Skeeter is a little beagle mix, approximately 27 lbs, arriving from an overflowing WV shelter. Naturally, when shelters fill, far too many dogs never make it back out alive. Lucky for Skeeter some of the shelter volunteers, working quickly on his behalf, contacted Furry Friends Network to see if they could sponsor his exit. From there Skeeter’s fortune has started to turn. HOPE had an opening and Skeeter the beagle could benefit from some confidence-building training… And so it begins. Follow Skeeter’s adventures in HOPE here!


Skeeter this week found the courage to take a walk up the stairs and now every time we walk by them he thinks it's time to go upstairs. For such a small dog he has such a big personality! He leanred to give his 'paw' this week. He is also getting better at 'stay,' but it's a hard one for him. He is a great, well-behaved dog that puts a smile on everyone's face when they see him!


Skeeter and I have been working on 'come' and 'paw' this week. He is a very smart dog and he's learns quickly when he's not being stubborn. (He is a beagle, ya know!) Skeeter's favorite thing to do is to play with Abbie. He will run with her forever. Every night I bring Skeeter out to the dayroom for about 15 minutes or so and we sit right in front of our cell. He loves greeting people, getting attention, and they feed him treats for tricks. Skeeter knows sit, down, hands up and responds to his name.


Skeeter is coming along quite well. He has learned the sit command and will do it without treats. This week we worked on 'Skeeter Come!' and 'Stay.' Both commands are coming along pretty good. Yesterday he was playing with Abbie and everytime we called their names to stop play, they would get a treat. Skeeter would take the treat, but then squirrel it away and save it for later. Then Miss Abbie found them all and ate them for him! Ha, ha! Later that night I found one hidden in my bed.


Skeeter has become much more relaxed over the past week; he has adjusted to all the loud noises and so many people. He is starting to respond to his name and we've been working on sit, down and walking on a loose leash. As long as you have a treat, he is willing to sit. He made a new friend yesterday with Abbie. He's a tiny mite, but they played a lot and he has a huge, playful heart.


Little, tiny Skeeter is trying to adjust to Camp Hill and all of the activity, loud people, and new situations. He loves to get on the bed and roll around with the blanket in his mouth. It's almost like he is covering himself up. He seems to want to play with all the dogs here, but we want to set them up for success, so we do all introductions very slowly. He has only been here a couple of days, so we haven't done too much training yet.



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