For information on adopting Dylan please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE or calling (717) 602-3489.   You can complete an application online by clicking here.

Update 3/8/2014 - Dylan has come such a long way with the guidance and training he has received from our handlers and trainer over the past several weeks.  Prison life ended up being to much for this sweet boy.  Dylan has left the program to continue his training in a quieter place.   We’re all rooting for you, sweet boy!

Week 29
Dylan’s handler had some help from one of the other handlers who worked with a former dog in the program who didn’t like the sudden moves that she encountered on the block.  “I truly believe in his ability and found he was a great asset to Dylan’s training this week.  There were good results.  We worked indoors due to the weather, and we saw a large improvement in Dylan’s recall.   We also found a toy that he likes.  It’s a small rope that he can fit in his mouth.”   You’re a special pup, and we look forward to hearing more about your progress, Dylan!

Week 28
Dylan had a good last couple of weeks ~ “I spent this week working on basic commands and trying to get him in a more comfortable place, where he isn’t stressed about going into a down position.  From Monday to Thursday, I released Dylan and allowed him to walk around freely late at night for two hours.  He no longer jumps when he hears the ice machine or the clacking sounds of pool balls.  Dylan is also playing well with all of the other dogs.  He still needs more socialization with people, so I do that on a daily basis.” “Dylan still seems somewhat unpredictable to someone who doesn’t deal with him on a daily basis.  I would have to say that he has five people outside of the program who can sit on the ground, pet and play with him without him reacting.  I believe he would be best in a home with an experienced dog owner with no children.”  It wasn’t all training and no fun for this pup this week!  “This was a great playful week for Dylan!!  He truly loves the snow.  The first thing he does is break into a full sprint around the length of the yard.”   Here’s to an understanding family to love you forever, Dylan!

Week 27
“Dylan’s basic commands are okay. We are continuing to work on his focus.  We also worked on his loose-leash walking, and there is improvement.  It has been a pleasure to watch Dylan look for a high value treat this week.  He is starting to get better at finding things.”

Week 26
“This week was a good one for Dylan. His loose-leash walking still needs some work, but we walk him daily, so it’s coming along.  He slightly injured his back foot this past Wednesday.  He limped around for a day, then he was back to running and playing.  Dylan loves to watch T.V.  He often sits in front of it and moves his head from side to side.”  You’re a cutie, little boy!

Week 25
“Dylan is showing more confidence and his socialization is much better.  This week, his secondary handler trained him.  In between his training, though, I routinely walked Dylan around the tier.”


Week 24
“This week was eventful with Dylan.   We worked on his loose-leash walking, which still needs a lot of improvement.  He has what I call selective recall.  Indoors, he will come to you without a problem.  Outside, Dylan will look at you and consider coming then run off.  So, I’ve extended the leashes and I will let him run around the length of leashes then I will call him and lead him back to me and reward him with a treat.  I also allowed different people to walk him on the tier and he didn’t react. I truly believe he is improving.”


Week 23
Dylan lived with his secondary handler this week to continue socializing him.  The technique seems to be working, because “he is sitting and being less aggressive towards others.  He still pulls during loose-leash walking, so we’re working on that too.  I walked Dylan in the snow which he loves to run in.” 




Week 22
Dylan’s handlers report that this past week was this pups best so far!  “He had one flair-up, because he doesn’t like going into the down position.  For the most part, though, he was approachable.”  Dylan received gold stars for his basic training too!  Keep making progress, little boy!


Week 21
Dylan switched cells again this week, and did very well controlling his behavior!  “I also started letting him walk around on the tier late at night when the tier is empty.  He seems to like walking on his own and sniffing doors.  Dylan has no health issues, and is still playing great with the other dogs.’’


Week 20
“Dylan had a really good week.  He tolerated being touched by strangers, and he approached numerous people.  He does have issues sometimes with flare ups of aggression, but he can will relax if you just touch and talk calmly to him.  Dylan loves to play rough, and when he does, I usually tell him to just stop and he will sit.  What I’ve also come to know about him is he’s affectionate.”   You get better each week, and we’re proud of you, Dylan!


Week 19
Dylan’s handlers decided to mix up his training this week.  He stayed in the cell with his secondary handler to further Dylan’s adjustment to different people, “and he achieved success in transferring over to my cell without incident. Throughout the week, I took him around and let random people pet him and give him treats.  Dylan is definitely day-to-day with regards to his moods.  We will work a lot more with him in this area.”


