Zoey is a 40ish lb little brown dog who is somewhat shy, but we expect will blossom as she gains confidence with training. She does seem to enjoy people and is okay with other dogs. She doesn't like to play rough. She's smart and is adjusting to the noisy prison.

“Zoey had a great weekend. She had a weekend visit with her adopters and will be leaving to go to her forever home. While here, Zoey loved playing with Ollie and Dexter. She is a great dog and I will be sad to see her go, but I’m glad she’s found a home because she deserves it.”
“All Zoey ever wants is affection. If you stop, she tries to be all over you to keep you from walking away. She loves Dexter and when she is near him, all she wants to do is jump on him and encourage him to play. Poor Dex looks at us as if he’s thinking please take this girl away for me. She won’t stop so he runs away from her, but when he wants to play it’s so funny. They remind me of two little kids. With Ollie, Zoey can do anything to him and he’s always up to play. Zoey knows how to nudge the cell door open and managed to do just that the other day when she was in there alone. I found out she was prancing around the block and attempting to get outside by trying to charm guys into opening the door for her. She doesn’t get enough credit for how smart she is. We all love her!!”

“Zoey can’t wait to get out of the cell to run towards the first person she sees to be petted. Everyone here likes her and when I say everyone I mean it. Zoey has not shown any signs that she will get along with Khloe or Gia, but we will keep working on it. She doesn’t like poor Reggie either for some reason. It didn’t take long for me to love this dog at all. She makes sure you will love her with all the kisses she gives and Zoey gets extra happy when she sees you. My opinion is that she will not have any problems getting adopted other than her adopters needing to know to be careful when outside because she will chase any animal. She likes to follow everything that moves especially birds and butterflies.”

“Zoey had a super good week and it was the most playful week for her. She played with Ollie every day and Dexter which surprised us because it was the first time I’ve seen Dexter rolling over and playing for a while with any dog. I know Dexter had a good time throwing Zoey around because next to him, she has no strength at all and he was pushing her with his head. It looked as if he was running full speed towards her. She was trying to get his neck, but Dexter’s neck is too big for her little mouth. LOL. With Ollie, she played so much until she was exhausted. Zoey is super good with everyone in the block and she shows no aggression towards people at all. The only thing she wants is to be petted and get all of the attention.”

Zoey loves everyone and everyone loves her. She played with Calvin and Olly, bur for some reason she gets mad when Dexter doesn't want to play with her. He tries to avoid her as much as possible. He looks at me like, "Please take her away from me."
Zoey is also an escape artist. She tries me all the time. If she thinks my door is going to pop she tries to slip out. So I've moved her crate by the door to block her. Otherwise, she is quick to slip out and have a run down the tier.
She loves playing tug-of-war and she plays bitey-face with Ollie. It's funny to watch them.

Zoey had a good week! She is learning fast. She played with her best friend, Ollie and she was still trying to get Dexter to play. He gave her a few seconds of his time and it was funny because we've never seen Dexter be playful like that before. He was so big next to her. We laugh and say those two are in love.
Zoey also enjoyed playing fetch and her favorite game, tug-of-war. She never gets tired of that and she wears me out.
She has started crating herself, which is good to see, because she is getting comfortable being in there.
Zoey played with Calvin this week too, and she is really sweet with all people.

Zoey had a great week! She's getting more confident all the time! Her best friend is Ollie, but she likes Calvin too. She tries hard to get Dexter to play, but he's not interested. We are still working on her reactivity with the other girls. She's showing progress with her training, although she gets easily distracted by bugs or anything moving.

Zoey had a great week playing with Ollie and Calvin. It's like they have known each other forever and are her best friends. When she sees them, she just wants to play! We have been working on her basic commands, but she is still very distracted by everything... Bugs, dogs, grass, anything around her. She has been doing well with recall and will come when I call her. She had a brief meeting with Khloe, which only lasted a few seconds to keep them okay, and we had a meeting with Reggie, but she doesn't trust him yet. She & Gia don't seem to like each other at all. We tried again to get Dexter to trust her, but he just moves away like he's being bulled. It's a little funny because she is half his size.

Zoey had a pretty good week! She met all of the dogs except Khloe. She is scared and somewhat defensive. She played the best with Ollie. It was funny, like they'd known each other forever. She is a super lovely dog with all people and she is smart. She's still getting used to all of the noise on the block, so I'm not pushing her to work too hard yet. She has gotten to go the play yard with a new handler and had fun running around. He said her recall is pretty good.
She gets distracted by birds and bees, trying to catch them when we're working on training, but she's still new and we are building a trusting relationship.She did play with Calvin, but he tried to get on top of her when she was down and she didn't like that very much. She also let Dexter sniff her, but when she went to sniff him, he took off running so now we all laugh that Dexter is afraid of little Zoey, who is half his size.