Week 38
Georgy-Girl and her handler worked on some common behavior cues this week.  Of course, the big news is that this pup at long last has an application pending for adoption!  “Georgy went out for her home visit.  When she came back, she was so excited.  That just showed me she is so ready to get out of here.”  This pup will be spending a couple more weeks in the program, but we are so happy that she found her forever home! 

Week 37
“Georgy and I were able to go outside for a long time.  We worked on fetch.  She will not go get just anything.  She likes to fetch her pull toy and a green ball.  She looked so excited to be playing outside like she has been waiting for this since summer.  Unfortunately, the ground was still too wet to work on her nose work.  Georgy was also given a bath this week.  She doesn’t love taking them, but she didn’t give me any problems.  She gets nervous more than anything.  That’s something new we can work on.”  You learn new things each week you’re in the program, Georgy-Girl.  Here’s to being able to report that you found your forever family soon, sweet girl!

Week 36
This week, Georgy spent some time with one of her handler's friends so she could learn to do cues from someone else.  "He walked her around the housing unit, and up and down the stairs (on leash).  He also had her sit, stay, down and heel.  He told me that Georgy did very well."  This pup also had a bath this week, and as always, she took it like a champ.  "Georgy-Girl is the best dog ever."

Week 35
Georgy is still doing great with all of the other dogs.  Frasier is not the playful type, but she tries anyway.  This week, I also stopped letting everyone and anyone feed her.  When I would walk her off-leash and we passed someone who gives her food, she would walk away.  Since we weren’t able to go outside and hone her nose-work skills in the grass this week, we worked on that.  Georgy is an absolutely wonderful dog.”

Week 34
“Georgy had another great week!  She is now playing with all of the dogs in the program, and hasn’t shown any aggression towards them – large or small.  Georgy is now working on non-verbal cues.  She knows all of the verbal ones, so I think it’s time for something new.  The non-verbal commands we are working on are sit, stay, down, back and down.  We weren’t able to do the nose work outside this week because of snow, but we can try again if the weather is good.”  Your handler was right, Georgy!  You had another great week!

Week 33
“I gave Georgy-Girl somewhat of a break this week, so we didn’t do too much.  We spent some time outdoors.  We worked on some off-leash walking, and did well as always.  Next week, we will work on some nose work outside in the grass.”

Week 32
Georgy-Girl met the new two kids on the block this week.  For now, Domino is a bit too playful for her liking, but she did very well with Frazier.  “She played with him from day one. This week Georgy and I walked with some different handlers here.  I also had a friend come and help me.  I let him do some on and off-leash walking.  He also worked on some of the behavior cues like sit, stay, down, leave it, roll over and wait.  Other than watching me the whole time, she did fine.”

Week 31
Georgy-Girl’s handler is happy to report that “she is doing very, very well with all of the new and old dogs here.  They can all be off the leash outside with no problem.  We are still working on her nose work.  She doesn’t work as hard for treats as she does the hot dog, but she finds it every time.  This week, Georgy was able to play in the snow.  She loves it.  I have never seen her play as much as when we have snow.”  Now this little girl has to find a forever yard to romp around in when it snows.  Do you think Georgy might be the dog for you?   We HOPE so!

Week 30
Georgy-Girl had a prison spa treatment this week.  “I gave her a bath.  She still doesn’t like it, but she just goes with it.  We also cut her nails down, and she did very well.”  Georgy and her handler continued her nose work.  “We worked with boxes.  There is no place I have access to that I can hide things that she will not find.  Georgy-Girl is a very good dog.  She is 100% ready to go to a home.” 

Week 29
Georgy-Girl honed her nose work skills again this week.  “We started at night after everyone else were asleep.  She did very well.  So well, that the next day, we worked in the hallway traffic.  Again, she did great.  There was not a place I could hide the hot dogs without her finding them.  I also tried treats, but hot dogs were the only things she will got find.  Georgy-Girl is a very obedient, wonderful and pleasant dog who becomes comfortable very easily with new people.  She deserves a new home.”

