Meet the new kid on the (prison) block–Rocco! Rocco joined HOPE on August 26, 2022.  This sweet and adorable boy comes to us from our good friends at Canine Rescue of Central PA.
Rocco has not had an easy life. He was left in a southern shelter where he was on the kill list. Thankfully, he was saved in the nick of time by Canine Rescue of Central PA. Several months later, he was adopted for a total of 36 hours and then returned, because he had “too much energy.” He has been at the rescue’s kennel for almost two years, waiting for someone to adopt him.
Well. . . Rocco’s luck just changed! He entered the prison this morning all wiggles and wags and so happy to meet everyone. Rocco’s handler is thrilled to have another dog to train, and we think they will make a great team. Stay tuned for updates on this hunk-a-burnin’ love!
09/09/2022  Rocco continues to adjust well.  He played on leash with Libby this week.  To see Rocco’s excitement was a treat to watch.  He was smiling as he was playing.  He also played with Pixie this week–Rocco is definitely a ladies’ man!
All Rocco wants to do is meet people.  If you don’t pet him, he starts this really cute whining.  He is a joy to be around and so full of life.  When Rocco is winding down he just wants to lay down beside me.  It blows my mind listening to Rocco snore.  I swear he sounds like a human.
Rocco’s loose leash walking has improved.  He only pulls when he gets excited.  His excitement level is high right now, but when when he gets there, I immediately calm him.  He really just wants to play because that is something he was missing when he was in the kennel.
09/02/2022  Rocco, aka “Beef Cake,” is already becoming a favorite with everyone!  The temperament he displays toward people is refreshing.  He genuinely loves people.  All he wants is to be loved on, and he whimpers when you walk away.  He loves jumping in the bed and cuddling.  He loves his rope toy and plays with his basketball, chomping on them.  He listens well and is extremely smart.  He already knows giving paw, high five, bowing, rolling over, and sitting petty. His one ear is up and the other is down–it’s so cute.  His bark, which is a little high pitched and unexpected based on the Beef Cake he is, reminds me of my former dog, Kane’s, bark.
So far, he’s been great in my cell.  Rocco hasn’t destroyed any thing.  I was told that when he was in the kennel he ripped up his beds, but he’s been fine here.  I think he just wanted out of that kennel!  Rocco can really pull on the leash, so we are focusing on that right now.
I honestly don’t know how no one wanted to adopt Rocco, and he sat in a kennel for two years.  He is a great dog and loves people, especially females.  He gets so much love here.  We’ve got you, Rocco!


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