For information on adopting Leo, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE or calling (717) 602-3489. You can complete an application online by clicking here.

"Leo is such a well behaved dog for the most part. He doesn't get along with all dogs, but he really loves some dogs and proper introductions are key. He likes being a lap dog. He never jumps in your lap uninvited either. This past week, it rained a lot so outside play was limited." We hope Leo gets adopted soon!!

"Leo really enjoyed himself over this past week and had a blast over the Memorial Day weekend. Leo played in the dog yard with his buddy, Humphrey. They like to play "doggie tag" together. Leo went to a park with a volunteer and enjoyed walking in the creek. He was pretty tired when he came back to the prison. Leo is a really good dog who deserves the opportunity to provide someone with many joy filled memories for years to come!"

"Leo did great this week! We enjoyed the nice weather and hung out inside when it rained. Since last week, Leo started to get really good at his bye-bye trick! He also does well with all of his other tricks. During the thunderstorms, Leo would try to hide or stay by my side so I think it's safe to say that he doesn't like them."

"Leo is a beagle/terrier mix that is high on life! He enjoys the outdoors and is starting to really enjoy playing fetch. This past week he continued to socialize with Jack. Neither dog has an issue with the other and my goal is that one day soon they'll be good friends and be able to play off leash. Leo is getting better with his new command. It's called "wave bye-bye." I hope he will be able to do it perfectly soon. We're hoping that Leo gets a second chance and finds a good home where he can enjoy his days and bring his new owners a lot of happiness!"

"This week was an exciting week for Leo! He continued training on his basic skills, as well as his behavioral issues that consists of mostly barking. This barking issue of his is improving quite well. Although he still is unsure about Ivy, he got to socialize a little bit with Jack. It went much better than I expected. Leo got to play with Rebel down at our softball field. It went well and the boys had a great time! We are hoping that Leo can find a good home soon. He is a great dog who will provide you with good company and he likes to sit on your lap while getting petted."

"Leo is a well behaved dog (for the most part) and great pet. He is interesting to spend time with because he likes to be outside, play, and just hang out. Although he has some beagle in him, he has yet to react to any wildlife animal that he has seen here in the prison. He hasn't been exposed to many of these animals, but he keeps his cool when he sees geese or groundhogs. I hope that he finds a great home with lots of room to explore and have fun!"

"Leo has shown progress this week! He is still barking at Ivy and having some issues with her, but he's improving. He enjoyed the weather this week and likes to play fetch with his new tennis ball! Leo is picking up on the concept of tug-a-war. Leo is a good dog and we hope he finds a good home soon."

Leo is now with a new handler. "This week Leo took most of the week getting comfortable in his new cell. He is still doing his tricks and commands well. Leo likes to spend time outside and is getting better with Jack and Ivy. We spent a lot of time going for walks and he's walking really well on leash. With a little luck, Leo will find a good home soon!"

"Leo is doing much better walking with Lucy. I think he's only a week or two away from being fully ready for adoption. He is very good with people and loves to play. I hope he gets a good home soon because he deserves it."

"This week Leo's been working on getting close to Ivy without freaking out and he's been doing a lot better. We've also been working on his loose leash walking and automatic sit. He went to the yard or baseball field twice and did very well with his commands. Everyone really loves him and loves to play with him. He and Humphrey played together in the dog yard."

"Leo has been doing his tricks very well this week. I held him up to the cell window the other night so he could see the bunnies outside and his tail wagged the whole time." Leo and Rebel were glued together and even shared their rawhides with each other. Leo did great during training class and was more relaxed and comfortable around all of the dogs this week.

Leo had a great time playing with Humphrey, Buddy, and Rebel. He gets along well with the male dogs. Leo spent some time with a different handler this week and enjoyed himself. He loves to be around people and check out everything that's going on. Leo doesn't get along with all dogs, but he plays wonderfully with the dogs he does like. We'd love to see Leo and Rebel get adopted together!

