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Tank joined the HOPE program on October 11, 2022.  Tank comes to us from our good friends at Furry Friends Network.  Tank is an adult Catahoula Leopard mix.  He is about 50 pounds and absolutely gorgeous!

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12/16/2022   This is my last journal entry for Tank, as he was adopted!  Tank achieved a lot during his time in HOPE, and I could not be more proud of him.  Tank is smart, funny, lovable and will be a great addition to his new family.  I’m going to miss Tank so much, but I know that Tank will make his new family proud, just like he did with me.  Love you, buddy!

12/09/2022  Tank is a very cool dog, great company, and will always make you laugh when you’re sad.  He’s definitely one of God’s greatest creations, because of all the joy he brings, not just to me, but everyone he meets!  When he sees his favorite people, he greets them with a great big smile and wide open paws!  Once he gets to know you, he loves belly rubs, hugs, and kisses, but most of all, he just LOVES being around you.

Tank loves attention and being around all the other dogs, but I think he likes being around people the most.  Sometimes I think he thinks he’s a person!  Tank recently had a meet and greet with a family and their dog, so fingers crossed he’ll be going to a forever home very soon!

12/02/2022 Tank is doing REALLY well at following his commands!  He’s such a smart boy, who really likes learning…or maybe he just really likes the cookies? We’ve learned that Tank is BOTH a people-dog and a dog-dog.  Rumor has it he also lived with cats, and various other farm animals too.  He loves cuddling, playing fetch, and showing you his smile when he really likes you 😁

When we’re watching TV, Tank will hop up next to me and he will put his paw on my hand and stare at me, that’s when the fun begins!  He’s telling me he wants attention and he wants to PLAY!  So we play for a bit, then he’s ready to lay down on me and relax while we watch some tv.

11/25/2022   Tank is an awesome dog!  He is doing well with his training.  He is people and dog friendly–just an all around great dog.

Tank had a home visit this week where he met a family that applied to adopt him.  We might have some exciting news to share soon!

11/18/2022   Tank continues to do very well.  From the first day I got him until now, Tank reminds me of the best friend that I never had.  His loyalty is like no other.  He loves being with me.  If I leave for only five minutes, to him it seems like I was gone forever, judging by the happy way he greets me when I return.

Tank is a very loving dog and hasn’t met a person he doesn’t like.  His favorite time of day is training because he gets treats, which he loves.  Everything that Tank has accomplished is because of Tank, not me.  He has brought such joy to my life, and I am so grateful.

11/11/2022   Tank is doing very well.  He is learning his commands and some tricks.  He’s funny, smart, calm, and obedient.  He’s also very affectionate.  One he attaches to you, he will be your friend for life.  When I get back from work, Tank greets me with many tail wags and kisses.  He’s just an all around great dog!

11/04/2022  Tank is my little buddy–he loves attention.  The other day I was sitting on my bed and Tank jumped up, sat beside me, and put his paw on top of my hand.  I pulled my hand from under his paw and put it on top of his paw, then he moved his paw from under my hand and put it on top of my hand and then just looked at me.  So we went back and forth.  It was so funny.

Yesterday, I had something to do so I walked out of my room.  When I returned, Tank was sitting in my spot watching TV.  I looked at him and just smiled.  He’s such a great dog!

Tank is doing great learning all of his commands.  The more I work with him the better he gets!

10/28/2022   Tank is a great dog who can learn anything.  When he first came to me, he did not know how to catch.  But I taught him how and now he is great at it!

Tank loves people and gets along well with other dogs.  He loves when people show him attention.  He knows just about all of his commands.

If you’re looking for an all around great dog, Tank is your boy!

10/21/2022   Tank is doing very well learning basic commands.  He’s super smart and is learning quickly.  Tank also loves attention, being around people, and playing with other dogs, especially Russo.  Tank is really just a big baby.  He’ll be a great addition to a family with or without another dog.

10/14/2022  Tank’s breed is a little different.  He is part Catahoula Leopard, which is a breed from Louisiana.  He is mixed with Greyhound, Bloodhound, and Bull Mastiff.

For the most part, Tank is a good dog.  He listens very well.  He knows some commands so I am working with him to get better at those and teaching him some new ones.  Right now we’re working on sit, stay, leave it, and his separation time.

His temperament is very calm and laid back.  He loves attention.  He also likes to play fetch and being being around people.

I can’t wait to see him progress in HOPE.  I know he’s going to be a great dog for some very lucky family!



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