Week 20
This week Bear played a lot of catch and fetch with the frisbee.  He loves to play with his toys and also enjoys getting his belly rubbed. I can tell that he is excited to go to his forever home!

Week 19 
Bear had another great week.  He is anxiously waiting to go to his new home.  He had a lot of play time this week.  He has spending a lot of time with Haley so they are getting more comfortable being around each other.

Week 18
Since coming into the program, Bear has mastered: sit, down, stay, down from a distance, touch, watch me, knee, paw, pray, crawl, sit pretty, spin. He loves to play fetch and tug of war and run and play with Angel, Hope and Clara. Bear’s handler says…”If you are the lucky one who adopts Bear, you will sit and think to yourself, why didn’t I adopt him sooner. Bear will not disappoint you and you will have lots of fun with him. Why wait?” We are happy to say that Bear no longer has to wait. He has found his forever home and will be going home in a few weeks!!!! Congratulations sweet Bear!

Week 17
Bear continues to get gold stars in obedience, and playing well with Hope, Angel and Clara. He loves to roll around on his back while playing at the same time. He is ready to show a new family all that he has learned from his handlers while being in the prison.

Week 16
Bear had a pretty eventful week. He is still adjusting to his new handler. Bear had a lot of fun playing with Hope, Clara, and Angel through out the week off leash.  Bear loves to go for long walks around the prison and even to the gym.

Week 15
This week Bear is adjusting to having a new handler and a new roommate in the cell.  Bear loves spending time outdoors and meeting new people.  Bear sometimes gets overly excited when meeting people and wants to jump up.  This is something we continue to work on.

Week 14
This week when Bear wasn't looking I hid behind the little building in the dog yard.  Bear will then run around the yard looking for me. Once he does find me he will chase me around the building.  When Bear finally catches me, you can see him get really excited. Bear will walk away and keep looking back at me all cute so I will then chase him too.  Bear did really great this week meeting the new dog Haley.

Week 13
Bear had a lot of fun this week playing off leash with Clara, Hope, and Angel. Bear did something very unexpected this week, when I was sitting on my bed watching tv, Bear bumped me twice with his nose. When I turned around he rolled over on his back to have his belly rubbed.

Week 12
This week Bear worked on his sit, down, and stay's. Bear does really good at his down from a distance.  I would ask Bear to stay and then I'll walk around a little building in the dog yard.  Bear would stay the whole time.  Bear and Hope played a long time without stopping except to stop for a drink together.  Afterwards Bear rolled on his back and fell asleep, which is his favorite sleeping position.

Week 11
Bear is a very smart dog.  Bear can do all of his cues and tricks.  I can see that his confidence is building since he first entered the program.  Bear also found a new play mate.  Jack and Bear play so well together.  Bear likes to roll on his back with his rope in his paws and play with it, it's really cute to watch!

Week 10
This week was different for Bear, he went to the softball field with Angel.  They were able to play off leash the whole time with no problems.  They had fun chasing each other. We worked on doing cures and tricks while they were parrallel to one another.  Bear fell asleep last night with his head laying on my face, all curled up next to me. It was cute so I left him alone so I didn't distrub him.

Week 9
This week was a good week for Bear. Due to the nice weather he was able to go out to the dog yard almost every day and play fetch.  He also was able to go out and play with Angel.  Bear likes to taunt Angel to try to catch him but Bear cut's corners really quck and Angel has a hard time catching him.  Bear will hide behind a the small building in the dog yard. Angel will try to catch him by cutting him off on one side but then Bear will quickly go the other way.   These two pups keep their handlers well entertained!

Week 8
Bear had a lot of fun this week playing tug of ward and fetch.  Bear and Angel both went to the dog yard and played together off leash.  Bear likes to roll on his back so you can pet his stomach and play with his rope at the same time.  He is such a good dog and will be great in any home.

