Shadow was adopted by his foster family! Happily ever after sweet Shadow!


Shadow has a family who has stepped up to foster him! He has left the prison and is hoping he has found a forever home!


If Shadow had a voice, he would want to tell everyone how happy and grateful he is to be surrounded by people who love and care for him. He would also want to mention that he really likes his stuffed animals, playing fetch, and how much he looks forward to having a forever home one day with a comfy couch.
This past week, Shadow continued to try to catch his tail. He never catches it, but he tries his hardest while spinning around in circles. Afterwards, he seems to be happy and most likely dizzy as he usually has a big, goofy smile on his face.
Shadow has been working on a new command called chin. This is where he places his chin in your hand. So far, he's picking it up, but we need more time to master it.


One of the many things Shadow enjoys doing is playing with his stuffed animals. However, at times it gets intense and usually ends up with him shredding it. Now this may be concerning, but Shadow knows the difference in his toys and things like our blankets and mattresses. He hasn't damaged anything like that, but when it comes to his stuffed toys, it's game on.
Shadow has recently tried fruit. He tried apples before and didn't like them. He has come around with apples and will eat a piece every now and then but bananas, he really likes. Another fruit he has tried is oranges. They seem to confuse him and he can't figure out how to chew them up so he'll usually just take a pass on them.
Beyond all of this, Shadow is glad that the weather is starting to change and enjoys spending time outside.


Funny story... The other night when Shadow was passed out sleeping, I looked to see if he was awake and he wasn't so I decided to sneak a honey bun. After quietly getting off my bunk, I went to my commissary bin and grabbed a honey bun before going to my sink. I took a quick glance back to see if he was still sleeping and he was so I proceeded. After I quietly opened the honey bun, making no more than a soft crinkle with the wrapper, I turned around to see Shadow sitting right behind me licking his chops with a look of betrayal. However, this look of betrayal disappeared with the first piece of honey bun he received... Shadow is a great dog. He is everything a man's best friend should be and we're hoping that he gets his chance soon to go to a real home.


Apparently Shadow is a member of the, I don't like cats club. Recently, he went on a home visit and they had cats. Shadow was a little too interested in them I was told.
Shadow is warming up to the new handlers who recently joined. He now has a few extra people giving him attention and taking him for walks.
We’ve discovered that Shadow doesn't like apples. A few days ago while I was eating an apple, Shadow jumped off of the bunk and walked to my desk. He sat down like he wanted a bite. So I gave in and gave him a piece. He chewed it once and then spit it out. This was followed by a look of disgust before he jumped back onto the bunk. I won’t be making that mistake of offering apples twice!!!
Until Shadow gets his day, we continue to work with him on his down command, stay, and we are now working on the spin command.


Shotgun! That's the first thing Shadow thought of Friday morning when one of the HOPE volunteers took him outside of the prison for a trip to the park. According to the volunteer, Shadow did great in the park with all the dogs and people. Shadow wanted to meet people and enjoy the outdoors while there. This trip alone put a smile on his face and all morning he was happy. Later in the day, Shadow did the Friday tour of the prison. This made his great day even better as he met more new people and visited those who already knew him.

It's strange that Shadow is kind of living in the shadows because he hasn't gotten his opportunity for a forever home yet. He's a great dog who is appreciative, happy, and enjoys living life. If you're interested in helping Shadow out with a forever home, contact


Shadow is doing great! We started working on the bang command. This isn’t going so good right now because Shadow doesn’t really like laying on his side but knowing Shadow, as long as the treats keep coming, he’ll pick it up.
Shadow and Tawny still get excited to see each other. We’re glad they’re friends... People say life is better with a dog. If you believe this to be true and are looking for a dog, consider adopting Shadow. He won’t let you down!


To those who follow Shadow… This week he is showing his chivalrous side with his new friend, Tawny, whom he’s hung out with quite frequently so far. Anytime someone would pet Shadow while Tawny and Shadow were playing, she would steal the attention by just coming up and gently nudging him away! Shadow took this very well and not only was a gentleman about it, but he still looks forward to seeing her every chance he gets.
This week Shadow seemed to finally realize that there are geese here. While walking the other day, Shadow heard the squawk of the geese and it fascinated him to the point that he just stood in place watching them.


Shadow made new friends! Recently, two new dogs joined us named Tawny and Sam. Shadow met both and he is starting to build a friendship with Tawny. When he sees her, Shadow loses all focus and tries everything in his power to go greet her and try to play while Tawny does the same. As far as Shadow and Sam go, they've met but the extent of their friendship is still to be determined. We hope that in the near future, Shadow, Tawny, and Sam will all be friends.
Over the past few weeks, Shadow has made huge improvements in his training. He will now lay down on command. This cue still does need some work because sometimes he'll get stubborn and decide that he doesn't need to work, but overall he's doing great!


