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Pet Foster Application

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Please enter the number of Years and Months you have lived at your current locaiton.
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Pets and Vets


If you currently have a dog or have had in the past, do you give them monthly heartworm preventative such as Heartguard, Sentinel, Interceptor, etc? *
Do you currently have or have you recently had any dogs or puppies with the Parvo or Corona Virus? *
If you currently have a cat, or have had in the past, have they been tested for FeLuk/FIV? *
Do you currently have or have you recently had any cats or kittens which have Feline Leukemia, Feline Aids or Distemper Virus? *
Have you ever surrendered or rehomed a pet for any reason? *
Under what circumstances would you give up a pet? *
What brand and variety of food do you feed your current pets? *
How long will this pet be alone each day? (crated or otherwise unattended)
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Please provide details about your current, and past pets.
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Please provide information for every veterinarian that has seen each of the pets who live in your household, regardless of whether you have financial responsibility. Please call each of these vets and give them permission to release information to us.
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Terms and Agreements

By submitting this application, you are consenting to allow a HOPE Dogs Representative to contact your veterinarian(s) to obtain pet history and medical information, and are confirming that you read and understand The HOPE Dogs adoption expectations.
Additionally, you certify that all information in this application is true and understand that if the information contained herein is found to be false, your application will be voided and any pending adoption refused.
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