Week 28
Georgy-Girl met Tigger this week.  At first she wasn’t too sure about him in her world, but as the day went on, she relaxed.  The following day, both dogs could be off-leash around each other!  “As long as Tigger plays nice, both of them are fine.”  Good girl!  “Georgy is still doing well with all of her cues, tricks and behaviors.  Also this week, she had a change in play in the snow.  She loved it.  I never saw Georgy play by herself.  We both took photos in the snow as well.  We have a lot of fun together. 

Week 27
Georgy-Girl’s handler reports that “we worked on nose work this week, and she did a great job.  Last week we tried it with some of my shoes, but to say the least, it did not go well.  She acted over all like she didn’t want to play the game.  This week, I found the boxes and used hot dogs as the treat.  Georgy-Girl was great with the game.  After the first three games/days, I took the boxes away and hid treats in the rec hall at night when no one else was around.  Again, she did wonderful.  It took her a long time to find it, but she found it every time.  I could tell she was really enjoying the nose work this week.  Georgy- Girl is just so sweet and friendly.  She is definitely ready for a new home.”

Week 26
Georgy-Girl’s handler tells us that “she is a wonderful dog and is still doing well with the other dogs.  No matter how big or small, she plays with all of them.  This pup got to spend some time with one of the other handlers this week.  He wrote that she “has come along well adjusting to her new handler.  It helped that she was able to stay in the same cell that she was used to.  It’s amazing that the cells are identical, but a dog can get used to one and out of 48 doors, can pick which cell is theirs.  Georgy-Girl may look a little seasoned, but she acts and jumps like a young pup.  She is one of the best behaved dogs that we have in the program at the moment.  Georgy is in need of a good home, and definitely deserved to find one.”

Week 25
Georgy-Girl's handler reports that she knows a lot of her cues well.  She worked on her come command this week when another handler was passing out treats, and "she is 78% there."  This pup wasn't too sure about the new kid, Dylan, coming into her life, but with some positive reinforcement and a little time, she was running and playing with him!  Georgy's handler is proud to report that she's the most popular dog in the Roxbury Program.  "Inmates and C.O.s come from everywhere to see her.  Some days, I can't get any sleep...LOL..Georgy is a very good and will make a great family pet."

Week 24
Georgy worked on her walking on and off leash (heeling) this week.  “She knows all of this too well.  She is very confident when she is walking.  She does not try to walk in front of you, and she looks up to you awaiting your command in her walk.”  Her handler got a write-up about Georgy from her previous handler.  He went over all of the commands she knows and graded her on her performance.  He listed twenty-three cues, and she received perfect scores on twelve of them!  Georgy also got a bath this week.  “She did very well.  She was a little nervous, but she stayed in place as I washed her.  After her bath, she was the most playful I have ever seen her.  She also plays with the new Lion now too.”   We know there’s a forever home out there for you sweet girl!

Week 23 
Georgy-Girl got a new handler this week, and he’s happy to say that “she has already taken to me.”  This pup also met a new dog this week.  Although she showed some aggression at first, after just a few days, she warmed up to him and “was relaxed and somewhat playful.”  Good girl, Georgy-Girl!  This sweetheart still loves exploring the outdoors and going for walks.  “Georgy is an absolutely wonderful dog!!!”

Week 22
“Georgy is still awaiting life out in the free world.  She loves playing fetch with her tennis ball.  She’ll let you know when she really wants to play by getting it and dropping it in front of you.  Georgy loves to play hide-and-seek and will search and find just about anything you hide.  As usual, she’s getting a lot of attention from everybody in here.  Georgy is trained to the fullest, and doesn’t require a treat to perform.  Just say the word and she will do it.  She loves to be spoiled, have her belly rubbed and cuddle when it’s bedtime.  What more could anyone want from a best friend?”

