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Jaida (formerly Potter) joined the HOPE Program on Friday 2/24/2023. She is approximately 7 years old and is sponsored by Canine Rescue of Central PA.  Jaida is joining the Program after she and her family worked REALLY hard to help her adjust to a new baby in the house.  Unfortunately, she prefers the companionship of older kids (10 years and over) to that of an infant or toddler.  Jaida has a HIGH PREY DRIVE and will give chase to small critters, so she shouldn’t live with cats, birds, guinea pigs, etc.  The smaller and squeakier, the more interested Jaida gets!   She and her family put in a lot of time and work, so she’s already a very well behaved girl.  She loves going for walks and hikes, but prefers not to be bombarded by off leash dogs.  After all, she’s a well mannered gal and expects her friends to be the same!

Jaida isn’t a fan of the vet’s office or the groomers, so her family trained her to be comfortable in a muzzle, and she wears it like a badge of honor!  She knows a lot of commands, so she’s definitely going to keep her handler on his toes as they work on some advanced obedience skills.  She also walks nicely on the leash, is food motivated (which helps with training), and isn’t generally nervous or anxious. She was very well behaved when meeting the HOPE Trainer for the first time and sat politely for petting and treats.  She even showed off with a few tricks!  We are super excited to bring this girl into the HOPE Dog Family!

3/17/2023. Jaida and her handler continue to build their bond, and it sounds like Jaida is making him work for it too!

Hello world it’s me Jaida! This week has been pretty cool for me! My handler is funny, I love being around him,!he makes me happy and I feel safe with him. As long as he is there, I feel like I can do anything from exploring new areas and even meeting new people! I made friends with Rocco and Finnegan and we all run along the fence line together chasing each other.  It’s super fun, but I would like everyone to know that I am the fastest! If one of the boys happens to beat me, it’s because I let him win 😉

This week another new dog joined us. His name is Chief. The first time I saw him I had to let him know this was my block (well, when Hazel isn’t around) and I told him he looked like a wonderful snack! But then I we started running together and I guess he’s okay for now.

The girls here are so mean towards me, we all just stare and bark at each other. The handlers tell me that once we get to know each other, they’ll quit staring. They said we don’t have to be friends but we have to learn to be around each other. The girls and I like to get into staring contests and then our handlers freak out when we start barking at each other. It’s super fun 😂🤣😂. I keep trying to tell my handler that I don’t care, I like the boys better, we get along so good!

Anyway, back to what I’m learning! My handler and I we go for walks daily. He’s starting to introduce me to new places and new people. Most of the people I meet have food for me, so that’s pretty cool. I also taught my handler to play fetch and chase! I fetch the ball and he chases me around to get it back. It’s my favorite game so far!

If you are interested in making Jaida a part of your family, she has a few requirements:  no kids under 10, and no other furry pets in the home.

3/10/2023  This week was a good week.  Jaida has overcome some of her fears and is more comfortable being out and about.  When I first got her she was very nervous being in the new environment.  Who could blame her?  But as the week went on, I could see her open up and tell she is a great dog.

Jaida has already made some dogs friends here.  Rocco is her favorite.  She also likes Finn.  She’ll run outside in the play yard with them, running back and forth along the fence.

Jaida loves attention, and I think she is already spoiled.  She won’t eat unless I sit with her.  When I leave my cell, she will stop whatever she is doing, go to the door, and sit and wait there until I return.

Yesterday, we had a power outage for a few hours.  I was laying on my bed and Jaida was laying on the floor next to me.  When the power suddenly came back on, I think it scared Jaida, and she jumped on the bed with me.  It was very cute.

Jaida’s training is going well.  She already knows basic commands like come, sit, stay, and wait.  I’m working with her to teach her more.

Jaida loves people.  She is warming up to everyone here, especially when they have treats to give her.  We all treat her like she’s a princess–Princess Jaida!

3/3/2023 Potter, now known as Jaida

On February 24, 2023 I got my new dog, her name is Potter. She’s a 7ish year old rottie mix.  We spent the first few days just getting to know each other and teach her her new name, Jaida.  She needed a new name that really showed she’s a beautiful and smart girl!  I quickly learned that one of her favorite things with me is getting scratches from her hips to her tail!  She’ll even back up against you, as if to say, “more please!”


I also learned that when I ask, “Do you want to go outside?” She will tilt her head to the side and starts wagging her tail super fast.


Outside she likes to play with the rope toys, but so far the ball seems to be her favorite.  She also really liked running up and down the fence with Rocco and Finnegan.  She didn’t know who she liked more!


Her first couple days here she was nervous around all the new people, but a few treats and strangers started to become friends.  She’s now happily greeting just about everyone!  Jaida is also starting to cuddle up with me too.  Everywhere I go she wants to be there too.  She is such a cool dog.


Jaida is looking for a home without other pets, as she can be choosy when it comes to sharing personal space.  She’d also really like a home with no babies or toddlers, she prefers older, calmer kids.  You can apply to adopt Jaida here: 



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