Leo made big improvements with Ivy this week. He can now be easily distracted and his attention redirected elsewhere when he sees her. Leo and Rebel got to play together off leash and had a great time. Leo was pretty calm around all of the other dogs but still enjoys playing with his buddy, Rebel, the best! Leo enjoyed posing for pictures with a hat and bow tie on. We think he's looking for a permanent modeling gig now!!

Leo performed his commands like a pro this week. He likes to show off his tricks and entertain. He visited another part of the prison and made a lot of people happy with his bubbly personality. "He assumed the role of therapy dog and made rounds in the prison's special needs unit which houses inmates with varying degrees of psychological problems. It was an amazing experience that brought no end of smiles to both inmates and staff. The visit was brought about by the department of corrections new stance on mental health and the HOPE program's helping hand."

Leo has been working on "stay" and "sit" when people approach him. He's doing a little better this week with Ivy and doesn't seem as upset when he sees her. Leo got to work with a different handler this week who is new in the program and they became best buddies! The handler said, "He was a pleasure to work with. A cute lap dog if I ever saw one. He warmed up and responded to me very quickly."

This week Leo did well with meeting Buddy and it looks like they will be good friends. Leo has also been playing with Rebel. Leo was scheduled to spend the weekend with a potential adopter, but it didn’t work out. Since he couldn’t get back in the prison until Saturday morning, he spent the night in a hotel with a HOPE volunteer (see picture). Leo and Humphrey have been training together and now they're even doing their favorite trick together, rolling onto their sides doing a simultaneous "playing dead" when their handlers give the cue.

Leo has been showing progress in being around other dogs. He is calming down when he sees Ivy from a distance, but he still doesn’t want her too close. He is doing ok around Buddy. It takes him some time to get used to other dogs being around him. His favorite things are to play and cuddle.

“This week Leo did outstanding with all the dogs except for the new one, Ivy. He also tried to play with Rebel this week. He’s been going to the yard with Humphrey and playing very well and they have been doing tricks together. He is going on a home visit this weekend and is very excited.“ Good job being around the other dogs, Leo. We’re proud of you!

“This week Leo did a lot of playing out in the yard with Humphrey. He seems to show signs of controlling himself around the other dogs. In the cells, Leo is a very good dog that shows love and he loves to be petted. He loves to be around people and get all the attention.”

This week Leo got a very much need haircut and he looks very cute. He was very good with the groomer and allowed her to handle his feet and face. He’s been doing a lot of playing with Humphrey and showing much better dog on dog skills. He’s been walking past Hailey without reacting. He excels in “sit”, “stay”, “come”, “down”, “crawl”, “roll over” and “leave it.”

This week Leo found out that he doesn’t much care for cats. He went to visit a potential adopter, but there were cats in the home. One look at the big orange kitty and it was obvious it wasn’t going to work. He is meant to be in a home with no cats or other dogs. But Leo’s handler thinks he will get along with hamsters. He is starting to learn to tolerate other dogs that he knows. He’s been playing with Humphrey and Dixon. He’s also been playing fetch with everyone on the block. He is very smart and knows all his basic commands and some tricks.

This week Leo showed signs of change towards other dogs. He loves to play with Humphrey and even will play with Dixon from time to time. Leo’s favorite thing is playing ‘fetch’ with a tennis ball. He continues to work on his basic commands and gets gold stars for ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘come’, ‘down’, ‘roll over’, ‘crawl’, ‘find it’ and ‘leave it’.

This week Leo did some playing with Dixon in the dog yard. They chased each other around each trying to get the ball. His handler noticed he’s less reactive to other dogs when he is off leash. His training is going well and is even better when he isn’t around the other dogs. This weekend Leo will be going out on his first field trip. Stay tuned to see how he does.

Leo seems to be getting along better with the other dogs. This week he played with Humphrey and Dixon for the first time and he did okay. Leo can get a little loud when he gets excited (that could be the beagle in him), but he calms down quickly. He loves to greet everyone and get to know them by giving them a sniff. He’s a very playful dog and loves to crawl over his handler when he’s lying down.

This week Leo did very well with the other dogs, most of the time. We’ve been working on having him near the other dogs and treating both dogs. His reactions are minimal. He is a very friendly dog, with people, that loves to be played with and loves to cuddle. Leo’s handler reports: “When I’m in bed, Leo loves to crawl on me and lick my face.” Leo is a very sweet dog and will make the right person a great pet.

