Week 20
Barnegat's last week and he will be well missed. Great time having you here Barney!

Week 19
Barnegat has been extraordinary obedient for the past few weeks. He has greatly improved on his recalls. Barnegat is an all around great dog!

Week 18
Barnegat’s reacting to other dogs is not so much a problem, but a concern. “He wants to get to them…not to misbehave but to play. As for training, Barney looks into your eyes waiting for his next cue. He’s not always hungry, but he loves food and awaits a treat when one is offered. Also, in addition to snow and rain, Barnegat loves strong, windy weather. He never, ever wants to go inside.”

Week 17
Although Barnegat still has to learn how to approach the new dogs who come into the program, he does a lot better with the dogs that he is used to. This pup still endears himself to his handler for his coming to his aid when he sneezes, and chasing the reflections he sees from flashlights, mirrors, etc. “Barnegat came to me today and said, ‘I’m ready for a family.’ I said, ‘How do you know?’ He responded, “I am not going to be good anymore, I’m going to be great.’ I said, ‘Are you sure?’ He said, ‘WOOF!’”

Week 16
“This week, I have nothing but good things to say about Barnegat. His behavior and recall have improved. His sitting still at the training meetings has gotten better also. Outside is a wonderland for Barnegat. He loves that we had snowy days again so he can roll abound in it and chase snow balls. He’s having a good time.”

Week 15
“Barnegat showed exceptional restraint this week, and his obedience training is coming along great. You can really see the change in him. If it involves play, Barnegat wants in. He loves to play with the other dogs, his toys, etc. Some would even say that he plays too much [smiley face]. Barney also loves to chase shadows and traveling light. Maybe he’s a hunter at heart.”

Week 14
Barnegat added another trick to his repertoire, so he’s up to twenty-nine in his thirteen years in the program! This pup also spent “another week enjoying the snow, or what’s left of it. As a result, he took frequent trips to the bathtub for ‘Wet and Muddy’s’.’ Barney also enjoyed burning energy with exercise with the help of his best friend, Dylan. They’ll play all night.” We’re happy to hear that you’re continuing to grow and have fun during your stay at RCI, Barnegat!

Week 13
“Barnegat is a good high energy dog that likes to play a lot. He is responding well to his new, stricter training, but he doesn’t like to listen when he is playing. His resource guarding has been overcome, his recall has improved, and his obedience is on track. Barney really likes the snow. He likes to eat it and even lay down in it. I’ve also had some of the other handlers work with him, which has had an impact on his life. Barney is showing improvement with each day that passes.”

Week 12
“Barney showed major improvements with his obedience this week. He acted out less, stayed and waited longer and had more self-control. Barnegat is also up to twenty-eight tricks and cues. It was all impressive even to me. He is also playing well with all of the other dogs and loves his new toys.” You’re doing great, sweet pup!

Week 11
Barnegat’s handler reports that this pup is verbal when he is bored, playing or needs his potty time. “He is also a very playful animal. He plays well with the other dogs (after a proper greeting). He also loves his chew toys and ice. I’m not sure why, but he treats ice the same as a treat.”

Week 10
“On a scale of one to ten, Barnegat’s recall has reached a level score of eight (off-leash) with distractions. That is a major improvement. Along the way, he has now shown some resource guarding, which was mentioned in his individual training guide. That will be my main focus the next couple of weeks. As for fun, more snowy days for Barnegat. Water, snow, sun…this dog loves the outdoors!

Week 9
Barnegat learned to speak this week. Now, his handler is teaching him to curb his barking because he thinks that’s what he’s being asked to do! This pup’s off-leash recall without a treat also has improved. “Spending a lot of time alone outside with him helped. He loves to rub his whole body against the bushes over and over. Barnegat seems to take to the women’s voices associated with the weekly visits from the HOPE trainer and volunteer. When he hears a woman’s voice, he lights up with excitement. Barnegat also sleeps on his back with his legs straight up in the air letting me know that he’s comfortable.” You’re a cutie, little boy!