Looks can be deceiving. Some have said that Shadow looks mean and some have also said that he looks really old. We're uncertain of his age, but as far as Shadow being mean...well, that's just comical! He's nothing but a gentle giant who loves to play. He enjoys meeting and greeting people and does so with manners unless of course, he really wants you to pet him. Whenever that's the case and Shadow wants your attention, he'll use one of his tricks to persuade you. His go to move is gently putting his paw on your leg and staring at you. If you decide not to give in, he'll just keep doing it until you do. Afterwards, he'll curl up along side of you and relax.


I wrote many times before about how “chill” of a dog Shadow is and that he has a lot of human friends. We believe this to be true because of how Shadow chooses to live his days. Shadow is always happy! He often smiles when he receives his pets and scratches and is always eager to see those who come around regularly. Above all though, he is a loyal companion because no matter what we're doing or where we're going, he just wants to come along and enjoy the moments with you. Shadow is also very unique with a personality that will have you laughing constantly. Some of the instances that make me laugh are when he's playing with his toys like when his ball rolls under my bunk and he looks at me with this, “Sooo, are you gonna get that or am I,” expression on his face. If you are considering adopting Shadow, you won't be disappointed. He's more than willing to share his happiness with you!


Shadow is an Australian Shepherd mix who has a slightly gray face. That may mean he’s a little older, but after doing some light research, we have learned that it’s common for his breed to have some gray on their face. Regardless of his age, he’s a great dog. Shadow still bounces around while chasing a ball and has a nose that can sniff out a treat from a far distance!
This week Shadow displayed a huge improvement with his, “Down”, command! We hope he can master it within a week or two so that we can move on to the, “Roll Over”, command.
We’re discovering that Shadow isn’t a big fan of the cold weather. We usually only get a few laps in when we go for walks before he shoots whoever is handling him a look that says, “Hey! It’s cold and time we go inside to watch TV.”
Shadow is a great dog and we hope that soon he’ll get the opportunity to bring someone as much joy and happiness as he has brought us!


Even though Christmas is over, I think it’s important to mention how much Shadow loved the cookies that came in last week. It was a nice treat and he enjoyed them with a huge smile on his face. He took a long nap after wolfing them down.
If Shadow had a job, the perfect job for him would either be a greeter for a store or something in social work. He loves to see people and receive scratches behind the ears. Shadow usually lightens people’s moods just by saying hello!


Shadow’s day to day doesn’t change much, or if any, but he’s a chill dog that likes to relax. Gracie lives across the hall from us. Sometimes Gracie and Shadow have stare downs when our doors are open. It’s funny to watch. If certain dogs did that to Gracie, she wouldn’t be very happy. For some reason, she doesn’t mind Shadow doing this. Shadow enjoys trying to play with all other dogs.


Shadow had a good week like usual. He was in the mood to play fetch even more than normal for some reason which was fun. He likes to nap in the cell a lot too. Shadow started doing something funny and cute with the HOPE volunteers... He normally doesn’t jump up on people. It was rare until recently. He’s started jumping up on the ladies when they aren’t looking and then sits down waiting to be pet. It’s almost like he’s reminding them that he’s still here. Sometimes he gives us a couple happy barks too and then goes on his way after getting some neck rubs. He sure knows how to work a crowd!


The days are going by quickly for Shadow while he waits for his chance to have a forever home. He makes the best of it by playing with his friends. Ace is his favorite. When they are outside, Shadow will play bow and jump around. When he sees his favorite human friends, he will jump and bark in an effort to receive attention. He’s usually pretty good at being cute and getting his way!


Shadow made progress! We’ve been working on the down command and after weeks of trying, he’s starting to pick it up. Shadow knows sit, touch, find it, crate, stay, and paw. It seems like Shadow discovered his tail for the first time this past week. He’s been having fun trying to catch it! He’s had more pep in his step recently. It’s nice to see.


Whether he’s prancing around to see his human friends, jumping around with furry friends, or just chilling with his handler… Shadow is doing great! He had a wonderful Thanksgiving! He got to enjoy some turkey and then we played fetch with his tennis ball. Since the weather hasn’t been too favorable, we’ve been in the cell a little more than normal. Shadow doesn’t seem to mind and enjoys laying alongside your legs and sneaking in a nap!


Shadow’s hearing may not be completely perfect, but boy can he smell! One of the staff members was walking around and Shadow started barking which turned into a strange howl while trying to get to her as quickly as possible. He’s never behaved this way before so I was wondering what was up. Shadow was on leash during this time so I finally let him approach her hoping that he would finally quiet down. We all had a good laugh when I found out that she had food from the vending machine in her pocket. It was meat and Shadow was the only dog to smell it from so far away. He was so happy with himself!


Several of the dogs have come and gone since Shadow arrived in the program! He has learned a few things like sit, touch, paw, and has better manners overall all. He’s lost a few pounds too! We’re working on perfecting down and auto-sit. We hope that Shadow finds a home soon!


