Delaney is a 2-3 year old hound/pit bull mix. She's very sweet and loves attention. She has most likely been abused in the past and seeks reassurance from her owner that she's okay. Delaney would be a wonderful addition for someone who is retired or works part time.

Delaney has been paroled and was adopted by her foster mom who couldn't imagine life without her. She is also cherished by her dad, two human brothers & a wet-nose brother, who chews her ears & tail mercilessly.

For information on adopting Delaney, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE or calling (717) 602-3489. You can complete an application online by clicking here.

"Good luck and best wishes to Delaney who leaves for her foster home! She is an amazing dog who deserves joy and happiness in a home. We are all going to miss her. We hope she finds a loving, active family!"

"Delaney is an amazing dog who will one day make someone very happy! She will be leaving the prison to go to a foster home very soon. We wish her the best of luck and nothing but happiness! Until then, we'll just be doing what we do and enjoying every day. Like all dogs, Delaney deserves her second chance...and soon she'll be halfway there!"

"Delaney is a fantastic dog who likes to be active. She is making some progress with Rusty and we hope that we can do the same with Pepper. Delaney enjoys playing fetch, chilling on her blanket, and socializing with humans. Delaney deserves her second chance."

"Delaney is a sweet dog who likes to be petted, loves to play fetch, and is usually very happy! She has selective dog aggression issues that she is slowly getting better with, but she does enjoy playing with a few dogs in here like Gracie and she's warming up to Wally. All dogs, including Delaney, deserve to have a good home."

"Delaney is Delaney! She is a good dog and is improving her skills slowly. We believe the environment here is the only cause of her anxiety. She's so calm in the cell. It's just as soon as we leave the cell that she gets upset. We really hope she finds a foster home or adopter soon so she can leave the prison."

"Delaney did great playing with most of the dogs this week and even gets along with the new dog, Wally. She's full of energy and loves to play tug of war with her rope toy. Delaney is a great dog. She deserves a really good home."

"Delaney's progress is improving slowly, little bit by little bit. However, she is still like a Nature's Valley granola bar. She has a sweet side which is her being a loyal and lovable dog and a salty side when she sees a dog that she doesn't like. This past week, Delaney met Wally. This experience went well and she seems to be interested in getting to know him better. She's made a lot of progress this week and we're working on taking her training to the next level."

Delaney is anxious in the prison atmosphere. She really enjoys her field trips when she gets to leave for a few hours. Delaney's ideal home would consist of 1 or no other dogs and no cats. She's great with all people and children. Please consider fostering or adopting Delaney.

"Delaney likes to play and go for walks. She's definitely made progress since she came here, but there's still work to do. She seems to either really like a dog or really not like a dog. There's not really an in between. Delaney really likes to play when she meets a dog she likes."

"Delaney is a loving dog who just wants a home of her own. She really loves to play with some dogs like Sweetpea and Gabbie. She isn't a fan of Rusty or Pepper, but she's getting better with Rusty. We played fetch on the long lead with her favorite ball and she really liked that."

"This past week Delaney continued to play with Sweetpea and Gabbie. They seem to be friends with one another and they look forward to play time. Delaney does good with her tricks and commands in the cell. She gets more nervous outside of the cell and isn't as responsive to them then. She's a really sweet dog."

"Delaney is a wonderful and loving dog. She loves to play with Gabbie, Sweetpea, and Ariel. She'll just play until she drops! Delaney knows sit, down, stay, up (onto a milk crate), and break dance."

"Delaney is a very lovable dog who is searching for her second chance! This past week, we explored new grounds and got her out of her comfort zone. For the first time, she played off leash with several other dogs. First, she played with Sweetpea in the dog yard and they became friends quickly. Delaney played off leash with Gabbie too."

"Delaney had a great week of training. She did so well with tricks and even surprised us all with dealing with the new dog, Sweetpea. Not only did she not act aggressively, but she had a blast playing with her. Delaney keeps showing us how loving and caring she really is. She will make a family very happy to have her as a pet."

"Delaney met several new people this week and did great with everyone. She received multiple compliments on her behavior and looks. Delaney is so loving and just wants to be loved in return. Ever since we've had her, she's just been a cuddly dog. She's also very silly and funny. For example, her newest trick which didn't start as a trick at all is called break dancing. She would always roll onto her back and start kicking at the air with a huge smile on her face so we decided to turn it into a trick. Delaney is very smart and picked up on this quickly. She would make a great pet for a loving family."

"Delaney is a sweet and lovable dog who is always up to be petted! Her minor issues are by far outweighed by her amazing character and personality. Delaney went on a field trip over Labor Day weekend and had a blast. She met some new people, saw some dogs, and had fun getting lots of one on one time. Delaney likes to play with the new dog, Ariel."

"Delaney tried something new this week. For the first time, she decided that she wanted to play fetch. She did great and no matter how tired she got, she would still want to chase the tennis ball that was launched from the "chuck it" toy. Delaney's favorite thing ever is just to be with you wherever you are."

"Delaney did amazing with tricks this week and is getting better with being around all of the other dogs. She does very well with interacting with humans and is so loving. Delaney keeps showing us that she is a really smart dog that will make a great companion."

"Delaney had fun this past week enjoying the nice weather, learning new commands, and hanging out just being a dog! We taught her new commands like down, sit, paw, crate, and up. She learns very quickly and is super smart although she can be a little stubborn at times. Delaney is an amazing dog who is friendly and deserves her second chance."

"Delaney is a great dog! She is very friendly and is always looking to be petted. She is in the process of learning the basics and is doing pretty good with this, but we need some more time to master everything. We hope she finds a great home soon!"