Tango is a 4 to 5 year old, 25 pound, lovable mutt who was rescued from a hoarding situation. He enjoys being around other dogs and loves going for walks.


Tango and Jenny are starting to become friends. When Tango is outside, he’ll often look for Jenny, and when they get close to one another, he’ll play bow and run around. Other than this, Tango continues to become a better dog and is just awaiting his chance to be adopted.


Tango is still just doing his thing! He enjoys seeing a few people, and looks for them when we’re on our walks. Tango also is continuing to get to know Jenny. So far they seem to be okay with one another, and Tango is always eager to see her.


Tango got to go for a trip outside the fence a few days ago and I was told that he did great. We’re happy that Tango is continuing to come out of his shell, and we’re glad that he is making progress with his timidity issues. He now, more than ever, enjoys meeting new people, and does so by slowly going up to them, sniffing their hand, and then receiving a quick pet. Tango also likes to cuddle. He now feels comfortable enough to jump up on my bunk without hesitation, to curl up and chill. He likes this and is usually in a happier mood afterwards.


Tango is doing great. He now enjoys hanging out and sleeping on my bunk. He met the new girl, Jenny. They get along so far and Tango is always eager to see her. Beyond this, Tango enjoys being outside for walks and continues to meet new people.


Tango is an amazing dog! This past week he came out of his shell even more by finally jumping up on my bunk. He’ll sleep on my bunk, and seems to enjoy it more than his fluffy blankets. Tango also had a lazy moment this week. While eating his food, he decided to take a seat! It was funny to see him eat while sitting.


Tango is more and more eager to meet new people. His favorite part of this is receiving treats! When he sees someone who gives him a snack, he’ll start walking their way in hopes he can get a 'come up' (snack). All things considered, Tango has made great improvements since he’s been here. He improves daily with his commands, behavioral issues, and character. Until Tango gets his chance to live an amazing life with someone who will love and care for him, he’ll wait patiently...hoping and wondering when it’s his day to shine!


Tango continues to meet new people. He also is doing really well with adjusting to his environment, and has started to learn new commands. Tango has lots of fun when he gets to leave the prison and go on field trips. He'd love to find a home with another dog. Hopefully one day soon Tango will get his opportunity to live a good life in a nice home.


Tango continues to become more vocal! Not in an annoying way, but more in a humorous and natural way. He also likes chilling with Reggie, Trevor, and Angel. When he sees one of his furry friends, he runs around in circles and tries to get one of them to play with him.


Tango is no longer scared! He has gotten to the point where he will go up to people to meet them without too much hesitation. Once in a while, he'll be reserved, but for the most part, he's good. Tango also likes to run around and play. Hopefully, he'll soon learn how to play fetch. He's a great dog!


Tango continues to hang out here at Camp Hill. He is more and more willing to meet new people every day, and has started to explore outside of his comfort zone. He has done this by learning and realizing that it's okay for him to come out of his crate and to chill on our bunks. Tango is a great dog who is long overdue on his chance to be adopted and live a good life with someone who will care for him.


Tango has finally found his voice. Recently, he has started barking, mostly at people who come to our cell door. This isn't an issue for us because he doesn't do it excessively. Tango seems to come out of his shell more and more each day that he's here. It's great to see.

“Tango is a wonderful dog! He enjoys being outside, playing with a few of the other dogs, and getting his daily pets. Tango continues to meet new people. He has also built a small network of humans who he now will go up to and greet, to receive a quick pet before rolling out and carrying on with his business. All Tango is looking for is a home where he can live with someone who will love him and care for him.”

“Tango was invited to go on the Friday dog walks. He likes going around to see new places and he’s starting to like seeing people more and more. He really likes playing with his friend, Reggie. Reggie and Tango seem to have an unlikely friendship because Reggie is a big dog and Tango is small, but they enjoy each other’s company so we are happy about it. Tango might shy away from people from time to time, but all he wants is to be accepted by someone’s family and to live in a good home.”

“Tango finally has learned how to bark! While we were outside, a few people walked up to see Tango and this caught him off guard, so he decided it was in his best interest to bark. Tango and Reggie have made friends and both like to roll and sun themselves in the grass. He is making strides forward and socializing with other people. He now will walk up to certain people and let them pet him. Tango has surprised us by taking a liking to the pool we have. He jumps right in and splashes around. Tango is fast. Anything hanging down within his reach or anything that hits the floor ends up in his cage before you know it. He doesn’t chew anything up but just stores it in there for safekeeping. He sleeps with his toy squirrel every night, which is his favorite.”

“Tango finally found a toy that he likes! While we had our supply box out, he saw that we had a stuffed animal squeaky toy. Once he saw it, he just had to have it, so he grabbed it out of the box and ran to his crate with it. Although he doesn’t chew or play with the toy, it seems like he uses the stuffed monkey as a teddy bear. We’re happy that he has found something he likes. He likes being outside, taking long walks, and rolling in the grass.”

“Tango is now one of us (an inmate!) His new thing is stealing. At night when we’re sleeping, he’ll pull our rugs into his crate and then when we wake up he’ll give us a look that says, ‘It wasn’t me!’ All-in-all, Tango is doing really well with his social issues. He’s now at the point where he’ll stroll up to people to sniff their hand and now and then sneak a quick pet or scratch. Hopefully, sometime soon, Tango will find his forever home!”

“Tango continues to improve while he’s here at Camp Hill. He makes new friends daily. He enjoys hanging out in his crate and we leave the door open. Tango hasn’t tried to jump up on anything yet inside the cell, other than my bed – once – and he jumped off immediately. We hope he finds his forever home soon.”

“Since Tango came here two weeks ago, he has met a few of the other dogs. He seems to like Angel, and hopefully in time they will become friends. He is shy, but he is slowly getting comfortable in this environment. Tango likes to be outside and walk around.”

“This previous Friday we welcomed our new dog Tango! His time here so far has been good and we look forward to working with him. He seems to be a little less skittish than Winston and Tegan were initially.”



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