Thorne was rescued from a hoarding situation in Tennessee, along with other dogs. He is very shy and needs to work on socialization. We believe he would do well with another dog in the house. He is a very sweet Jack Russell Terrier/Beagle mix, who is approximately 9 years old. He is housebroken, crate-trained, loves other dogs, cats unknown, and enjoys car rides. He’s super treat-oriented. Thorne is a great guy who just needs a patient family who understands his past.


Thorne has met the new dog, Biscuit. It’s still too early to tell if they’ll be best buds, but so far their interactions are positive. Thorne has also realized that my bunk is a better place to sleep! After weeks, Thorne has finally let his guard down with me and sneaks up in my bunk at night to catch a few Zzzs!


One paw at a time is Thorne’s motto! Since Thorne has come into the HOPE program, he has slowly learned that people aren’t so bad. His past doesn’t need to define his future. He will now let some people that he knows well, pet him. It seems like he might even like it. Although his past might not have been bright, we think that his future could be. Thorne needs a mom or dad with tender patience to help him continue learning about the good in life.

“Thorne has made progress this week, learning that getting affection from humans ain’t such a bad, scary thing! So far a few people have approached and were able to give him ear scratches. Thorne has also been more interactive during playtime, and has played with Reggie, Trevor, and even Angel. Although he is the ‘little dog’ on the block, they all seem to treat him right and he enjoys their company.”

“Thorne is still chilling and hanging out with his furry friends. He has met Reggie, Angel, and Thorne. He seems to like playing with Reggie the most, but he’s also happy with Trevor, and he takes walks with Angel. Thorne really likes being outside and being with other dogs. Over the past week, Thorne has made more progress with his social skills and will accept treats from peoples’ hands.

“They say that life is better when you’ve got a friend. For Thorne, this is true! He’s friends with Reggie, and enjoys seeing him. When they’re outside, they like to play. This is nice to see as they run around, play bowing to each other, and burning off their excitement like little kids. Thorne is a great dog, still learning that the world can be a good place.”


“Thorne is doing well! We continue to expose him to people and, although it’s going slowly, Thorne is coming around. He also likes other dogs. Throughout the week, he goes for walks with Angel, chills with Trevor, and learns a little more about the concept of ‘play’ with Reggie. All dogs, despite their past, deserve another chance to be happy and live a joyful, fun-filled life. Please consider adoption.”

“Since the last time I journaled, the prison went on long-term lockdown. During the three days, Thorne still enjoyed his life, despite the lack of walk time. We had some time to relax because Thorne is timid around people, and during the lockdown there was no movement. He comes out of his shell a little more every day, and we hope that he will improve and get more social around people.”


“This past week, Thorne continued to get better with his behavioral issues. He met two new people (slowly went up to them and sniffed at their fingers) and now he lets me pet him. He also started to play with Reggie and has met Dexter without issue.”

“It snowed again this week, which is okay with Thorne, because he really likes to play in it! This past Tuesday, when it snowed, Thorne really enjoyed himself, as he ran around in circles, playing and kicking loose snow. We’re happy for him because while doing so he puts aside his fear issues and just has fun! Speaking of his anxiety, Thorne has made big improvements overcoming his timid demeanor. There is still room for improvement, but now he will slowly go up to people, swipe their hand, and roll over. He’s still reserved and cautious, but this is progress! Thorne may have had a less-than-favorable life up until he was rescued, but he is improving, and deserves a second chance in a forever home.”

“It snowed! Thorne doesn’t seem to mind the snow and actually likes to play and dig in it. This surely is a sight to see and would put a smile on any dog lover’s face as Mr. T scratches the snow to see what’s underneath it. The only thing we noticed that he doesn’t like about this wintery weather (and who could blame him) is when the wind blows. Other than the change in weather, nothing much has changed with Thorne, except he is more willing to explore, and comes out of his shell a little more and more as the days continue. All dogs deserve their second chance!”

“Thorne finally met someone! He met one handler and one inmate out of gen pop (general population). He was reserved while doing so, but this is progress made. Hopefully within the next few weeks we can get to the point where he’ll let someone pet him.”

“Thorne has shown his feisty side over the past couple of days! A few of his co-handlers said that he will growl at them when they attempt to take him out for a walk. This is an issue we will be working on this week. However, he has never given me any issues, but then I’m with him almost all day long. With this being said, it’s clear he needs some training, but he is still a good dog. It’s in my best opinion that he’s a diamond in the ‘ruff.’”

“This week Thorne a.k.a. ‘Mr. T’ has met Angel and Reggie without incident. They have yet to get to the level of playing together, but we’re sure they will in a few short days. Otherwise, Mr. T is doing pretty well here. He is adjusting to his new environment slowly, but he is getting more comfortable as the days go by!”

“Thorne recently joined our program here at Camp Hill after his relative, Tango, got his opportunity to go into a foster home. So far, Thorne has been adjusting to his new environment pretty well. He seems to be a little reserved, but he’s only been here for a few days. I’m sure he’ll come around.”



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