Week 21
“Georgy-Girl is doing wonderful. She obeys all cues/commands without any treats.  She loves treats so much that she starts to do a bunch of tricks all at once.  I pull out the hoop, and she just starts jumping.  While outside, just enjoying the weather, for the first time she went and grabbed her ball on her own and put it down in front of me to throw and play.  I was so shocked.  I couldn’t believe it because when she first came here, she showed no interest in a Kong or any other toys.  Georgy is truly my girl, and I’m very proud of her!!!”

Week 20 
One of Georgy-Girl’s handlers found out something new about her this week.  “She loves to run in the rain, or wherever she gets wet.  It’s like energy comes out of nowhere.”  He also relayed the good news that this pup offered to play with Rocky…offering a puppy bow in the rain.  They played cat and dog for a short while.  “I’m proud of her.  She is doing great, and shows no more aggression to the other dogs.  When they are in her space, she remains calm.”  Her other handlers also opined that “Georgy is half dog and half snake [smiley face].  It’s like she gets all of her senses through her tongue.  She licks everything. She is an obedient dog doing time in prison, only awaiting a loving home with the most precious gift – Freedom. Her release date should be now. She is your girl if you’re looking for a best friend who will love you through the toughest times and who will never judge you.  She is my best friend and I want to share the love and companionship she shows me, and many others in here, with a family who could use some unconditional love and the softest fur ever to cuddle with.  Check out her picture, and you’ll see why she is beyond an ordinary dog.  All she needs is a home and love and she’ll give you her best!!!”

Week 19
“Georgy is well-trained, and is doing great with her tricks and the obstacle course.  She also is better at retrieving…she loves those balls. I’ve noticed that Georgy has had some face-to-face walk-bys with the other dogs, and she didn’t nip at them.  She turned her head and ignored them.  Go Georgy-Girl!!!!  I’m so proud of her and her new behavior.  She is truly comfortable and settled in, and she is doing wonderful.  There is no milestone Georgy-Girl hasn’t overcome.  She is ready to find someone who will give her a great home.”

Week 18
One of Georgy’s handlers tell us that she loves doing Rally and “she is quite good at it.”  He also worked on her finding different objects, like tennis balls and his socks this week.  “She surely is putting her nose to work. Georgy just chills, lays down waiting for me to throw her tennis ball or to ask her to find something that’s missing. She also just waits for anybody needing a little soft ‘fur love.’  Georgy is the tier’s favorite dog and she enjoys all of the belly rubs and attention she receives from everybody.”

Week 17
“Georgy is doing great!  She is very confident and solid on all of her commands.  She’s one of the finest dogs here.  She’s well-trained and well-mannered.  I also noticed this week that the only ball she will fetch is a tennis ball.  She loves it, but I tried to get her to fetch a red ball and she wasn’t interested.  Also, on a good note, Georgy ran with Rocky in a playful manner for a few seconds.  She is slowly but surely coming around and getting closer to the other dogs.  She is very loving and bonding with her people.  She loves to snuggle and sleep with me, or she’ll get up in the chair next to my bed to sleep.  Whoever is looking for a trained and loving dog, Georgy is your dog.  She does tricks, agility and rally obedience.  She is very smart and learns easy.  She’s not just my dog, Georgy is my friend!  She is one dog I’m certain will give any adopter all they’re looking for.  She will definitely fit perfectly with any family and become FAMILY.  I hope she goes to a nice home soon, and receives all of the freedom she deserves.”

Week 16 
Georgy-Girl’s handlers went over basic training as well as advanced to jumping over any obstacle in her way this week.  One of them tells us that “she has a solid ‘stay’ when I’m out of her sight.  I’m very proud of her for passing the test.  Also I have been doing all of the commands without treats, just praise and petting.  She’s responding great.”  This pup loves to cuddle. “Georgy-Girl has a special place to sleep whenever she wants.  After teaching her ‘chair,’ now on her own, she’ll just jump on it when I’m not sitting there.  She also likes to lay in my bed.  It sure feels good having a true friend to go to bed with and not be all alone (smiley face).  One night, I was just messing around with her paw and nails while lying in the chair working on her being used to her paws being touched.  All of a sudden, I heard a snore.  Lo and behold, Georgy went to sleep while I messed with her paws, even snoring!”  You’ve come a long way, little girl! 

