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Roxy entered the HOPE program on October 14, 2022.  Roxy joins HOPE from Furry Friends Network.  She’s a very sweet girl who was rescued from a fire in West Virginia with her eight puppies.  All but one of her puppies has been adopted, so now it’s Roxy’s turn to find her forever home!

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2/24/2023  This is my last journal entry for Roxy because this one-of-a-kind, amazing dog is getting adopted today!

I completely spoiled Roxy this past week since it was our last week together.  She didn’t have to work for any treats, and I let her sleep in bed   with me for a couple nights, too.  It’s weird because I think she knows something might be up.

Hands down, she has been the BEST dog I have had in the HOPE program.  She is such a sweetheart.  Roxy has been a complete pleasure to work with.

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a dog you have worked with and lived with for months.  I will greatly miss her, but it’s her time to go and bring the same love and joy to her forever home as she brought to me and everyone here at SCI-Camp Hill.

2/17/2023 There has been a rogue bird, flying around the dog yard pooping on the dogs lately and Roxy got hit the other day! A few days before that Rocco got pooped on too! Where’s Kane The Bird Catcher when you need him?!? That bird pooped right on Roxy’s head, and when it happened, Roxy immediately flinched and lowered her head, and her face was priceless! Her face said, “WTF was that?!?” It gets worse, though… Later on that same day, Oreo peed right on Roxy’s face. She comes running over to me with pee just dripping off her eyebrow. What a day for her poor Roxy 😖 but I guess what they say is true, when a bird poops on you, it brings good luck because Roxy is meeting a potential family, and if everything goes well, she will be leaving on the 24th. We will keep everyone posted and I wish the best for my baby girl.

UPDATE: Roxy is getting adopted!!! She will join her forever family this Friday ❤️🐾❤️

2/10/2023  Roxy has been playing with Oreo a lot lately.  After they run around and play for awhile, they’ll both stop, stare at each other, and have a Mexican stand-off.  They both stand very still, just waiting for someone to make the next move.  Roxy will give Oreo the “side eye” and as soon as he looks away, BOOM!  Roxy jumps on him.  It’s so funny because Roxy does it to Oreo over and over, and Oreo falls for it every time.

Roxy got GOLD STARS this week for “heel” and “other side.”

Stay tuned for some exciting news we’ll have to share about Miss foxy Roxy!

2/3/2023 Roxy and I were taking a nap one day when I started to feel the covers getting pulled off me.  I opened my eyes just as Roxy rolled out of bed and landed on the floor!  “Oh no, Roxy, are you OK?” I asked.  She’s laying on the floor with the blanket wrapped around her, and she’s looking up at me, completely confused as to what just happened!  Then, as if to say, “I guess I’m napping here now.”  She laid her head back down on the floor and tried to go back to sleep.  I got down on the floor, smooshed my face against hers and again asked if she was alright as I untangled her from the blankets.  When I finally got her back up on the bed, she took the spot against the wall and made me sleep on the end.  I can’t help but wonder if she’d come down to the floor to comfort me if I fell…or would she just enjoy spreading out and having the bed all to herself!

1/27/2023 Roxy’s motherly instinct kicked in this week when Oreo came back from the dentist all loopy from the anesthesia. Poor guy had three teeth pulled. As soon as Roxy saw him, she went over to him and started sniffing his mouth very carefully and concerned. Then she softly rubbed her body against his. Soon after, Oreo laid down. Then Roxy laid down right next to him, with her body touching his. Roxy has such a sweet, caring, warm soul.

Roxy got Gold Stars this week for ‘load up’ and ‘stay.'”

To apply to adopt one of the sweetest and easiest dogs ever, go


1/13/2023   It blows my mind that Roxy hasn’t been adopted yet because she is a PERFECT dog!  She is so sweet and loving.  She loves people and interacting with them.  She is well-behaved, comes when called, and knows all of her commands.  She walks very well on leash and doesn’t pay attention to other dogs.  She ignores cats.

Her favorite past time is napping.  She does get spirts of energy to run and jump around the yard, but she has no problem just hanging out either.

She’ll follow me anywhere and when I get there, she’ll just sit and wait.  If I take too long, she’ll lay down right by me until it’s time to go again.

So, if you’re looking for a laid back, super sweet, well-behaved dog, Roxy is that girl!

1/6/2023   I don’t know why Roxy thinks she is this small, tiny, little lap dog, but she does.  She likes to crawl up in my lap no matter what I’m doing or where I’m sitting.

If I’m sitting on the bed, she’ll crawl right up on my lap and either just stand there on my legs or she’ll get comfortable and lay her paws on my lap with her head resting on them.  If I move to the chair, she’ll be right there crawling up on my lap.  Roxy is such a lovable dog.  She just wants to be loved on.

Roxy got Gold Stars this week for loose leash walking and recall.  She’s doing great!

12/30/2022   Roxy made a new best friend this week–Oreo!  They have been out in the dog yard running and playing and even taking walks together.  Roxy just loves Oreo!

Roxy really impressed me with her recall this week.  When she and Oreo were playing, I would say “Roxy here,” and she would stop playing and come directly toward me.  Roxy is such a GREAT dog!  Roxy is so friendly and brings so much joy to me and everyone here.

12/23/2022   Roxy and I were playing with her new stuffed toy.  I moved the toy underneath the blanket and started moving it around.  I never saw Roxy move so fast off the blanket to the other side of the cell!  She looked at me like she was saying:  “NOPE!  WHAT is under there moving around?”  The funny part was that she saw me put the toy under the blanket, but she still acted like she had no clue what was under there!

