Penny is a sweet little terrier mix looking for a home. She has a long body similar to a dachshund’s. She’s about 6 years old and weighs approximately 20 pounds. Penny gets along with most dogs, especially dogs larger than she is, but she does have a high prey drive and cannot live with cats. She is crate-trained and loves to go for walks. Penny is going to work on sharpening up her basic obedience skills while with us.

Penny has been adopted!


This week we worked on good behaviors. When we leave for a walk, Penny knows she must sit before the leash gets put on or receiving a treat. She learned the down command really well and her stay from a distance has increased. When sitting with you, Penny does the cutest thing... When you start to pet her back, she will roll over automatically for you to rub her belly. So one night I was rubbing her belly and she fell asleep while I was doing it. This was after Penny returned from Woofstock so she was exhausted. She started to snore and make these little bark sounds. Her feet and legs were straight up in the air and when she started to dream, she was running and her legs were making the movements of running in the air. It was adorable. She also must have been dreaming about eating something because she kept opening and closing her mouth. Penny is so sweet and doesn’t have a bad bone in her body. She will never put her teeth on you and if she feels your hand, she stops immediately. She plays with her squeaky toy and just rolls around waiting to be loved. Be aware she loves to give kisses!


Throughout the past couple of weeks, I have learned a lot about Penny. She is an amazing dog that just wants to be loved. She is so content with either going out and playing fetch or just laying down and cuddling for the day. She loves attention and being petted but also will give you your space. She gets along with everyone and always has people stopping to pet her. They say she is the perfect lapdog, but I think she is perfect all around. Plus she only takes up like 12 inches in the bed when she curls into a ball! This week we have been working on her down command during distractions. In the cell, she is great at it but with distractions she kind of gets preoccupied with what’s going on around her. The biggest thing with Penny is if she doesn’t know you, she doesn’t trust you quite yet. She will still let you pet her, but she won’t do the down command or let you touch her paws until she knows you and feels comfortable. She knows sit, down, come, and stay. Once she’s bonded with you, she won’t leave your side. I really hope she gets a home soon because Penny doesn’t deserve to be here and just wants someone to love her!


For the last two weeks, Penny and I have been locked down. So we had a lot of time to bond and learn! Penny seems to be comfortable and feel safe here. She is showing her real character... Penny is amazing, super loving, and a great watch dog! She doesn’t mind curling up in bed and getting belly rubs all day. She loves to hop on her back legs and give you a hug when she is comfortable with you which is cute. Penny has learned sit and stay. Her focus is great. She became friends with Reggie and loves to play with him.


Penny is a great dog. She’s small and extremely loving. She’s the most loyal dog I’ve ever met. Penny is so smart and it hasn’t taken her long to pick up on things. She’s learned 'sit,' 'stay,' 'come,' and 'dance' so far. She is doing great with the other dogs, especially the big ones, who don’t really know what to do with her. She’s so tiny! Penny is not afraid to check them when they get too rough. She loves belly rubs and lets me know as soon as someone is outside of the cell door.



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