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Meet Price!  This young adult cutie patootie found himself at the Philly ACCT high kill shelter after being hit by a car.  Because the shelter could not provide appropriate vet care for him, he was placed on death row.  Then, CPAA rushed to his rescue and placed him in a wonderful foster home.  He was seen by our vet and thankfully, does not need surgery on his leg.  He just needs bandage changes every two weeks for the next month or so and then he will be good as new.

Price is fortunate to have a foster mom who is a trainer, so she has been working with him on obedience training and manners.  Price is a very good boy, and smart too!  He has already learned sit, paw, down, wait, look at me, come, and can sit on his mark.  He is learning to respect thresholds.  He is 100% potty trained and will verbally let you know when he has to go out.  He is a little unruly after a very rough start in life and a stressful shelter stay, so for now, it would be best if he was an only pet in an adult-only household.  Because he is young, an active home that likes to walk and hike would be great for him.

Adopter must be within a 60 mile radius of Harrisburg, PA.

Might you be the right person for Price?



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