Week 25
“This week has been another great week for Macy, she has so many friends on the block that either stop by the cell or stop on the walk just to say hi to her and steal some pets. She is so funny when she does her "sit pretty", because sometimes she falls backwards when doing it. She looks so embarrassed when she does that and gets up and looks all around to make sure no one saw her tip over. She is so cute, she is such a happy dog when she is 
out in the yard running around and playing with the other dogs.”  It has been a great week for Macy, because she found her home and will be spending Thanksgiving with her forever family!  We’d like to thank her handlers for their all of their good work in helping Macy go from being an incredibly frightened and shy pup to a happy little girl, and to our Canine HOPE Volunteer Danner for teaching her what it’s like to enjoy being a dog. Congratulations, Macy!

Week 24
"Macy is a wonderful dog with a great personality. When she got here she was terribly timid and fearful but she has really been improving. She has a little fan club of staff who stop for a hello (and a treat) every morning. It must be her big soulful eyes."

Week 23
“Macy is such a great dog.  We really worked hard with her on all her commands and tricks.”  In fact, she received gold stars from her handlers this week for her sit, stay, down and sit pretty skills!  “We can even have her stand on her hind legs and take a few steps.  She loves showing off and is so happy.  She is getting better with the shyness and loud noises.  She’s not a big fan of strangers, but she has gotten a lot better with dealing with crowds. Anyone will be lucky to have her.”

Week 22
“Macy has been shy around new people so we're having strangers treat her - it is improving her reaction to people.  New people equals treats.  Oh yeah.”  This pup got gold stars for her sit, stay, heel, wait, come and rollover commands this week.  The only other thing her handlers have to say is “adopt this dog now!”

Week 21 
“This dog’s transformation from a terrified shelter dog to a loving and mischievous pet has been such a journey - and I'm grateful for every step.  We’ve been working on making meeting new people a positive experience and are beginning to see real progress.  Macy is also learning to roll over!  Having her has enriched my life immeasurably.  Someone will win the lottery when they adopt her.”

Week 20
“Macy had a great week.  She is such a great dog to be around.  She likes to show off her tricks that she has learned, and likes playing with her buddy Dylan.  She was so cute this morning laying on her back and wanting to play.  She is a great dog and deserves a good home.”   HOPE Volunteers Margie and Canine Volunteer Danner brought Miss Macy to the Adopt-A-Thon sponsored by Benny’s Pet Depot.  Although her tail was tucked most of the time, she actually approached a woman who was talking to her.  We wish one of her handlers in particular would have seen her.  He would have said, “that was HUGE!”, and, indeed it was.  Congratulations, Macy for being brave that day!

Week 19
One of Macy’s handlers tells us that “every week, we wash the dog bedding and then fold it and spread it neatly in her cage.  When I lean in her cage she watches me intently and rushes me out of the way while she inspects it closely.  She then paws at it -- pushing and pulling it this way and that -- while occasionally giving me dirty looks.  This is such a funny dog.  Macy is learning to play!  She's kind of goofy and awkward at it, but it's remarkable to see.  We still work the obedience commands (even thought she has those down pat). Macy is still shy around strangers, but gets less so with familiarity.  She is highly adoptable although each day I keep her is a blessing.”

Week 18
One of handlers reports that “Macy is now a whole dog. This morning she played tug of war with me.  This is huge!  When she arrived here, she wouldn't even make eye contact and she certainly wasn't playful.  During our morning walk today, we played Toro with my shirt until she was faster than me and then...tug of war!  Macy is doing so well at any and every thing I ask her.  She is also smart, gentle, affectionate and patient with the other dogs.  If there is any reason for her not to be adopted, it would be how much I love this dog!”

Week 17
 Macy continues to make progress!  She does all of her basic commands like sit, stay, down and heel so well that she looks at you like "come on, that's all you've got?" Since she also doesn’t stray while on walks, she's been let off-leash this week and runs circles around Dylan to tease him!   “Macy should be in someone’s home!” 

Week 16
Macy’s handlers once again gave her a gold star this week!  This time it was for making the transition from a food reward-motivated “down” command to a praise reward.  Good girl!  They also relayed an experience she had in the doggie yard.  “While on the evening walk, Macy focused on a toad and she leapt straight up and hit the ground running -- think Flintstone feet.  The reaction startled me and I took off as well.  The toad, however, was not impressed.  Macy is sooo very adoptable that I wonder why she's still here.  The only criteria would be a loving owner.”   We HOPE you find your loving family soon, little girl!

Week 15
Macy received gold stars from her handlers this week for her sit, stay, down and paw commands this week!.  She’s gentle and very tolerant of the other puppies.  Although she is shy and still afraid of loud (unexpected), noises, “Macy is curious about everything to the point of nosiness.  She has a truly wonderful personality with big soulful eyes that will melt your heart.”

Week 14
Macey worked on the 'shake' and 'down' commands this week.  She is still sensitive about her feet being touched, she was reluctant to 'shake' but dislikes down even more. One of her handlers tells us that “when I tell her shake she gives a big sigh before shaking.   When I tell her down she tries to offer the paw before she obeys.”  Training aside, this shy miss is “socializing much more lately.  I’m so proud of her.  She is smart, calm, gentle and affectionate.  If I could adopt her, I would.”