Roxy got gold stars this week for her “sit” and “down” commands.

Roxy is a low energy, calm dog who would be great in a less active home.  She’s a total sweetheart!

12/16/2022   This past week, Roxy went outside the prison to see whether she gets along with cats.  She did great!  Roxy didn’t really want anything to do with the cat, and at one point, even ran away from him!

So if you are looking for a laid back, calm, sweet, loving dog, Roxy might be the purrrr-fect fit for your home!

Roxy got gold stars this week for her loose leash walking and down commands.

12/09/2022 Roxy is SUCH a GREAT dog!  She is super chill and friendly with everyone.  She is so enjoyable to have on leash and walk around the block with, and everyone loves to pet and say hi to her.  She, of course, likes it too!  Yesterday Roxy has a blast playing with 3 tennis balls. 🎾🎾🎾 I’d roll one and she would chase after it and start to bring it back and then I’d roll another to her and she would chase that one and try to pick up both balls and carry them back.  Then I’d roll the third ball and she would abandon the first two tennis balls and chase that last one!  We played this game until she was covered in mud and her tongue was hanging out.

12/02/2022. This girl has found a new hobby out in the dog yard!  She likes to stalk and sniff out the little 🐭 mouse🐭 family that lives under the trash can! 🤦‍♀️ That’s the first thing she does as soon as she is unleashed, running right off to the trash can!  At first, I didn’t know what she was doing when she ran over there and just started tilting her head side to side.  I went over to see what was going on, lifted up the trash can and BOOM!  3-4 mice scurried away, and Roxy just stood there in amazement!  But now that she knows they’re there, she checks it everytime and will sometimes just lay there, chin resting on her paws, just waiting for me to lift the trash can again!

This past week, Roxy learned to roll over!  She’s been working hard on this one and we’re so very proud of her!  

Roxy’s future home should know that she is generally a low energy gal, but does like playing and going for walks.  We’ve also learned that she’s a trash hound, and will clean out your can every chance she gets!  She’s also hoping that her future home won’t put this Santa Clause headband on her next Christmas.  

11/25/2022   Roxy reminds me of what it’s like trying to get a teenager out of bed and ready for school when I’m trying to get her up in the morning to go outside to use the bathroom.  “Roxy, it’s time to get up.  Roxy, get up.”  She’ll open her eyes, look at me, and then go back to sleep.  “Roxy, time to go outside.”  Then, she’ll roll over on her back, legs in the air, eyes still closed.  “Roxy, come, let’s go.”  Then her eyes will open, her tail will start to wag, but she’s still on her back.  After about five minutes of this, she’ll get up, stretch, and slowly walk over to me.  She does this every morning.  It’s funny and cute all at the same time.

Roxy gets Gold Stars this week for sit, auto sit, stay, and down.

11/18/2022   Roxy had so much fun playing in the snow!  I was making snowballs and tossing them to her, and she would catch them in her mouth.  Then, I’d throw them across the yard, and she would run after the snow ball.  Right when she got to it, she’d jump and pounce on the snow ball, nose and face going full-blast into the snow.  When she looked up her entire face was covered in snow!  After about 15 minutes she was done and exhausted.

Roxy got gold stars this week for walking well on leash and learning to roll over.

11/11/2022    Roxy has accepted a new dog into her pack–Tank!  Usually when Roxy is out in the exercise yard, she pays other dogs no mind.  But when Tank is out there, she’ll run up and down the fence, play bow, bark, and then Tank will start doing the same thing.  After a few runs back and forth along the fence, Tank will zoom off around the yard and then back to the fence.  Roxy just stands there, like “Hey, bro, what are you doing?  I thought we were playing!”  I love watching her play.  It’s in short bursts, but she and I enjoy every minute of it!

Roxy is doing well with her commands.  She knows auto sit, chin, and walks well on the leash.

Future adopters–beware–Roxy is a dumpster diver!  She loves to get into my trash can.  Roxy is a laid back girl and loves to sleep, so a less active home would be perfect for this sweet girl.

11/04/2022   Foxy Roxy has been my sidekick all week.  We have gone to group sessions where she laid down right by my feet and chilled out while group was held.  She did so well.  When we walk around dayroom she is an attention hog!  She wants to say hello to everyone.  Everyone here loves Roxy, and she loves them!

I think Roxy thinks my bed is hers too.  Every time I lay down she jumps up beside me and tucks her face right under my arm.  It doesn’t last for long since the bed isn’t quite large enough for both of us.  But I’ve been telling Roxy that hopefully in her forever home they’ll have a bigger bed!

Roxy gets gold stars this week for auto sit, touch, and chin.

10/28/2022   Roxy has had a great second week!  She is such a sweetheart and every time someone pets her they say “Her fur is so soft!”

She really scared me good the other day.  I came back from work and into the cell and Roxy wasn’t there.  So I thought that maybe another dog handler had her outside.  So I sat on the bed and a few seconds later I felt something touch the back of my leg.  I moved my leg and looked down– it was Roxy’s paw.  She was just chilling underneath the bed.  She got me good!

This week, Roxy got gold stars for “paw” and “stay.”

10/21/2022   Roxy has done well her first week here.  She had a rough first day–she was very scared and didn’t want anything to do with the prison, but it didn’t take long for her to break out of her shell.  Now, she just wants to be petted and loved on by EVERYONE!  Roxy has the warmest, loving, and gentle spirit and soul.  She just wants to give love.  She has already learned the “sit” and “down” commands, and we are working on the “paw” command.  She is also getting very good at walking on leash.



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