“Leo is such a sweetheart that loves to lay down next to you and cuddle up against you. In the mornings he always is in a great mood and he loves to rub against your legs while you’re putting on your shoes. When you give him a bath, he loves to dry himself off while you hold the towel or if you lay it on the floor, he’ll roll on it until he’s dry. This week he’s been doing much better with getting along with the other dogs. He even played with Humphrey a little.”

This week Leo has been learning how to control himself around other dogs. He is showing signs of great improvement. Some of the dogs don’t even draw a reaction from him anymore. He has tried playing with Dixon and Humphrey while wearing a muzzle, but he over reacts sometimes and scares them. When he is not around other dogs, he is the sweetest puppy around. He loves to do tricks and give kisses.

Leo shows that he can be trained by using the right techniques. He has issues with dogs that are bigger than him. This is the issue we are working on first and he is already showing improvement. When he is not around other dogs, he is one of the most lovable dogs I ever met. He shows great affection for people.

Leo has started a new journey with the HOPE program. He is now at Camp Hill SCI. We hope that this move will help him as he continues his journey to find a home. He’s a sweet Terrier mix who would like a home with dogs his own size.

Week 11
Leo is a great people dog. His handler reports that he loves to lay on his bed. If he has a t-shirt of piece of clothing on the bed, Leo lays right on it. Leo also likes to cuddle with his handler. He is also doing better around the bigger dogs.

Week 10
Leo likes to play with the dogs that are his size or smaller. He is still struggling with being around the larger dogs. He also likes the water, there is a baby pool in the yard, and jumping.

Week 9
“Leo ran an obstacle course this week! He walked laps around the track without being on a leash and stayed by my side. He likes to get in the chair and lay down when I go to sleep so he is right next to me. He is not afraid of water and will stay when I bathe him.”

Week 8 
Leo’s handler reports that he took him through the obstacle course this week. He goes to the bathroom on cue and likes to play with the ball. He plays well with the small dogs in short spurts and is getting better in passing the big dogs without reacting.

Week 7
“We had some guests come in this week who wanted to see Leo. He performed like a show dog. He not only performed all of his tricks for me, but he did them for the guests as well. They loved him! The highlight of the day was when I dropped several hot dogs on the floor directly in front of him and called him to a heel position. He walked, literally stepping on some, and heeled to my left. Then, on my command, he was released to go get them. The crowd loved it!”

Week 6
“When Leo is not distracted he is a very active, very personable dog. He loves to play fetch. He loves to howl. That is the Beagle in him. And of course, he is very, very energetic. To drain some of that energy, I usually jog him for about 10 or 15 minutes, and then I’ll play fetch with him for another 10 or 15 minutes. By the time we are done, he tired and ready to take a nap.” Leo gets gold stars for his sit, down, stay, lay down (aka play dead), paw, speak, heel, front, fetch, jump and leave it.

Week 5
Leo is slowly warming up to the bigger dogs. He doesn't necessarily play with them but is less reactive.

Week 4
Leo loves his squeaky tennis ball. Once I have his attention witht he ball, that's when the magic begins. Leo will eventually ignore all of the other dogs altogether. He is showing progress slowly but surely.

Week 3
Leo continues to work on his reactivity to the larger dogs in the program. In the meantime the dogs continue to make music.

Week 2
Leo is reactive to bigger dogs but gets along with the smaller dogs. When he sees a bigger dog he will begin to howl. Sometimes the dogs will howl back, next thing you know there is a dog symphony.

Week 1
In the first few days that I have observed Leo, I have noticed he seems to become anxious when he is around bigger dogs.

UPDATE 03-16-14
Leo headed to the big house today to get started on his training. He is a handsome, fella with plenty of love to give. Leo is a sweetheart who needs some work in the doggie manners departments. Stay tuned to see how this sweetheart does in the program. He is a 5 yr old, energetic, Terrier Mix who is available for adoption through Furry Friends Network.