Week 15
Georgy-Girl “had another outstanding.  She is wonderful and smart at just about everything.  Georgy picks up on things so well that I can almost just talk to her and she knows what to do.  We’ve been bonding a lot with her sleeping beside me in the chair.  Georgy has been getting a lot of attention from everybody on the tier, and has proven to listen to anyone who asks her to perform.  All week, she’s been said to be a lot of people’s favorite dog. I love this dog, and know whoever gets her is going to know they have the pick of the bunch.  She’s just waiting to find herself chilling in someone’s home and becoming their new best friend.”  

Week 14 
Her handlers report that “Georgy-Girl is well-mannered, well-trained and waiting to be adopted.  In the beginning, we thought she would be a problem around other dogs, but now so much now. This week, she was the movie star of the pack, ‘flicking’ it up with all of the dogs and handlers and showing off her stuff and her incredible jumping skills.  Georgy-Girl also showed me that she’s quite the nose dog.  I hid her tennis ball in the bushes for her to find by scent and she had the right bush, but was really going in on the wrong side.  Lo and behold, she found a bird’s nest and three little birds.  She showed true obedience with the leave it command while off-leash watching the little birds scoot across the grass.  That showed excellent control.  GO GEORGY-GIRL!!!”

Week 13
Her handlers report that “Georgy-Girl is a wonderful dog.  She had a bath, so I let her sleep with me a few nights.  I had exercised her so much that for a change when I got up, stayed laying down and looked at me like ‘you’ve gotta be kidding.’  She didn’t budge.  Georgy has done a 360 degree turn around for the better.  She is much more active and is now fetching a tennis ball and bringing it back to me.  Plus, she’ll search it out once I hide it and give her the cue ‘where is it?’  Georgy has been getting a lot of attention by the staff and listening to everyone’s commands.  Even a counselor said that she is the best-trained dog out of all of them, and she lights up when she sees me.”

Week 12
Georgy-Girl’s handlers focused on working on all of her cues with a lot of different distractions this week.  I’ve been walking her 40 minutes at least morning and night.  By exercising so much, she is much calmer around the other dogs.  She is doing very good. Lexi can come around, sniff her and do whatever and Georgy is as cool as a fan. If the others do that, she’ll demand her space.” This pup continues to amuse one of her handlers with her eating habits.  “She knows ‘get that, meaning eat up the rest of my mess. [smile].   Georgy-Girl is doing fine.  Her training is awesome.  She is waiting to be placed and she loves to be loved.”

Week 11
Georgy-Girl’s handlers report that she “has been doing wonderful.  I’m very proud of her.”  This pup was introduced to Lexi and Rocky this week.  She did well with Lexi, but it took a little longer for her to accept Rocky.  He got a little too close to her for her comfort level, but with some gentle words, she quickly calmed herself.  Georgy spent some time with one of the other inmates in the program as well as one of the Officers, and she listened to all of the cues they gave her.  Also, “her recall is great.  She immediately came to me when I called her after she saw a skunk. She is also doing wonderful off-leash, and knows many tricks on cue like clockwork.  Georgy is the favorite of the bunch.  She is loved by everybody so much and automatically falls on her back and offers up her belly to get rubs.  She is spoiled.”  Here’s to a forever family to spoil you for the rest of your days, sweet pup!

Week 10
“Georgy-Girl is very obedient and a good companion.  I walk her twice a day.  Every now and then we put on a dog show, and the inmates love it.”  This pup also worked on her off-leash training.  One of her handlers gives her a little leeway with distractions, but he’s testing her limits and she’s getting better at following him wherever he goes!  “Georgy truly is a people dog.  Everyone loves her and she almost demands belly rubs!!! [smiley face]  She is always flopping on her back.  Georgy is also my clean-up dog.  Whenever some crumbs drop from what I’m eating, I just say Georgy “get that” and she comes running looking to the floor for my mess.  I’m so thankful I don’t have to sweep so often!  She is so ready for a home, but I’m going to miss her when she’s gone. “

