Week 5
“Chloe’s week has been great!!!  She does well now with her loose-leash walking, and she also does well with her sits and stays.  We run between 20 and 30 laps every day.  She loves it (smile).   Chloe is still getting along with the other dogs!  She loves to play with Maci and she and Rocky are the best of friends. Chloe is an all-around good dog!!  

Week 4
“This was a short week for Chloe. We worked on her loose-leash walking as well as her boundaries.  She spent some time with her new family, and the word is that they just loved her and can’t wait until she is there for good.  When she returned, she was exhausted, but she seemed content.  We will miss her!!!

Week 3
“Chloe had a good week doing her training.  She has her stay, down and knee commands down pat.  She doesn’t like baths or going out in the rain, but other than that, she listens to everyone!!!  She is calm and very affectionate.  She will be great in the nursing home.”     

Week 2
Chloe’s handlers report that she is really progressing after such a short time!  “I had a great week working with her.  I found her to be excited about learning and willing to do things without treats.  She understands knee, sit and stay.  She listens to everybody and comes to sit when asked.  She also has a healthy appetite.  Chloe loves to run with me around the track (smile).  She opens up more and more every day.  She is doing great with the other dogs and people and loves to be rubbed and hugged.  I think Chloe was well-selected for the nursing home and she will be a good fit.  She’s very calm and confident for her young age 

Week 1 
Chloe had a good first week in the program!  She does all of her commands when asked, and already received gold stars for her sit and knee cues and learning her boundaries. This pup also has already endeared herself to her handlers!  “I enjoyed this week’s activity and getting to know her doggie personality.  I found Chloe to be very affectionate.  She head butts you to make you pet her. All in all, she’s a great dog!!!”  We’re looking forward to hearing about week two, little girl!

Updated August 3, 2013 - Meet Chloe, a two-year old female yellow Labrador Retriever. She is the newest addition to the HOPE program and will be trained at the Roxbury Correctional Institution. She has been adopted already from Operation Paws for Homes a CPAA Member Rescue and is being trained for her new life at an Integracare senior living community.

Chloe is a beautiful, calm, gentle girl. She just needs the basics to adapt to her new home. She loves to be petted and if you stop, she will nudge you with her nose. She loves to cuddle. We don’t picture her sitting on many laps, as she weighs 50 pounds, but we are sure she will lie beside the senior residents and let them pet her all day.

We don’t understand why anyone would give up such a sweet girl, but we are glad they did. She will make many seniors very happy in her new home.

Stay tuned for the weekly journals written by her handler…