Week 13
Although Macy is still shy around crowds, “she had fun in the sun this week.   She loves running around the yard off-leash, and just laying around soaking up the sun.  She is a great dog and will make anyone who adopts her very happy.”

Week 12
Macy doesn't like to have her feet played with, so her handlers worked on the "shake” command this week.  “She knows it, but is so reluctant that I have to ask her to do it 3-4 times. When she finally obeys she gives a deep sigh and looks so put upon. Macy is gaining confidence and is improving with her reaction to strangers.  She’s still not so good in large crowds, but quiet individuals are a plus.  Macy is such a personable dog.  She is SOO smart, affectionate and wonderful company.” 

Week 11
Macy’s handlers tell us that she” is coming along more and more every day with doing her commands on cue. “Her confidence has grown to the point where she is not scared or spooked with loud noises (well, mostly).  We take her off the leash and she runs and jumps around and looks so happy.  She is such a great dog and will make a great addition to anyone’s family.”

Week 10
This shy girl had a new experience this week!  “While walking, Macy surprised the resident groundhog and it was a toss-up as to who was more shocked.  The groundhog recovered first and dove down his hole and she hid behind by legs and looked sheepish.  Afterward, she cautiously sniffed the hole, then made her mark.  She is a funny dog with a great disposition.  Macy has made tremendous gains in overcoming her shyness by allowing some of the other handlers to pet her.  That is big.”  Keep loving your handler and making new strides, little girl!

Week 9
Macy’s handler reports that “she has started interacting with the other dogs and handlers. It's like she's learning how to play. Every time I see her prance about I'm so proud of her. She's making amazing progress.”  This pup was awarded gold stars for her basic skills such as sit, come with me (heel), wait, leash and no leash training this week.  “Every day I get with Macy is a treat.”

Week 8
“Macy continues to gain confidence and is beginning to actively solicit affection as though it’s her right (which in my opinion it is)!”  This pup got gold stars for her walking both on and off leash, her recalls and her sit/stay and up/off commands.  “Macy is still shy with strangers and loud unexpected noises.  She is so sweet and gentle with the biggest most soulful eyes.  I'm sooo in love with her.” This pup still needs more training, but HOPEfully someone will love this sweet girl as much as her handler does!  

Week 7
Macy’s handlers tell us that “she has been growing more self-assured of late - I heard her bark for the first time. I could hardly believe it.  She has the most inquisitive nature and wants to sniff everything.  Macy also continues to excel at all of her tasks.  Although she is shy, there are absolutely no barriers to her being adopted.”  Paws crossed someone falls in love with you as much as your handlers have, Macy!

Week 6
Macy had another good week!  She’s doing great with her sit, stay, lay down and touch commands.  In addition, her handlers say that “our girl is getting more and more comfortable with strangers and loud noises.  She’s still a little skittish, but she has come so far from the dog she was when she first came in.  She is great around the other dogs and loves going out in the dog yard.   Anyone would be lucky to adopt Macy. If you want a great dog I have one right here.”

Week 5
One of Macy’s handlers reports that “she continues to make progress with her shyness.  She even wags her tail now!”  This pup also got gold stars on her report card for her leash training and off-leash training this week.  “Macy is so well-behaved, gentle and sweet that I wish I could keep her for myself.”

Week 4
Macy’s handlers report that she did well with her basic commands. She is also coming out of her shell, but is still very skittish around crowds and loud noises.  “If it is a one-on-one encounter with meeting someone new, she is not that bad, but if there is more than one person, she wants to retreat to somewhere she feels safe.  Macy is such a great dog.  She needs a lot of love and to find a home where she can let her guard down so that she can relax.”  Could that be your home?

Week 3
Macy had another good week!  One of her handlers tells us that “she is phenomenal on the leash.    She was wary of me to begin with, but this week, she began to wag her tail.  She really likes cheese and having her ruff scratched.  Macy is so loving and gentle.  She is an amazing soul.” 

Field Trip Alert (as told by HOPE volunteer Margie):

As you can see, Macy really enjoyed her first field trip accompanied by her new friend Danner.

Week 2
“Macy is such a good dog, but is very shy.  We have be taking her on a lot of walks and introducing her to new people on the block.  Most times, she is pretty good, but she is still getting used to her new surroundings and the noises on the block.”  Macy received gold stars from her handlers this week for her sit and stay commands, as well as her ability to get along with all of the other dogs in the program!  This pup has bonded with her handlers, and “loves laying on the floor and getting pets.  We can’t wait until she totally comes out of her shell and shows us how amazing she can be.” 

Week 1
Macy arrived at the prison just a couple of days before handlers’ first report.  “She was a little nervous – that’s totally understandable, considering all the people, noise and commotion.  [I think we were all nervous at first.]  Macy’s coming out of her shell, though, and is interacting with others.  This pup got her first bath. “Her eyes are very expressive, and she let us know that she wasn’t overjoyed.”   Although Macy doesn’t like baths, she already has “wonderful leash manners, and is a joy to walk.

UPDATE 5-20-13
Macy is a shy dog and feels more comfortable with her four-legged friends.  Having a buddy with her, helps give her confidence and sense of bravery that she struggles to find when all alone.  Macy will learn that her human friends always have something fun in store for her and pockets full of tasty treats, which will help build her confidence.  She is a seven year old Australian Cattle Dog mix who is available for adoption through Animal Rescue Inc.  Stay tuned for her next update.