Ribbit is a medium-sized guy, hitting 47 lbs at his last vet vist and is estimated at 3 years old, with a sweet disposition and a playful spirit. He enjoys the company of people and other dogs. We’re looking forward to watching him learn basic obedience skills!


Ribbit has come a long way since he joined our program! He has learned basic commands and has better manners. He is learning to be social with all kinds of people and other dogs. He's a dog with a lot of character. After lock-in times at night, he'll run to a spot on the bunk, flip over onto his back, and put his paws in the air and fall asleep. And then he starts to snore. I think Ribbit's forever family will find him soon and they're going to love his adorable snores!


If Ribbit could talk, now that would be a scary thing, but Ribbit would start by telling the world how much he enjoys running in the dog yard, how he alwasy wins when playing tug-a-war, and how much he enjoys chasing his best friend Prilly! However he would also have to admit that sometimes he plays too rough, and Prilly has to tell him to knock it off! He's lucky she tolerates him and he's smart to listen to her! This guy is a great best friend for any human and would do well with a dog who knows how to correct him with patience. After he's done playing with Prilly, he will often come in, flop on the bunk with his paws in the air, maybe thinking about what she told him... Or maybe he's dreaming of a bed of his own.


Ribbit had a joy-filled and eventful week! It started with a trip out into the real world to a park where he to to explore with M&M. (That's Aunties Margie & Mary) He had a good time and was a really good boy. When he came back he took a long nap. This week he spent a lot of time with Prilly. They've become friends and enjoy each other's company. Playing consists of chasing each other around the yard. Ribbit gets sooo tired, but Prilly keeps instigating more play & Ribbit can't resist her.


Ribbit is a handful! This week while adjusting to his new cell, he decided to see where the lines are. He managed to figure out how to get into his food container and have himself a little snack. I’ve had to relocate the container. He is full of energy and loves to play. Fetch is his favorite game! He also likes to play with Prilly. He keeps me hopping and I love having him around. It makes me feel great that I get to help him.


Funny boy Ribbit is a very popular dog. He has tons of admirers in the prison and everyone comments on how cute he is. I hope all that attention doesn't go to his head!
Ribbit still doesn't like the metal, grated stairs. He makes it about 1/2 way up, then wants to head right back down. I don't know if it's the height or if the metal starts hurting his feet. He is progressing with his other training and loves to play tug-of-war with his rope.


Ribbit is a real piece of work! I left him out for five minutes and he made confettie of a new roll of toilet paper! This pup! It's like having a toddler! He keeps you on your toes! He's lucky he's super cute, super cool, and an awesome cuddler! Ribbit now knows sit, shake, stay, touch, down, out and wait. We are still working on braving the metal stairs. Also, his coat is filling in and really starting to shine!


Ribbit continues to improve in every aspect. He has adjusted well to the routine and when the door pops open he is up in a flash and ready to go. He is still working on walking the metal, grate-like stairs and working on his down/stay. He's a nosy little dude and everything I'm doing, he has to be in on it. Even when I'm just folding laundry, he wants to smell and inspect it. Sometimes he thinks it's a game and wants to play tug-o-war with it. He gets frisky in the cell sometimes and does little zoomies. It's such a small space, I worry he will slide and run into the wall. I have to try to get him to play with something when he does that.


Ribbit and Max love to play chase in the yard. Max seems to know just how hard he can go with little Ribbit. Everyone who passes by when we are outside comments on how cute Ribbit is! He is now a healthy weight and his new coat is starting to come in. It's much shinier and healthier looking than it was! Ribbit is working on the 'stay' command this week.


Ribbit is absolutely the sweetest little terrier ever. He loves human affection and he falls asleep to a belly rub with his feet in the air. He stands still as I brush him and his coat is starting to fill in. He's happy to be around people and he likes to play gently with other dogs. He's good at loose leash walking and when he does pull he can be easily called back for treats, because he loves treats! He can be a little too quick to grab a treat, who could blame him as hungry as he has been, but we are working on helping him be gentle when he's being hand fed. This little prince deserves a life of nothing but love and happiness!


Ribbit arrived at HOPE with no skills. He has learned to sit and we are giving him time to adjust to his new environment. He also arrived with some fresh wounds, kennel cough, and suffering from malnutrition. He has had a bath and after the first night, he is happy to go into his crate and sleep. He is also doing well in the cell and can be left alone without being crated. So far he is a really friendly guy and seems excited to meet the other dogs, but we haven't done that yet.



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