Sam is an adorable, bulldog mix who is about 4 years old. He’s a couch potato who loves car rides and lots of belly rubs! Sam prefers his canine buddies to be ladies only. He weighs about 60 pounds and has the cutest low rider stance. He will be working on his socialization and basic command skills during his time with us.


Sam is a good dog. He listens and loves to give kisses. He will give you his paw even when you don't ask him for it. He will fetch his bowl and use his nose to push it toward you when he wants something. Of course I have him on an eating schedule, but I do get up and give him a treat when he does this. He will let you know when he needs to go outside to use the bathroom by sitting at the door and barking once. Sam has been making great progress in terms of barking less at the dogs that he isn’t friendly with. He is now able to briefly interact with Ace in passing for a few seconds without any issues which is a great improvement for Sam!


There are times when I allow Sam to lay down with me and watch TV. I had him in the cage and I was so exhausted from work that after showering, I laid down for just a few minutes. I must have passed out because he reached his paws through the gate of his cage and was trying to get my attention by scratching my feet. Sam scared me and as soon as I let him out of the cage, I laid back down and he slept right next to me. He is not only a smart dog, but also a wonderful companion.


Sam is doing well and learning more every day. Sam is getting very comfortable in the cell. He was watching me clean up and decided to do a little cleaning himself. Sam went to his cage, grabbed his blankets one by one, and put them on my bed. Then he decided to get two of his toys as well and just started playing with them. When I asked him what he was doing, he wagged his tail and barked once as if he was trying to tell me to leave him alone. Sam is spoiled and you can't help but laugh and love him.


Sam is doing great. He is fetching and will trade one ball for another every time. Over the weekend, Sam grabbed a blanket from his cage and brought it up to my bed where he laid it on the corner before going back to the cage to grab his favorite toy. He then proceeded to hop up onto my bed and take over my space. When I asked him what he was doing, he just wagged his tail and picked up his paw. I don't know if Sam was telling me to chill or talk to the hand. Funny guy.


Sam is loving and playful. He enjoys being petted and scratched. He loves to be outside and enjoys running around in the yard. He will walk with you side by side and crouches down while howling to let you know he wants to play. Sam is full of energy, loves to give hugs, and gives you kisses. He is very treat motivated. When it's time to come back inside, he will look at you with sad eyes to see if he can get his way.


Sam now fetches the ball. He won't give it back though and when you approach him to take it, he will run away. I pretend to let Sam be and walk away. Once he starts to follow me, I'll turn around. He'll just stop, wag his tail, and then run off again. He loves to give hugs and kisses. He enjoys watching TV and having a snack while doing so.


Since the first day Sam arrived, he has been loving and energetic. If you grab a leash and have treats in your hands, you have made a new forever friend. He enjoys being outside and loves playing in the snow. I threw myself in the snow and Sam chased after me and wanted to play. He buries his face in the snow, picks some of it up with his nose, and throws it up in the air. I pretend to catch it and he continues to do it. I jog around the dog yard and he follows the entire time until I stop. Sam is terrific around people and loves the attention.


I have been taking Sam out to the big yard and he loves running around. This was Sam’s first time being without a leash on and he ran from me the entire time. After I stopped chasing him and walked around, he finally gave up and wanted to play. I worked with him on his commands and he did well. Every time I ask if he wants to go outside, he gets excited and comes up to give me paw and kisses. Sam loves attention and loves to be pampered.


Sam is getting so much better with his behavior and he is listening well. He loves giving hugs and kisses and is so energetic. Sam will give you kisses unexpectedly and jabs lightly at you with his paws when he wants to play. He will sit in front of my bed and watch TV with me. Sam loves to be outside and likes to be petted.
Sam and Ace play together for very brief interactions with no issues. Ace is the only dog that we can do this with so far. Progress!


Sam has been improving on his commands. He is starting to sit when told and will also stay when told while I am walking away. Sam is making progress on leaving things. As far as items in the cell that he would get into, he now leaves it alone when told leave it. When Sam really needs to go outside to use the bathroom, he will use his nose to hit my feet while I’m laying down or climb up on the bed and give me kisses before going to the door and sitting. When given a treat that he does not like, he will spit it out and hide it in the cage.


Sam is very intelligent and even though he can be a little stubborn, he does follow commands and loves to play. He loves being outside and going for walks. When you’re taking him for a walk, he’ll stay right by your side and won’t pull. When others approach you, he’ll sit by your side and observe. Sam gets bored when left alone and he will party and help himself to everything while you’re away.
Sam’s very cuddly and gives kisses.
When he needs to use the bathroom, you will know because he sits by the door and looks at you while wagging his tail. Overall, Sam needs work but is full of love and affection.


Sam is very shy and hesitant to approach people, but he does allow a few individuals to pet him though. He does not seem to know any commands yet, but I'm working on it. He hasn’t met all of the dogs yet and seems pretty calm so far. He’s been here for two days. I will give 100% in making him better and I'm looking forward to seeing his progress.



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