Week 9 
Her handlers report that “Georgy is doing excellent.  She listens to everything and everybody.  Wherever I go, she goes.  But, when I leave the cell, she gives me a ‘can I come?’ look.  This week Georgy pretty much chilled because of the heat wave.  I took her out early in the morning for about 6 to 8 laps and a little refresher course on her tricks and obedience skills.”  While inside, Georgy doesn’t eat straight out of her bowl.  She puts some food in her mouth, puts it on the floor and eats it piece by piece.  The good news is that she eats all of it!  “Georgy-Girl has impressive skills.  She is doing remarkably well and has overcome many boundaries. She is so cute and soft.  She has also earned a new nickname.  It’s ‘Lick’ems.  She loves to lick your hand, elbow, arm, face – anything – she just flicks that purple and pink tongue.  Lick’ems is surely a good nickname for her.”  This pup’s handlers opine that she’s ready for her forever family.  “I tell her every day that ‘a home awaits [her]’”.  Hopefully the wait won’t be much longer, Georgy-Girl!

Week 8
Georgy did great with her training this week!  Her handlers worked on her basic skills as well as taking her through the obstacle course.  “She did the start box, weave bar and jump bar.  She loves to jump, so I found anything I could for her to jump over.  I’ve been exercising her a lot to burn off her energy.  Once we’re done, she wants to sleep. Georgy-Girl is very smart.  I hid some treats in different, difficult places and she searched each one out.  She also surely knows it’s time to go when I grab her leash.  She darts out of her cage and comes running.”  You’ve come a long way, little girl.  Keep up the good work!

Week 7 
Georgy-Girl’s handlers report that she’s doing great. She does her commands with just hand signals, and pack-walked with Lucky on a coupler this week with great success!  For a girl who didn’t enjoy the company of other dogs when she arrived at the prison, that’s a great accomplishment!  When she’s not training, Georgy-Girl loves playing with her squeaky toys and running all over the doggie yard.  She also “loves to sleep with me.  Whenever I go to lay down, she comes out of her crate and jumps in bed with me.  She is surely a dog looking for a lot of loving and belly rubs [smile].  Anyone looking for a family companion, she is your dog.  She’s a very loyal, sweet and loveable dog.”

Week 6
Georgy-Girl is doing great.  She’s listening to us and has the ability to learn anything.  She has a solid heel both on- and off-leash.  She also now jumps over my arm, leg and knee.  On the obstacle course, Georgy goes over and under the hoop and she does the tunnel and jump bar on command.”  This pup continues to endear herself to her handlers.  “She watched me clean my cell.  Once the floor dried, I allowed her to come in the cell while I cleaned her crate.  To my surprise, she laid in the exact spot her crate would have been as if it was there.  She looked so funny.  It’s like she knew that was her spot.  Georgy is so comfortable that when I lay down, she comes out of her crate, looks up at me and waits for me to say ‘come on’ so she can hop up in the bed with me.  She always puts her head on my thigh when we watch TV, but when I wake up, she’s back in her crate.  She is so cute.”

Week 5
“Georgy-Girl is doing wonderful.  She still needs some work with some of her cues, but she has solid stay and leave it skills and now sits for attention and petting [no treats]. She is a fast learner, and is at the intermediate level in the tricks she has mastered.  I’m so proud of her.” Georgy is getting along with the other dogs, but will only actually play with Huckleberry.  Her handlers continue to enthuse over her personality when it comes to interacting with them.  “Georgy is very smart.  You can almost talk to her like you would a person. When she sees me, her eyes light up, her tail wags and she rolls over on a dime for belly rub!  Georgy-Girl needs a family and a yard.  When she finds that, she’ll be just fine.”

