Dixon got adopted!
 He left the prison on Saturday and went to his new home. He has a wonderful mom and we are so happy for him. Check out HOPE’s Facebook page for pictures.

Dixon went on a visit to a potential adopter’s home. He was a little shy at first, but then discovered if he stood up at the window, he could look out and see cars, the street, and snow. We didn’t want to encourage him to stand up at the window, so we asked him to “off” and he immediately got down. He then would walk up close to the window and stand on his hind legs to look out the window. It was so cute. He also found that if he stood on the people who may become his family, that he could get a better view out the window. He even gave his new friends some kisses. Stay tuned to see if Dixon is paroled!

“Dixon has developed into such a wonderful dog as he gains confidence. We’ve been using him with other less social dogs because he’s so friendly. Hailey, Leo and Rebel all play with him. But his best bud is Humphrey. The two of them wrestle for hours at a time.” Dixon’s handler thinks it would be ideal if they were adopted together. Dixon gets gold stars for ‘loose leash walking’, ‘heel’, ‘come’, ‘stay’, ‘off’, ‘down’, ‘place’, and ‘side’.

“With the cold weather, Dixon has discovered his handler is really just a large heating pad and has taken to sleeping on my chest when he can sneak up on the bed. But really, how do you not notice a 50 pound dog on your chest?” We are glad to hear that Dixon has found a way to keep warm on these cold days and nights. Dixon has been working extra hard and gets gold stars for his “auto sit”, “sit/stay”, “come” and “down”.

Dixon’s handler thinks that hounds are a special breed with their own sense of priorities that sometimes overlap with his. Getting Dixon to realize this is sometimes the issue. Hounds can also be stubborn. But Dixon’s handler has done a good job as Dixon gets gold starts for his recall, sit, stay, down and heel.   He also played with Leo in the dog yard this week.

Dixon still has issues with all the activity in the cell block. When the block is quiet, he is happy to be out and about and greet his friends. You can see the change in him when things get to be a bit much. He tucks his tail and heads for the comfort of his crate. Dixon is looking for a quiet home with an active outdoor family to call his own.

Dixon continues to gain confidence with each passing week. His handler is working on desensitizing his issues with loud noise and commotion. He does this by steadily increasing his exposure to these things, but doing it slowly and steadily. Dixon had lots of doggy playtime and exercise this week. He gets gold stars for “sit, stay, come, heel, down and leave it”.

Volunteer note: “This week while the trainer was working with another dog, I sat down beside Dixon. First he walked over to me and gave me a kiss and then he proceeded to climb in my lap. He sat there a few minutes while I petted and talked to him. Almost weekly I can see his confidence growing. He is a beautiful hound and needs a home where someone will work with him on the things that startle him.”

“Watching a timid dog gain confidence is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve felt. Dixon continues to grow more secure with each passing day and his personality gets bigger and bigger. He is simply beautiful and so very sweet.”

“Dixon continues to make terrific progress in overcoming his timidity. He’s greeting new people and is less reactive to loud noises. When he’s confident, his personality comes shining through…a mixture of mischievousness and affection. He still steals my socks, but, oh my gosh, is he adorable.” Dixon gets gold stars for: loose leash walking, less reaction to loud noises, meeting new people and his recall.

“Dixon has been insufferably cute this week, which is good because he’s been chewing on things…two Sharpie markers, an ink pen, my watch and earplugs. I didn’t even know about the earplugs until afterwards! I tell him it’s a good thing he’s cute.” His handlers are still working on Dixon’s timidity through exposure to people and noises. He is noticeably better each week.

This week Dixon did great with Hailey. When he sees her, he wants to go right to her. They are becoming fast friends. Dixon wants to be friends with all the dogs and play with them as often as possible.   He gets gold stars for: sit, stay, down, pray and sit pretty.

Dixon’s handler reports that “this dog is gaining confidence with each passing day and with it his personality comes shining through. He gets more affectionate and loving and just melts your heart. Even when he’s naughty, it’s impossible to be upset with him.” He gets gold stars for his loose leash walking and recall.

This week Dixon worked on making friends with Hailey and things went so well that they were put in the same dog run. They didn’t play, but just got to know each other. Dixon also worked with Queen this week. Dixon got a new squeaky toy, a spider, that he loves and when he chews on it and it makes a noise, he jumps. Very funny!

Week 1
Dixon arrived on Friday and was a handful for the first 24 hours. He was dog reactive and very scared. However, by the second day his dog reactive behavior had fallen by the wayside.  All it took was some exposure and play time.  Now we will work on his timidness and fearfulness.

Update 6/22/14: 
Dixon headed off to the big house this week.  He is an incredibly smart and energetic, 1 yr old, Tree Walking Coonhound. He is a sweetheart who needs some work in the trust and doggie manners department. Dixon is available for adoption through Furry Friends Network.  Stay tuned for next week's update.