfortable the second day. Boomer is dog friendly and allows you to take a bone from him when he is chewing on it. He loves to play with frisbees and he's good at agility. He's very playful and shows love when you give him attention. He would be a great addition for an active family and would like to have another dog to live with."