Prilly is a precious baby girl, on the small to medium side, a trim 46 pounds, and around 1 1/2 years old. She enjoys the company of people and seems okay with other dogs, but because she has a permanent injury that healed poorly, she doesn’t necessarily enjoy playing with other dogs. Her little limp isn’t slowing her down in any other way though, as she enjoys a good romp and walk as much as she loves to snuggle!


This week I worked on Prilly staying without having to be told and I discovered how playful and helpful she really is. When I walked away from my room my goal is for her not to run to the door and she has been doing very good. During these training sessions, if I leave for too long, if I leave my sneakers or flip flops on the floor, she takes them and hides them under my covers as if to tell me to, 'Cut the crap and get back here.' She doesn't chew or damage anything, just hides my shoes. She's a silly, funny girl!


One thing I can say about Prilly is that she is strong. She doesn't let anything hold her back. I rolled my ankle and hurt myself, but it's not an excuse not to get up and do, she shows me that strength is in my mind. She is my motivation. Not just for me, but for all. If you've been kicked, punched, pushed, mistreated, run into the ground or however it comes, she is living proof that you can always get back up and push forward, limp or no. She's a survivor. #PrillyStrong'



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