Spudz is listed as a white shepherd mix, approximately 9 months old, and full of love and life. As his name might suggest, Spudz is a real party animal when it’s playtime! He enjoys other dogs and all humans. He does the classic wiggle butt, whole body noodle dance when he greets people. He has been introduced to a cat in a crate, gave it a sniff, and moved on to the Whimzie bones at the store. He was given another opportunity to check out the kitty and ignored the kitty crates entirely after his first curious sniff. Spudz has learned sit, down, how to play dead, roll over, is working well on walking on a loose leash, and at this age, he still loves to come when called. To adopt Spudz, please visit his sponsor’s website:


This week was ruff! He ate everything he could get his puppy teeth on! Then he turns those puppy eyes on me and it's hard to be upset, but I knew we needed to really work on some self control. We used some of the self control techniques we've been working on, like zen bowl, and allowing Spudz to leave things alone until he is given the okay. We are also working on settling. Not everything has to be 100% all the time! He is showing progress!


Puppies! Who doesn't love them? Unless they eat everything you own! I'm only half-joking, but Spudz is a blast. This week we've focused on being in the moment with Spudz, helping him focus his puppy brain to the training task at hand. We also worked on auto-sits and self control with other dogs. He wants to fly at them like Superman! All in all, he is making progress.


Not going to lie, this first week this fuzzy little sucker gave me a run for my money. He is a fluffy ball of fun! We spent the first week working out the jitters and learning his name. He is already giving me sits and downs too. He's going to be such a fun dog to train!



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