The light at the end of the tunnel just got a little brighter for Shadow! He might have a home visit soon and we hope everything goes well for him. Shadow has a few buddies in here who slip him some tasty treats sometimes like a piece of chicken or cheese. He gets so excited and remembers who the people are who give him the good stuff. He perks up as soon as he sees them. It’s like Christmas morning for Shadow every time he scores a piece of something!


Whether you call him Shadow, Old Man, or know he is a happy dog enjoying his time here. Besides exercising and working on commands, Shadow likes meeting new people and receiving scratches. We figured out that Shadow’s nose never lets him down. He has proven that he is great at a game called, Find It. I hid treats all over the cell and he found every single one. When we are outside, he always picks up on the scent of the groundhog in hopes of finding it (thankfully he hasn’t). We like having Shadow around of course, but we hope one day he will get his chance to live a happy life outside of the prison.


Shadow had another vet visit this week. We have yet to get the results, but we are in high hopes that everything will turn out OK. He doesn’t have any major issues healthwise. It’s just some minor things that needed to be checked out. With all this said, nothing will slow Shadow down! He still plays with Ace and has met the new dog, Harry. Over the past few days, Shadow has decided to take up tennis. However, he has yet to figure out the actual game… He just likes chasing the ball!


Since Shadow has been on his allergy medication, he has been happier and a little more playful. He’s been in a better mood and now plays fetch! While playing fetch in the cell, the ball rolled under the bunk and Shadow had to follow it. Once he got the ball, it took him a minute or two to figure out how to get himself out. Sometimes Shadow goes along on Friday afternoons to visit people on different housing units. He enjoys meeting new people who are willing to give him treats and lots of pets. Afterwards, the old man usually takes his nap until suppertime!


Shadow went to the vet this week. He wasn’t a fan. We feel for ya buddy. Nobody likes to go to the doctor. On a positive note, Shadow is doing great here at the prison. He enjoys playing with his friend, Ace, and chewing on his nylabone. He has a favorite ball that he loves to throw around the cell and try to rip apart. He hasn’t been successful with destroying it so far but only time will tell!


Shadow made a new friend this week—Ace! They played together briefly and it’s safe to say that they’ll become better friends and play again in the weeks to come. Shadow likes to jump around and run in circles when he plays. Despite his age, he does this with ease. Shadow’s social skills and manners have really improved recently. The only bad thing anyone can say about Shadow, The Old Man, is that he’s sometimes slightly stubborn! Occasionally while walking, he will stop and sit down. This is usually followed up with a quick look that says, 'For real?'


Shadow’s new nickname is The Old Man. Here at Camp Hill, like many other places, you usually catch a nickname. Since he’s the oldest dog in our program, it seems fit so we ran with it. Recently, he’s gotten into chewing on, fetching, and tossing around a flattened basketball. He really enjoys himself while doing this. Shadow has mastered sit, touch, paw, down, and stay. I hope someone will give him a home. Shadow’s a good boy who would love to cuddle up and take naps on the couch. He doesn’t deserve to be overlooked just because he’s an older dog.


Shadow is a great dog! He has good manners and likes meeting people. Shadow is an older dog, but he still keeps up while we’re walking and does his commands. We all know dogs can’t talk. If Shadow could, I’m sure he would politely ask someone if he could be apart of their life. He’s not a demanding dog and he really deserves a forever home.


After an almost 2 week long lockdown, things are finally back to normal. During the lockdown, Shadow played in the cell and took a few more naps than usual. Now we are back to exercising and playing both outside and inside the cell. Shadow is enjoying the fall like weather and we sit outside sometimes. He’s a great dog and his favorite thing ever is neck scratches. We’re still working on stay and down.


Shadow is still patiently awaiting his forever home! He’s a great dog who deserves the chance to bring joy and happiness to someone’s life. While he’s waiting, he continues to enjoy his days here learning new commands, playing, and relaxing on my bunk. This week we worked on stayed. He’s starting to get it but just needs a little more time to master it. Shadow is starting to become friends with Penny! I think they’ll be playing together soon.


Shadow learned 'paw' this week! He also knows sit and touch. He likes to curl up at the foot of my bunk and sleep there. He’s never had an accident in the cell or wrecked anything. He likes nylabones and takes treats gently. Shadow is one of the easier dogs that I’ve trained. You can tell he’s grateful for attention and always seems to be content. I hope someone will give this dog a chance.


Some say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but that’s not true. Shadow has learned several commands already and seems to like it here. We’re working on his slight separation anxiety issues when I leave the cell. He only cries for a few minutes and it’s already improved since he first arrived. He’s a nice dog and doesn’t seem to mind the other dogs.


Recently, we welcomed two new dogs into our HOPE program! Their names are Diesel and Shadow! Shadow is a great dog, but we don’t know too much about his past, unfortunately. I quickly figured out that he does not like to walk in the wet grass. Haha. He knows 'sit,' but he doesn’t seem to know many other commands, so we’ll work on that. He cries for a very brief time when I leave him in the cell alone, but it’s getting better every day. I look forward to working with him.



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