I got the new girl this week and her name is Tawny. She came from rural West Virginia so I call her my moonshine dog. Tawny appears to have lived a hard life. I don't think she has been kept indoors because she has old callouses on all of her legs which means that she must have been laying on concrete for a significant amount of time. She was very scared when I got her on Saturday. Tawny would not come inside through the doors so I had to pick her up and carry her the whole way to my cell. Once she got in there and found her new, warm bed, she was in heaven. She would not get out of her bed for anything. I had to give her food and water in the bed. She didn't want to walk out of the cell so I had to carry her outside to use the potty. When I would put Tawny down, she would freeze and lock up. After many hours of training and patience, we can walk most of the way out of the block and she will now walk into the block. She freezes right inside the door so I'll pick her up and carry her about 15 feet before putting her down. From there, she'll walk very timidly back to the cell. We are working on getting her to walk the whole way in and out of the cell and the block.

Once Tawny gets outside, she comes alive and is a whole different dog! Her nose goes right to the ground and her tail goes a mile a minute. She wants to say hi to everyone she sees, including all of the other dogs here. She acts real ladylike and approaches them calmly which is good. Her favorites are Shadow and Neiko. She hasn't had much, if any, leash training because she wants to pull you wherever she wants to go and lock up and pull backwards if I try to change direction. We've worked on that and now if she pulls, I stop and she'll stop too to look back at me. If I say this way, she will go with me so she is making great strides with that already.

Tawny has really opened up in the cell. She wouldn't hop up into bed at first so I put her up there. She would stay until I sat up and then she would jump off and go right back into her bed. Now, she will lay in her bed and just stare at me because she’s waiting for me to invite her by patting my bed. Once I do, she'll jump right up with me tail a wagging as she curls up beside me.

Tawny loves the attention and really enjoys being petted. When I come back from work, I can hear her tail thumping away on the bed as soon as she sees me.

As far as I can tell, Tawny hasn't had formal training and knew nothing when she first got here. She's proving to be a quick learner because she's already picked up on Be a tree and Look at me. I have to take things slow with her as she gradually becomes more and more comfortable in her new environment, but I'm encouraged by the improvements she's already shown. She will now go to her bowls to eat and drink and she has yet to have an accident in the cell. Tawny already has a favorite blanket that she must have whether she's up in my bed or in hers. She will actually grab it and bring it with her when she jumps up onto my bed! I have even gotten a few kisses on my hand. Tawny is a very lovable dog once she opens up. She's just shy.



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