UPDATE: August 28, 2019 The Toad went to his forever family today and our hearts are celebrating for him! We truly believe he will be loved beyond measure!
Toad is one of the fine Philly breeds, found wandering the streets, sorta hungry, and hoping to find a home. He weighs around 75 lbs and we are guessing he is around 2-3 years old. He seems to enjoy the company of everyone, bigs & littles, and other dogs as well. He likes to give kisses and wouldn’t mind cuddling in your lap, but we are working with him to be content with just resting his giant head and not his whole body. If you love the gentle, giant ginger-heads, this is the guy for you! Toad will be with HOPE until the end of September. If he isn’t adopted by then we are hopeful he will go into a Philly foster or into the Every Day Adoption Center at Plymouth Meeting.


Toad graduated the program & has been adopted! He will be missed by everyoe who has helped with his training! All of the funny thing Toad did while he was here will be remembered and we will miss watching the Toad just being himself.


Over this past week Toad went from student to teacher as he ran around and played with Max in the dog yard. All the tricks and moves Max taught, well he used them on Max. They were wheeling around like maniacs! Then they'd stop to wrestle, lay down and pant, then one would get up and start all over again. After a while it started to rain. They didn't mind and Toad decided it was time to play with the soccer ball. The rain just cooled them off to play some more. Toad is a really smart dog. He knows sit, touch, down, shake, stay, and he has a good recall. He will also say, 'Hi' by running up and touching your hand with his paw. He's done really well in the few short weeks he has been here.


Yard up! Yard out! Over the past week those have been Toad's favorite words as that's when we head for the yard, where we spend time working on his basic commands. He also gets to take a break and enjoy some play time with Max. He loves to chase Max, or be chased, and they go around & around! So whether it's work or play, Toad knows 'yard' is going to be a good time! And everyone watching enjoys seeing Toad in yard as well. He gets so happy and is living up to his name with a leap of joy and a pounce when he gets to break out at yard time. That leap comes in handy when he's trying to show his tennis ball who's boss!


When training, I like to go for a few minutes, then take a quick break. This lets the dog focus and sets his mind to knowing when we are working and being serious and when we switch over to play time. One day during training, the Toad was doing so well that I thought maybe we keep working. Toad let me know he needed a break. I asked him to sit and it was like he was in slow motion, taking his own sweet time. I didn't get the first hint, so when I asked him to stand he did the same thing. I guess I am slow, because I asked him to 'down' and he went super slo-mo! He had me laughing and we took a break. The Toad knows and he will let you know!--Toad's Neighbor


Who can carry his own water bowl? Toad can! We were in the dog yard yesterday working on focus, stay, and recall. When we were done Toad decided that before we went to hang out in the shade he'd grab his water bowl to take with us. He picked it up and ran across the yard to me, flopping his bowl down and laying down with it waiting for it to be filled. Watching the characters come out in the dogs makes being in the HOPE program so much fun! It's also cool to watch Toad hang out with his friend Max. They will play until they can hardly stand. Toad is a great dog. He enjoys play time and training time... But we discovered he doesn't like cat noises. If we meow like a cat he starts backing away and looking worried!


On Tuesday I did a little training with Toad. After about 30 minutes of working with him I thought that he could use a little break, so I sit down and watch a little t.v. Normally he will hop up on the bed and kiss me. I guess he had another idea because I hear him walk behind me on the bed and nudge me on the back. He saw that I wasn't paying him any mind, so he grabs a few of my dreads and gives a gentle, little tug. Who would have thought? I turned around and gave him some ear rubbins and he settled in. --Toad's Neighbor


I was puppy sitting Toad this week and we took a nap. When I woke up, I couldn't move! There was a Toad on my chest, licking my face with big fishy dog kisses! --Toad's Neighbor


Toad is doing really well with learning how to greet people. He used to always jump up on everyone he met, but now he is learning to sit. Sometimes when he gets really excited over someone he knows and hasn't seen he will sit and then jump up, so we are still working on it. He knows sit, down, touch and we work on a lot of focus exercises so he learns to look to his human for cues. He did make me laugh this week when he was rolling around on the bunk and rolled right off. He wasn't hurt, but the look on his silly face made me laugh!


Meet Toad! This was Toad's first week at SCICH. Since he came into the program Toad has been a joy. He is a young mastiff mix and a gentle giant who has the heart and soul of a lap dog. We've been working with him keeping four on the floor and noticing a difference already! He's a quick learner and eager to please. (Also eager for treats😜) He is also learning sit, touch, down, leave it and paw. Toad seems to enjoy all humans and other dogs so far. This adoptable guy is a gorgeous, amber-eyed, ginger giant who would love to flat-out on your sofa, be your best friend, and maybe be your other doggo's best friend!



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