Prilly is a precious baby girl, on the small to medium side, a trim 46 pounds, and around 1 1/2 years old. She enjoys the company of people and seems okay with other dogs, but because she has a permanent injury that healed poorly, she doesn’t necessarily enjoy playing with other dogs. Her little limp isn’t slowing her down in any other way though, as she enjoys a good romp and walk as much as she loves to snuggle!


Last Sunday Prilly went out for a home visit! I was told she did great! Fingers crossed for her. I know that whoever adopts Prilly will fall in love with her, if they haven't already. I know that after my long days at work, she was always there to make me smile, no matter my mood.


You know those days where you hit the snooze button three to many times because you need a little more sleep? Well, I don't think Prilly has a snooze button. If you're not a morning person, you will become one with this little energizer! And if you think you'll just lay there and cuddle some more, prepare yourself for the jack hammer kiss!


I thought Prilly was the perfect pupper, until I came back from work this week and she wasn't! She was distant and didn't greet me with absolute anticipation. I thought, 'Oh no! Something is wrong with her!' I sat on my bed and heard the crackle of my honey bun wrapper... and ONLY the wrapper. My bun was gone! And then I had to laugh, imagining all she'd had to do to actually reach it!


This week while watching my team play football we weren't doing so good. Late in the game my team made a big play, a game-changing play and I got excited, yelling a little loud. Turns out Prilly is a football fan and cheerleader, cuz she got excited too and started howling right along with me. She's my good luck charm and we won the game!


This week Prilly went out to an event where she was able to interact with other dogs and people of all ages, shapes and sizes. She handled it all well except for her issue with a running T-Rex! I am thinking though if a T-Rex ran up behind one of us we might turn into a real T-Rex too! But overall, she did well & is excited to go out again next week to the Farm View Walk on 10/27.


Now I know this may be too much for some, but I need to get this out. At night when people walk past, Prilly may bark if they rattle the door. The other night, she woke me up with a low growl, and I assumed someone touched the door. But no one was there, and she was looking at me. Not even five seconds later, I realize that my stomach must be upset and it's growling. So there we are, Prilly growling at my growling stomach! I couldn't stop laughing and she relaxed and went back to sleep.


This week I continued to work with Prilly when she sees another dog she wants to play with. She is so energetic and playful, so sometimes her initial energy is too much for an immediate introduction. We are working on slower introductions and when it's time to play and when it's not. On a different note, if you to cuddle you are going to love Prilly! You will have your hands full with this little girl. She has come so far from when she first arrived. It's an honor to watch her grow into a mature little girl with confidence.


I think it's kind of cute when Prilly catches an attitude with me, like when I don't let her run off and play with the others. She's really like a baby! Sometimes I swear I know what she's thinking and that's when I'm glad she can't talk! Lol!


This week I worked on Prilly staying without having to be told and I discovered how playful and helpful she really is. When I walked away from my room my goal is for her not to run to the door and she has been doing very good. During these training sessions, if I leave for too long, if I leave my sneakers or flip flops on the floor, she takes them and hides them under my covers as if to tell me to, 'Cut the crap and get back here.' She doesn't chew or damage anything, just hides my shoes. She's a silly, funny girl!


One thing I can say about Prilly is that she is strong. She doesn't let anything hold her back. I rolled my ankle and hurt myself, but it's not an excuse not to get up and do, she shows me that strength is in my mind. She is my motivation. Not just for me, but for all. If you've been kicked, punched, pushed, mistreated, run into the ground or however it comes, she is living proof that you can always get back up and push forward, limp or no. She's a survivor. #PrillyStrong'



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