Ribbit is a medium-sized guy, hitting 47 lbs at his last vet vist and is estimated at 3 years old, with a sweet disposition and a playful spirit. He enjoys the company of people and other dogs. We’re looking forward to watching him learn basic obedience skills!


Ribbit and Max love to play chase in the yard. Max seems to know just how hard he can go with little Ribbit. Everyone who passes by when we are outside comments on how cute Ribbit is! He is now a healthy weight and his new coat is starting to come in. It's much shinier and healthier looking than it was! Ribbit is working on the 'stay' command this week.


Ribbit is absolutely the sweetest little terrier ever. He loves human affection and he falls asleep to a belly rub with his feet in the air. He stands still as I brush him and his coat is starting to fill in. He's happy to be around people and he likes to play gently with other dogs. He's good at loose leash walking and when he does pull he can be easily called back for treats, because he loves treats! He can be a little too quick to grab a treat, who could blame him as hungry as he has been, but we are working on helping him be gentle when he's being hand fed. This little prince deserves a life of nothing but love and happiness!


Ribbit arrived at HOPE with no skills. He has learned to sit and we are giving him time to adjust to his new environment. He also arrived with some fresh wounds, kennel cough, and suffering from malnutrition. He has had a bath and after the first night, he is happy to go into his crate and sleep. He is also doing well in the cell and can be left alone without being crated. So far he is a really friendly guy and seems excited to meet the other dogs, but we haven't done that yet.



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