Roxy entered the HOPE program on October 14, 2022.  Roxy joins HOPE from Furry Friends Network.  She’s a very sweet girl who was rescued from a fire in West Virginia with her eight puppies.  All but one of her puppies has been adopted, so now it’s Roxy’s turn to find her forever home!

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11/18/2022   Roxy had so much fun playing in the snow!  I was making snowballs and tossing them to her, and she would catch them in her mouth.  Then, I’d throw them across the yard, and she would run after the snow ball.  Right when she got to it, she’d jump and pounce on the snow ball, nose and face going full-blast into the snow.  When she looked up her entire face was covered in snow!  After about 15 minutes she was done and exhausted.

Roxy got gold stars this week for walking well on leash and learning to roll over.

11/11/2022    Roxy has accepted a new dog into her pack–Tank!  Usually when Roxy is out in the exercise yard, she pays other dogs no mind.  But when Tank is out there, she’ll run up and down the fence, play bow, bark, and then Tank will start doing the same thing.  After a few runs back and forth along the fence, Tank will zoom off around the yard and then back to the fence.  Roxy just stands there, like “Hey, bro, what are you doing?  I thought we were playing!”  I love watching her play.  It’s in short bursts, but she and I enjoy every minute of it!

Roxy is doing well with her commands.  She knows auto sit, chin, and walks well on the leash.

Future adopters–beware–Roxy is a dumpster diver!  She loves to get into my trash can.  Roxy is a laid back girl and loves to sleep, so a less active home would be perfect for this sweet girl.

11/04/2022   Foxy Roxy has been my sidekick all week.  We have gone to group sessions where she laid down right by my feet and chilled out while group was held.  She did so well.  When we walk around dayroom she is an attention hog!  She wants to say hello to everyone.  Everyone here loves Roxy, and she loves them!

I think Roxy thinks my bed is hers too.  Every time I lay down she jumps up beside me and tucks her face right under my arm.  It doesn’t last for long since the bed isn’t quite large enough for both of us.  But I’ve been telling Roxy that hopefully in her forever home they’ll have a bigger bed!

Roxy gets gold stars this week for auto sit, touch, and chin.

10/28/2022   Roxy has had a great second week!  She is such a sweetheart and every time someone pets her they say “Her fur is so soft!”

She really scared me good the other day.  I came back from work and into the cell and Roxy wasn’t there.  So I thought that maybe another dog handler had her outside.  So I sat on the bed and a few seconds later I felt something touch the back of my leg.  I moved my leg and looked down– it was Roxy’s paw.  She was just chilling underneath the bed.  She got me good!

This week, Roxy got gold stars for “paw” and “stay.”

10/21/2022   Roxy has done well her first week here.  She had a rough first day–she was very scared and didn’t want anything to do with the prison, but it didn’t take long for her to break out of her shell.  Now, she just wants to be petted and loved on by EVERYONE!  Roxy has the warmest, loving, and gentle spirit and soul.  She just wants to give love.  She has already learned the “sit” and “down” commands, and we are working on the “paw” command.  She is also getting very good at walking on leash.



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