Week 18
Dylan’s handlers report that this pup continues to adjust to his new surroundings.  “He seems much calmer and the different sounds no longer bother him.  His week was decent due to socializing him with a lot of different people.  He’s starting to open up to everybody, walking up to people and jumping on them.  He’s going to be all right.”  His handlers also learned that Dylan “has a thing for the rain, mud and especially puddles.  He will walk back and forth through a puddle of water splashing and digging.  He got so dirty, he looked like he was spray painted.”  We’re happy to hear you’re making progress, Dylan!


Week 17
Dylan transferred from Camp Hill to Roxbury to continue his training.  His handler reports that he is adjusting to his new surroundings. This pup doesn’t like to be touched by strangers, but with some patience, kind words and treats, Dylan responded well to his handler.  He is making desensitizing his new charge his #1 priority and has enlisted the help of others on the block to pet him for short periods of time.  “I truly believe if we’re consistent with Dylan, we will see change.” 


Week 16 
“Dylan is a beauty, especially when he runs and plays. He's a rare instance when ‘frolic’ is not simply rhetoric. He loves to frolic with the other dogs, and he may be the only one who can bring Macy, our shiest little friend, fully out of her shell.  Dylan can be a handful but he generally is making progress with people.  If a dog could ever get by on his looks alone, then just watch him in the wind, as his fur ripples like fields of tall grass.”


Week 15
Dylan’s drafted him to be his new starting safety this week!  “When we throw the ball around in the dog yard or out back, he relentlessly runs down whoever is moving fastest.  Unfortunately, his defense leaves a lot to be desired.  His tackles need work, he's easily distracted, and all attempts to get him to hurry the quarterback (at least, during play) have met with failure.  Add to that his propensity to dig holes in the yard and to chase the first pretty tail he sees, and I'm seriously questioning whether I'll renew his contract for another season.”  Okay, Dylan may be cut from the first team, but “when he’s good, he’s a very good dog.”


Week 14
Dylan got gold stars this week for his down from a stand, and come cues.  He also took walks with one of our other handlers.  This pup learneds about the finer things in life too!  “This week we delved into Dylan's musical tastes as I played and he listened (and once tried to play) the piano.  Contrary to the average (as usual), Dylan seems to hate classical and pesters me whenever I play any.  On the other hand, he enjoys the song ‘Listen to Your Heart’, but then, who doesn't?” 


Week 13 “Today Dylan and I had a little staring contest.  He was growling and barking, so I opened up his cage door and looked him right in the eyes. He met my gaze for a while, but pretty soon he was looking everywhere but me. When he sat down, I knew I'd won – this time.” Dylan went on a field trip with Volunteer Margie this week, and did well!  One more baby step, Dylan!


Week 12Dylan handler is happy to report that he is learning to play with people, and shows “slightly more tolerance for people interactions, most of the time. He likes running and bouncing around like a big fluffy fox.  He also likes tug.”  Congratulations for accepting more people in your life, Dylan!

Week 11
Dylan’s handler is a man of few words, but he tells us that this pup “often sits down when frustrated by the leash, which is helpful.”  He also says ”once again, Dylan is looking fly in his name-brand Thunder-shirt.  Girl dogs (ahem) are butter in his paws when he's stylin' like that.”  Keep charming the ladies, and learning new things, Dylan!

Week 10 
“This week, Dylan has been more playful than usual -- laying on his side and batting at our hands and feet.  He has been behaving much better and he mostly gets along with most people now.”   Good boy, Dylan!

Week 9 
Dylan’s handlers fed him by hand this week, getting him to first do his sit, touch or down command. “We hope this will have a positive long-term influence.  When in a good mood, he knows sit, down, touch, stay, dance and paw very well.”  This pup can be antisocial around people, but “he has let a few people interact with him this week; coming close to being overwhelmed but not snapping.”  Good boy!  One of his handlers has been running with Dylan to give him exercise.  “He is then too tired to be snippy!  He can run up to a mile straight in milder weather (he has pretty long hair).  He tries to run in front of us, dip, dive, and weave and play, to get us to slow down.”  You’ve taken a couple more baby steps, Dylan!  We’re proud of you! 

Week 8
This week, Dylan’s handlers have been running with him to give him sufficient exercise.  “He is really fast.  My cellie can keep up with him, but I can't.  He's learned ‘fetch’ with his favorite deflated volleyball, and he likes to play tug with it occasionally.   Dylan has handled being pet by a few different people (albeit; short pets, one or two strokes).  He jumped on my bed without permission one day, and I pushed him off, without him any reaction from him, which is a good thing.  It’s baby steps for Dylan.”