Week 8
Barnegat is mastering his known cues (gold stars for paws up and beg!), as well as working with strangers touching him. This pup also did some nose work training and basic rally this week. What a busy boy, you’ve been Barnegat. We can hardly wait to see what you learn next week!

Week 7
His handler reports that Barnegat has “learned many tricks with still more to come and master. Maintaining obedience off-leash, listening and recall all need major work, but keep in mind that he is a puppy and can be stubborn at times. Re-direction, and being firm are some of the things I have been working on.” Barnegat had a good time in the doggie play area this week! “He loves the snow, the rain and just being outside period. This week he was chasing snowballs, crunching ice, diving in the snow and having a ball. Now he doesn’t even want to come inside [smiley face].”

Week 6
Barnegat did a lot of off-leash training this week. “He has to do a lot better on recall while off-leash. He’s responding with treats only. Barnegat is coming along great with his exercise training, and he even learned a few new tricks this week.” In fact his handler gave this pup gold stars for his playing dead, sitting, roll over, back, stay, paw, up when laying down, and paws up commands! Keep up the good work, Barnegat!

Week 5
His handler reports that Barnegat’s “has majorly improved. His clicker and crate training are going well, he walks great on a loose leash, and his recalls are even getting better.” That having been said, his handler says that this pup still has a lot more learning to do. “Barnegat does fine with the dogs here. When he first meets them, he barks what could be mistaken as aggression, but it’s not. He just wants to play.” Congratulations on another good report, Barnegat!

Week 4
Barnegat worked on several cues this week, but his handler concentrated mostly on recall and meeting both the other dogs in the program and people properly. This pup tends to be distracted during recall, so his handler will focus his training in that area, with the help of high-value treats. He also is having Barnegat sit before greeting the folks on the block at all times. This week’s event of the week was entitled “Barnegat Chases the Moon.” “He ran around the yard chasing the moon, ‘Warf,” Warf” around and around, until he got close to the building. “Where did it go?’ he thought, ‘there it goes. Warf, Warf.” You’re a silly boy, Barnegat!

Week 3
Barnegat learned a little bit of everything at once this week (wait and heel, with a little bit of leave it). “He learns fast, but has to focus more. He’s young and confuses training with play time. So, I use a lot of redirection and patience with him. There is still a lot of work to be done, but he’s coming along great. Barnegat loves to chase the light reflecting off the mirror on the wall. That is perfect for him and he wore himself out fast running back and forth, back and forth. That was the event of the week.” You’re coming along great, little boy!

Week 2
Barnegat’s handler tells us that after showing this pup leadership this week, he is showing improvement. He doesn’t pull on-leash now and is learning new cues. He is also responding well to his name and his recalls are getting better too. “Barnegat is becoming comfortable in his surroundings. He is still learning to approach the other people here, but his manners when doing so are just fine. Barnegat has major potential, and I can’t wait to see how far he will come during his stay at RCI.”

Week 1
Barnegat spent his week sniffing around and getting used to his new environment. “So far, everything is going just fine…just a few whines (when left alone). His responses are a little slow when it comes to his name, so we’ll work on that.” This pup is also so big, he at first just stuck his head in his crate and ate all of the treats!! After about four hours, however, he went into it. “There are more observations to be done. It’s obvious he has had some training, but he lacked the leadership he needed. I think with good leadership, he’ll turn out just fine.” Barnegat has already endeared himself to his handler. “I had a sneezing fit. At first, he didn’t react but then throughout the night, he became curious. Not once, not twice, but three times he ran to my aid, put his body on me as if to say ‘are you okay?’ I told him that I was, by rubbing him. He laid by the bed right beside where I laid and stayed there all night long [smiley face].” Welcome to the program, Barnegat! We look forward to hearing about your progress!