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Week 9 
Nash and his handlers worked on his basic commands this week. This pup still isn’t too sure what it’s like to be a member of a pack. Sometimes he’s fine with his canine cohorts, and other times, he’s not.  His handlers admit that “Nash can be a little hard-headed at times when it comes to training.”  But, they persevere, and as a result, Nash’s loose-leash walking keeps improving each day!  You’ve come a long way, Nash!

UPDATE: Nash will be leaving us for awhile so we can get his health issues correctly diagnosed and managed. He is heading out to a specialist this week and will be returning once he's feeling like his old self again. We love you, Nash!

Week 8 
Nash focused on his “down” command this week.  “He seemed to have a hard time with this due to it being a submissive position.  Every now and again, he needed a hand placed on his back, but he did catch onto it.”  Nash also practiced his “stay” skills.  “Sometimes he can be a rock head and stubborn,” but this pup’s handlers patiently took him through the drill, and “he’s improving each time we do the exercise.”  Nash’s handlers also report that “he’s improved tremendously on his loose-leash walking.”  Although this pup still has some issues, his handlers say that “Nash is a great dog, and he’d be a wonderful pet.  He has a lot more energy and play in him compared to his first day in the program.”  Thanks, to our handlers for making this happen!

Week 7 
Nash’s handlers focused a lot of attention on his loose-leash walking this week.  This pup is a strong boy, but his handler was patient with him to teach him the fine art of listening not only to his “with me” and “watch me” commands, but also his physical direction.  Not only is Nash doing well with his training, “he seems to be progressing a great deal with his behavior and his overall ambition.  He loves to chase the ball when thrown, and play tug of war with his rope.  His little nub tail wags a mile a minute and you can see the excitement come out when he’s playing with us.”  Here’s to wagging that nub of a tail in your forever home, Nash!

Week 6 
“This week, we have been working with Rocky to help get Nash dog-friendly.”  The handlers have been doing “parallel walking” to try to get this accomplished.   “Although he’s getting better at this, I don’t think he’ll ever be 100%.”  As for the people on the tier, Nash just loves them!  “He loves to go up to people and meet them.  He loves the attention!”  This boy also is great walking off-leash, and loves when his handlers play with him with his favorite toys!  Nash is a keeper, and who could resist that beautiful smile? 

Week 5 
Nash is usually very well mannered, but he also has a very unique thing that he does. Occassionally when alone in his cell, he channels his inner piglet. Yes, his inner piglet! If he thinks there is something exciting happening out on the cell block that he would like to be a part of, he squeals like a little piglet. You would never believe that such an adorble, high-pitched sound could come out of such a big boy. As far as training goes, Nash had a very good week. He's continuing to polish up all of the basics and is managing to learn some new tricks as well. Good for you, Nash!

Week 4 
“Nash has learned his sit and paw commands, and his recall is improving each day.”  This pup is still working on his “watch me” skills, but since he hasn’t been feeling too well lately, his handlers are just keeping him on light exercise, and are going slow with his training.   Despite his humble beginnings, Nash loves the people he sees each day.  “He gets so excited, sits immediately, and his little stub of a tail wags 100 miles an hour until the person pets him.  He would make the perfect pet for anybody."

Week 3 
Now that Nash is feeling a little better, we're starting to see his personality shine through. In tru Pit Bull fashion, he adores his people, is a bit on the stubborn side and will do anything to please. Nash’s handlers concentrated on his basic commands and loose leash walking this week.  “He’s a puller, so we work with him on his walking every day.”   Nash has a couple of exercises he goes through to help him in this area, and we’re sure he’ll understand the drill in no time. “Nash is very smart, but can be hard-headed at times. One thing we’ve noticed about him, though, is that he’ll do anything for a treat,” You’re going to be fine, little boy!

Weeks 1 & 2 
After just a short time with their pup, Nash’s handlers report that “he is adjusting pretty well in his new home.  He has no problem being in his crate or being alone, and he has done very well with being around the other dogs.”  His handlers also report that Nash is “definitely a fast learner, because with a treat in hand, he already knows his sit and paw commands.  He has only been here for a few days and is already showing signs of improvement.”  Nash already got to chase one of his handlers in the doggie yard.  “He was pretty fast too.”  Of course, this pup loves the attention he’s getting from his cellies.  “He’ll place his head on your leg or arm to let you know he wants petted.  He is like a big teddy bear.”  Welcome to the program, Nash!  We’re looking forward to reading about your adventures, and know that your handlers will help guide you through your journey!

UPDATE 1-22-12
It's finally Nash's turn to head into the jail for training. Actually, more for a spotlight moment than training. Nash is already incredibly well mannered, has a very sweet disposition and is more than ready for a home of his very own. He could definitely use some help from the HOPE Program when it comes to finding him a home. He has been waiting a very long time and deserves his second chance for a happy ending.   He is a handsome, five year old Pit Bull who is available for adoption throughPhoenix Rescue Group .  Stay tuned for next week's update.