Sammy boy is a 50 lb, long-legged pup who just turned a year old! He’s got tons of puppy energy and we will be working to help him channel all of his playfulness into learning games that will give him the confidence and skills to help him learn to navigate life in a home. More to come as we get to know this cutey!


Sammy is like Jekyll & Hyde. He is such a sweetheart to work with. When he's training, he's very focused. When we're out of the cell he says hi to everyone and is very playful. He learns quickly and is so responsive. Then he turns into demon dog if you try to crate him. This makes sense because he spent his first year of life crated for 12 hours a day or more. I've worked so hard with him, using all of the crate training tips I know, but when he knows it's crate time, he stops being responsive. And he knows too much about the routine, so he knows when it's crate time. He's wicked smart that way. So, it's something we're still working on.


Sammy has made it through his first full week of prison. He is adopting very well, and I thought he would, since he seemed a happy, curious boy right away. He is not a shy dog in the least. He enjoys exploring and greeting EVERYONE. He conquered our stairs on his first day. He doesn't like to go into his crate, especially when I am going to work, but he doesn't bark while I'm gone. We worked A LOT on crate training this week, because I was told he spent far too long in his crate in the past and might have trouble with enjoying his crate now. He is still a pup and has loads of energy. His favorite thing is playing with CoCo and Big Lou. He thinks he is a 'boxer' though and throws paw punches with his front feet. We've had to work a lot this week on getting him to understand that humans can't be chew toys. In just this week, he has stopped being so chompy and has backed off to mouthing, so we will keep working on that. My hands are very grateful that he's stopped playing shark. He is enjoying appropriate chew toys and that helps too! Sammy is a happy, happy, joy, joy boy! He likes to be with you and snuggles in bed.


Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, let me proudly introduce you to Sammy. He is a rambunctious one year old, totally normal for a dog his age. He needs some leash work and some lessons in mannered play & self-control. He knows his basic commands, sit, down, shake, look at me, and has picked up on wait, go to bed, and going crate very quickly. Because he already knows a lot we will work with him to use these skills in all situations and with different people. He is extremely responsive to training and I was able to start skill work on day one. Sometimes we give them a few days before we start working too much, but he was able to jump right in, and since I don't think he'll be here long I want him to know as much as possible before he is adopted. He has already learned touch and chin. We worked on roll over and target. He almost has those figured out. We went out in the yard yesterday and played fetch and frisbee. He loved it! He also enjoyed trying to eat the ice on the ground. Sammy is a social lovebug. He likes giving kisses and saying, 'Hi' to everyone he meets! He also likes to cuddle. He's still a puppy and has tons of energy, so we'll continue with working on focusing and minding his own business.



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