Winston is a Jack Russell Terrier mix who weighs about 22  pounds. He was initially rescued from a hoarding case and is very shy right now, but we are hopeful that he will come out of his shell with time. He is dog-friendly.


After 12 weeks of being in the HOPE Program, Winston gets to go live in a foster home until he is adopted. He has learned a lot of skills that will help him live a more joyful and fulfilling life. Most importantly, he has learned to trust humans. This was no easy task, but we are glad he has bettered himself and we are happy we could be a part of it. Winston, you will be missed by many, and we hope you do well!


Winston has learned a new trick! He'll now give you his paw! This took him about a week to learn and we hope in the near future we can advance this into the 'bye-bye' trick/command. Other than this, everything is still pretty much the same. Considering his past and the little affection he received, Winston's doing well. He is now at the point where he'll want to meet new people. However, if they don't have food, he doesn't stick around for long!


Recently, Winston had the opportunity to go for a car ride to the dog park. I was told that Winston enjoyed himself at the park and did really well with everything, including the car ride. He continues to get better and more comfortable meeting new people. He will approach and sniff their hands.

“Over this past week, we’ve learned some more about Winston. He doesn’t like the loud noises that fire trucks make, specifically the sirens. While we were walking outside the other day, a fire truck went past the prison. Winston got scared and tried to hide both behind me and under me. While this was happening, we felt for the little guy. Thankfully, after the truck passed, he was alright. Winston has a new thing that he does to comfort himself after walks outside in the cold weather. When we come back inside, he’ll run and jump onto my bunk, spin around in circles a few times really fast, and bury himself under my blankets until he warms up.”

“Winston continues to improve his skills and behavior. He knows the ‘sit’ and ‘touch’ commands, but sometimes he is stubborn, and acts like he doesn’t. Winston will go up to certain people whom he knows and let them pet him, and he takes treats from them with no hesitation. As for the people he doesn’t know, it’s hit or miss. Sometimes he’ll approach them, but sometimes he won’t. Winston has had a rough life, but he’s learning how to finally just be a dog.”

“Winston had a great week! He met the new dog, Beau, and they seemed to like each other. Winston has started to get into chewing on his dinosaur Nylabone and really enjoys it.”

“This past week, we found out that Trevor is going to his new home soon. Trevor and Winston are friends so I’m sure Winston is going to miss his buddy. Winston is getting more comfortable here each day. He loves to sit now because he knows a treat will follow.”

“Winston had a great week playing in the yard with Trevor. Recently, Winston learned to play fetch, although the tennis ball seems to be a little too big for him. He seems to really enjoy chasing Trevor around when he’s not retrieving a ball, which is really funny because Winston is 1/4 of the size of Trevor. In the past few days, Winston has learned his first command, ‘sit.’ He does really well with this in the yard and in the cell. With a little luck, Winston might be able to follow this command at our next training class.”

“This past week Winston learned how to play! He did this in our dog yard, with his buddy, Trevor. Winston enjoys chasing tennis balls and Trevor. He met several new people this week and is more willing to do so now that he knows no one will hurt him. All dogs deserve their second chance.”

“Winston is a great dog, who likes to go outside and play in the yard. He enjoys doing so with his buddy, Trevor. He also plays with Reggie, and is getting better with Brownie and Flicker. He is crate-trained and has had no accidents inside the cell. Winston will put his front paws in my lap, but he has yet to jump up the whole way. Hopefully, he will feel more comfortable and will do so soon.”

“Since our last journal entry, Winston has come out of his shell even more, and now will tolerate being on the tier of the housing unit. He’s curious when he’s out, and tries to see what’s going on. Winston is more willing to meet new people now. He is learning that no one will hurt him and that interacting with people is a good thing. He lacks social skills, most likely because he came from a hoarding environment, but Winston is a great dog. Please consider giving him the life he deserves.”

“Since our last journal entry, Winston has made friends with Reggie and Trevor, and is doing okay with Flicker. He really enjoys trying to play with Reggie and Trevor and seems to be doing better with his fear issues. Winston had some yard time on Saturday afternoon. He really liked being outside, and is coming out of his shell more and more. Winston and Trevor played off leash together, and Winston quickly realized that he can out-run Trevor.”

“Winston is getting more comfortable in his new, temporary home here at SCI Camp Hill. He is starting to let certain people pet him, which is something he really enjoys. However, we haven’t started much training yet because Winston is still settling in. We are hoping to start training this week.”

“Two days ago, Winston joined our program here at Camp Hill. He is a Jack Russell Terrier mix who is anxious and timid at the moment. However, Winston is very smart and lovable. We look forward to working with Winston and seeing him come out of his shell over the next several weeks.”



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