Week 7
One of Dylan’s handlers wasn’t feeling well this week, “but he would occasionally come cheer me up. He'd put his front paws on by bed and make the "rawwwwph" noise he makes when he wants to play or wants attention.  It's pretty funny, then we'll tell him "okay, quiet" so he doesn't start barking for attention.  He tried to gnaw on my foot but I told him "OFF!" to get him off my bed.  I have yet to actually let him all the way up on my bed, because he isn't ready for that yet.”  In addition to being one of his handler’s “nurses” this week, this pup’s down and sits became more reliable, and he’s starting to go up to strangers, smell them and keep moving.  “That’s a good start.  He's doing much better with his training, but still has his pouting times.”  We’re looking forward to hearing about all smiles, Dylan! 

Week 6 
Dylan’s handlers worked on his homework assignments each day this week. “It’s hard to get him to sit/stay and ignore people because he wants to bounce around and meet them so bad!  Distractions definitely distract him too.  Positive reinforcement seems to be working pretty well.”  Dylan is also still getting compliments from folks on the block because he’s “so cute and fluffy!”  You still have a way to go before you’re ready for a home, sweet boy, but we’re proud of your progress so far!

Week 5
Dylan’s handlers worked on his "sit" at every doorway, down, paw, stay & wait commands this week.  “He is getting the hang of them!  He is also starting to show improvement with his leash pulling.”  Dylan also was introduced to grooming this week.  “We combed him for the first time, with success, by distracting him with a raw-hide bone.  He's learning to like the brush.  We bathed him outside, which he did not enjoy.  He looked like a wet cat trying to climb up the nearby brick wall to get out!”  This pup still has some issues to work through, but his handlers are determined to work with our professional trainer so that Dylan can find his forever home!   You’re doing fine, little boy!

Week 4 
Dylan’s handlers concentrated on his homework and getting him to focus on them this week.  Although this pup will only do his sit/stay and down/stay commands in the cell, he is slowly coming along with his studies!  “On a positive note, he learned ‘down,’ ‘sit,’ and ‘paw’ this last week.  It can be difficult to get him to sit when he’s distracted though.  He is also learning the concept of ‘leave it.’”  Dylan’s handlers are also happy to report that he has been playing more with them and especially with the other dogs.”  You’ve come a long way in three weeks, sweet boy!  

Week 3
Dylan’s handlers report that he began showing a little progress in his leash walking and sits.  “We have a long way to go though!”  This pup is still taking baby steps with his training, but he already earned gold stars for his sitting more reliably, playing more, and beginning to learn his down commands.  As for his personality, “it's funny to see Dylan from a distance, all you see is his poofy tail bouncing up and down as he walks around. His favorite activity outside is chasing down the deflated basketball.”  One evening this pup saw his shadow behind him and “ran BACKWARDS so very fast that it was humorous!  Poor Dylan was thinking his shadow was after him!”  Keep focusing on your handlers and not the shadows, little boy!

Week 2
Dylan’s handlers report that “he is fluffy, cute and full on energy - and some bite; we're working on that.  Dylan has learned to sit, and little bit of stay.  He also knows his down command.”  This pup’s handlers have him meet three new people a day.  Right now, it’s just so he can “grab a smell” because Dylan doesn’t like to be pet yet.  One of the Corrections Officers is an exception, however, because “Dylan is in love with her.”   This bundle of fur loves to run and play, especially with a deflated basket ball. “I kick it around and he pounces on it.  He also likes to run from his own shadow.”  Keep up the good work, Dylan!

Week 1
Dylan’s handlers report that he “arrived last Saturday a bit nervous!  Since he is partially blind and deaf, it took a few days for him to get acclimated to the various images and sounds around him.  Dylan is doing very well around the other dogs.  He was off-leash with Macy in the dog yard.  They didn't interact too much but when they did it was playful. Dylan cannot be petted most of the times at this point -- however he does have success with short, single pets [peanut butter helps].”  After just a few days, this pup was awarded gold stars for no longer barking at night, learning his sit command and staying at short distances and time intervals.  His handlers say that “we can tell that Dylan is 20-month's old because he still acts/plays like a puppy!  He likes his little red Kong toy and miniature tennis ball, along with spinning in circles& chasing his tail.”  What a great first report, little boy!

UPDATE 6/29/13 Dylan is one of our newest furry felons. He is a wonderful, young, sight-impaired dog needs a refresher course in the basics and pack manners. Dylan is a sweet and handsome, 1-2 year old Spitz who is available for adoption through Eskie Rescuers United .  Stay tuned for updates.

For information on adopting Dylan please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE or calling (717) 602-3489.   You can complete an application online by clicking here.