Tux is a neutered male, around 2 years old and 64 lbs. He’s a happy, loving dude who enjoys a good muzzle rub and an ear scratch. He is learning his basic manners and loves all of the treat training! Tux is always ready for human or dog interaction. He craves attention and kibble time! These seem to be his favorite things in life right now.


Tux has incredible energy. He loves to go out back and run around. He will fetch, and as soon as he gets to you will drop it, but then pick it up before you can get it and start running, trying to entice you to chase him. If you have a treat for him, he will trade you and he does love to play fetch also. This guy will do anything for a treat! He's very smart and a wonderful, loving companion. He will make you smile, even when you're down.


Tux is doing great and continues to improve his focus and basic commands. He is very treat motivated. If you have treats, he will pretty much do anything asked of him. I've been working on sit/stays with walkaways. I also have him working well on leave-its. I put the treat on the ground and when he looks at me, instead of at the treat, I will pick it up and give it to him. He catches on to training skills fast! He loves attention and can get distracted by people, but I am able to regain his attention quickly. He's a big, snuggly puppy!


Tux and I have been working on his sit/stay, watch me, and off commands. He is doing so much better with all three. He is so energetic and LOVES to be outside every chance he gets. When we're outside we work on stays too. He has been working on sitting by my side while the other dogs walk past.


Tux is so full of energy and continues to do well with commands and training. He is doing his stays for longer and doing really well with auto-sit. Tux is ready for parole! He would like to take longer walks and work on his loose leash training!


Tux is doing good and listening well. He is getting much better at walking side by side and at times he will sit when you stop. He has been playing with Ace and exercising with him too. He has learned how to open his unlocked crate door with his nose and go inside when I tell him to. He will stay there until I tell him to come back out. He sits patiently while I put the food in his bowl and wait for me to tell him go eat. He loves to give hugs if you ask him. He is a quick learner and very intelligent.


Tux has been the most loving dog! As time goes by, he has improved on many things. He has learned to play fetch and continues to get better on his leash. He still wants to chase the groundhog, but what dog doesn't? He is a cuddler, but he is also a snorer!


Tux is doing well and is allowed to be more active now with the other dogs. He played with Big Boss for the first time this week and they were good. He is doing a whole lot better with commands and has stopped barking when I leave in the mornings for work. He loves to run back and forth with Ace in the runs. He is learning to focus on me when we go out and is doing great walking with me... Unless the ground hog is out.


Tux is doing great and learning commands quickly. He is treat motivated and enjoys being out. He loves to run and play fetch. There are times when he lays down in the grass with his ball and I get behind him, sneaking up and crawling, and he gets away crawling without even dropping his ball. It is hilarious! He is loving and loves attention.


Tux is learning sit, down, stay, touch, and wait. He is super focused when there are treats involved, which make it easier to train him. He is very loving and is getting used to things in his strange, new environment nicely. He has plenty of energy and he's very smart.



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