Week 4
Georgy-Girl’s handlers report that she had another good week!  “She learned to fetch a tennis ball, ran the obstacle course and she’s also doing her down command without us having to point to the floor.  Georgy listens very well.  She has learned many, many tricks and even now answers to her name.  She’s sharing with the other dogs around.  Everything seems good, very good.”  One of her handlers also gave Georgy a doggie manicure this week. “For the most part, she did good. I gave her a treat, which she was looking for with each clip.  I noticed that it was more the sound of the clip that bothered her more than anything.”  Georgy continues to be loyal to her handlers.  “I walk her off-leash and she follows.  She also lays down next to me while I’m playing cards. She will definitely let you know she wants her belly rubbed by just flopping down on her back, belly-up.  She loves to get in the bed and sleep with you [by invitation only].  If you’re looking for a cuddler, Georgy-Girl’s your dog.”  You’re doing great, little girl!

Week 3 
One of Georgy-Girl's handlers reports that she "is truly man's best friend.  She has to go wherever you go.  When I get up, she gets up.  When I sleep, she sleeps.  When I snore, she also snores.  Whenever she's really tired, it doesn't matter if I get up.  She'll watch to see where I'm going.  If it's not outside, she'll stay laying own.  She loves her crate and will use her paw to get into it when the door is closed."  Georgy is doing very well with her training.  In fact, her list of cues is too long to list!  "She is very talented.  Also, there's not better dog to cuddle with being her coat is so soft.  She makes a nice pillow (smiley face).  She wage her tail and shows you those big eyes.  Georgy-Girl is just adorable."

Week 2
“Georgy’s second week has been extremely wonderful.  She is doing great with her basic training, and without a doubt, she’ll pass her Canine Good Citizen test.  Her handlers have been socializing her a lot on the block.  “Everybody loves her.  She has daily visitors who rub her up.  She gets along better with all of them.”  Georgy continues to do well around the other dogs.  “She doesn’t show teeth at them or growl hardly at all.  I’m very proud of her.”  One pup Georgy absolutely adores is Huckleberry.  “She plays with him all day and lets him just do what he wills to do.  It’s so cute.  It’s like Georgy is teaching him through their play.  She is a mother at heart.”  This pup got into a bit of mischief the other day.  “I fixed a cut-up sausage to eat, and thought I should put it on my desk so that Georgy wouldn’t get it.  I left for about 20 seconds, and she was on my desk eating all of my sausage.  All I could do was laugh.”  This pup also has earned bed privileges.  “One night, she gave me those puppy eyes showing me that she wanted to get on the bed.  For once, I said ‘come up,’ and she quickly hopped up right next to me and laid down.  Considering I toss and turn and roll over a lot in my sleep, she just adjusted to the flow and continued to sleep. Whoever decides to take her to their house….beware…Georgy loves to cuddle and will make your house a home.”

 Week 1
As you can see from her initial bio, Georgy was a little unsure of her four-legged friends. Her handler report that “in only three days, she is playing with Huckleberry like they’re best friends and moving around the other dogs with no problem.  All it took was leadership, a lot of exercise and a few corrections.”  This pup bonded quickly with us her handlers.  “Wherever we go, she is sure to follow.”  Georgy is also doing well with her training.  “She’s turning out to be a great dog.  She had a little problem with the down cue, but that didn’t take long at all.  She walks well on-leash, has a fair distance with stay and knows her high-five, crawl, catch, and jump over knee commands. She also automatically sits when we stop walking 85% of the time.”  Georgy is a confident dog who accepts friendly strangers in her life.  She does alert one of her handlers when someone looks into the cell, but will quit barking when given the “no” cue.    This pup was also introduced to a doggie pool.  She didn’t like it at first, but was okay once she got wet.  Her handlers tell potential adopters that “after a full day, don’t be surprised if you hear her snore.  She has a beautiful coat that makes you want to sleep on her.  She loves to be petted and will just lay with you all you need her to.  Georgy loves to have her belly rubbed.  She is the best ‘chill dog.’”  Congratulations on a great first report, Georgy-Girl!

UPDATE 5-18-13 Georgy Girl a very sweet and lovable dog.  While a little unsure of her four-legged friends, the HOPE Program will help her grow her inner circle of friends.  Stay tuned for next week's update.