Spudz is listed as a white shepherd mix, approximately 12 months old, and full of love and life. As his name might suggest, Spudz is a real party animal when it’s playtime! He enjoys other dogs and all humans. He does the classic wiggle butt, whole body noodle dance when he greets people. He has been introduced to a cat in a crate, gave it a sniff, and moved on to the Whimzie bones at the store. He was given another opportunity to check out the kitty and ignored the kitty crates entirely after his first curious sniff. Spudz has learned sit, down, how to play dead, roll over, is working well on walking on a loose leash, and at this age, he still loves to come when called. To adopt Spudz, please visit his sponsor’s website:


This week Spudz focused on everything that he already knows so he stays sharp. Today is his last official training day. He's going around kissing babies and shaking hands cuz he's kind of a big deal. Ha, ha! A lot of people are going to be happy to see him adopted, but they'll hate to watch him go. Someone told me that before they met Spudz they didn't really care for dogs, but his young, goofy puppiness bought them around. I'm glad Spudz made a change in someone's life. He is a good boy and I know he'll be happy with his new family.


Spudz has been going on home visits and he has done a great job with meets and greets with a possible new sister! The family loves him (of course) and I know Spudz will make them really happy! He's going to be a happy dog too!


Spudz has made a lot of progress since he arrived. He didn't know his name from his tail. Now, I can even tell him to get his leash, and he'll do it. The hardest thing about working with dogs isn't picking up pudding poop or constant barking or them chewing on your things, the hardest thing about working with HOPE dogs is knowing that the day they're adopted, you'll never see them again. Like anyone else, we build bonds with them and through that bond we are able to train them, knowing they are going to a loving home. We are promised by the people who work so hard for HOPE that they are finding the best homes, and I believe that because they love the dogs too! Thank you for everyone who supports us and thanks to our dog trainers and HOPE staff.


Spudz went to an adoption event and I was informed that he did a wonderful job. I know that sometimes Spudz gets excited and wants to play when he see's someone or another dog that he wants to play with and that it can be an issue, so that has been the main focus this week. It's easy to understand since he's still young, but now is the time to get it under control. Ya gotta love the puppy! Who doesn't? Seriously?


Sometimes I have to remind myself that Spudz is still a puppy when it comes to the good and bad. Here are times when he's on point like a lazer: up, down, left, right... Flawless! It shocks me because he's so young. Then there are times when he isn't ready to do jack diddly. He turns to the side like I'm really bothering him. He'll squint his eyes and give me attitude. Then I know he's just not feeling the work. #PuppyProblems


This week I was blown away by how Spudz is growing into himself. He is a great listener and knows that he can still get away with his puppy stuff, but he is learning when it's time to be serious and work. You can't help but love his energy and passion for life. Heck his passion for everything. He shows me the softer side of life, even in harder times.


One night I had a bad phone call and I really didn't feel like speaking to anyone, so I came into my room and laid down. I started to think out loud and I guess Spudz didn't like the vibe I was giving off because he climbed up on the bed, walked right up to me and put a paw on my mouth as if to say, 'Shut up and pet me!' And that was exactly what I needed. Thank you Spudz!


This week was a little harder than most. I was focusing on Spudz interacting with other dogs and not getting so excited. I can tell that he is shaking because he wants to play so bad with the other dogs. We are working on patience and stay as the other dogs pass by. He has good self control when it comes to leave it with food, and he will mostly sit to be petted by people, but when it comes to other dogs he gets so hype.


This week we are working on self-control for Spudz. I understand that he is still a puppy, but he hasn't figured out that all of his excitement may be a little too much for some dogs. So, we're working on being calmer and not jumping at other dogs. He gets so happy and I hope a family will get to experience some of his wild puppy stage, because no matter how crazy he gets, puppies are amazing!


Pup for pawn! Pup for pawn! He's fluffy, fun and furry! Like the softest kind of furry! He's loveable, snuggable and a great listener! This week we worked on roll over and calming down when he sees another dog. He gets too hype to play when he sees his buddies! This guy is so sweet & cute, though. I think he could heal some hearts!


This week was ruff! He ate everything he could get his puppy teeth on! Then he turns those puppy eyes on me and it's hard to be upset, but I knew we needed to really work on some self control. We used some of the self control techniques we've been working on, like zen bowl, and allowing Spudz to leave things alone until he is given the okay. We are also working on settling. Not everything has to be 100% all the time! He is showing progress!


Puppies! Who doesn't love them? Unless they eat everything you own! I'm only half-joking, but Spudz is a blast. This week we've focused on being in the moment with Spudz, helping him focus his puppy brain to the training task at hand. We also worked on auto-sits and self control with other dogs. He wants to fly at them like Superman! All in all, he is making progress.


Not going to lie, this first week this fuzzy little sucker gave me a run for my money. He is a fluffy ball of fun! We spent the first week working out the jitters and learning his name. He is already giving me sits and downs too. He's going to be such a fun dog to train!



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