Field Trip Alert - As told by HOPE Volunteer Margie - Bear got to take advantage of the first beautiful day of Spring, outside the prison walls.  He had a great time enjoying the weather, all the smells and the GRASS!!  We practiced sits, downs and stays - he did have a hard time focusing, but who could blame him.  Bear  met several people politely with no jumping - (YAY!) and we also practiced loose leash walking.  Bear's a very smart boy.  He quickly learned that pulling got him nothing while a loose leash got him exactly what he wanted  :o)

Week 7
“Bear and the newest dog, Clara, were both excited to see each other because they remember each other from the rescue.  They were playmates before and right away they started to play.  Angel got a little jealous, so she had to get involved and play too.  Bear is doing really great.   He's a very good dog who is very calm, but when he starts to play he is very energetic. Bear likes to play with his rope and he'll roll onto his back and play too. He also loves all people. I don't think he'll be here much longer.”  We hope that your handler is right, and you find your forever home soon, Bear! 

Week 6
Bear’s handler reports that this pup “had a lot of fun playing with Angel this week.   They are playmates.   We went to the dog yard and he loves to play in the snow.  When he runs in it, he looks like he's hopping.   He pounces in the snow and he rolls around in it too. Bear loves his toy rope.  He plays with it every day.  I put it at the edge of the bed when he’s not using it.  He'll pull it out himself to play.  But, I put it back when he's done. On Saturday, he was laying there and when he was done playing, out of nowhere, he picked it up and dropped it back where I always put it all by himself.  Bear is also good with people.  He loves our company.”  Here’s to finding someone’s company to love forever, little boy.” 

Field Trip Alert - Bear was one of the HOPE ambassadors at CPAA’s Mardi Paws event this last Saturday.  Although he wasn’t too sure about all of the dogs at the event, he welcomed pets from anyone who was willing to give him one.  This pooch is so cute with his lopsided ears and big smile.  Paws crossed you find a forever home soon, little boy!

Week 5
Bear had a good week playing with Angel.  They really like each other and their energy levels are almost the same.  They are good playmates and they love to play in the snow together. Bear likes to play fetch, so when I throw a ball in a pile of snow he likes to run and hop and dive in the snow for the ball head first. He also likes to bury his whole nose and face in the snow to try and smell under it, and he likes to roll and rub his whole body in the snow too.  We went through his cues sit, stay, down, touch and watch me and he does really good [gold stars for Bear!]. He is good with all people as well.  He can be stubborn at times, and he likes to pull on his lead half of the time.  Other than that, though, he’s a pretty good dog.”

Week 4
"This week, we worked on Bear's training.  He does really well with sit, down stay and touch.  We're still working on leave it. He progresses little by little.  Bear had a lot of fun this week playing in the snow. We went to the dog yard two days in a row.  He likes to bury his nose deep in the snow to smell under it and he likes to hop in it when he runs.  Bear also ran and slid on his side when he dove in the snow. He also loves to play with Angel, especially in the snow.  They both have a blast." 


Week 3
“Bear had an eventful week trying to adjust to his new environment.  He has been doing good with that.  He loves to play fetch and tug a war a lot and runs around and play in the snow. We are going through all of his cues and he's slowly catching on to them. Bear still needs to learn basic obedience, but he did good this week with his sit, touch and down commands.  He has no patience, but he'll get it!  Bear also loves when you rub his stomach.  He'll roll on his back and sometimes falls asleep.”


Week 2
“This week Bear adjusted a lot better and he's coming around. He’s new, so he’s struggling with everything he needs to learn and know. I’ve been working with Bear and give him gold stars for his sits, downs, stays, watch me and touch.  I can tell that he is eager to learn and please.  He’s a cool dog and he will learn with some time.  Bear is playmates with Lonnie and Angel.  They just play so well together.  He also loves to play fetch and tug of war.  Bear is good people and loves their attention.”  Keep adjusting and learning new things, little boy!


Week 1
Bear's handler reports that "this week I am just trying to get to know him, and it 's going good so far.  He is still adjusting, and he's a little nervous about the drastic change, but I see that he's slowly getting better."  You'll be fine, Bear!