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Reed is a handsome, approximately tw0-year-old boy originally found as a stray on the streets of Philadelphia. He was very emaciated when he was found. His foster mom has put some much-needed weight on him with a healthy diet, and he is now all filled out! You can tell the difference in his photos from when he was first rescued until now.
Reed’s foster mom is a trainer so she has been working with him on obedience commands, He is doing well!
Reed is very excited to meet new people and other dogs. Reed greets with high energy but calms down very quickly. He does fine with cats. If there is another dog in the household, he would need to be okay with Reed’s high energy greetings. Introduction of Reed and any other dogs in the home would be necessary.
An all-adult home would be best for Reed because of his size and bursts of energy. He might knock a small child over. Teenage kids would be fine.
Would this handsome, sweet boy be a good fit for your family?



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