Ollie is an 8 month old, Redbone Coonhound who entered HOPE to learn some manners. So far his training is going great and Ollie is doing well with the ‘leave it’ and ‘out’ commands. He loves to play with other dogs. Ollie is a very sweet, goofy boy who brings joy to everyone he meets.


Ollie went out for a home visit with potential adopters this past Friday and I’m happy to say that they loved him and wanted him right then and there! Ollie will be going to his forever home this week and I’m so grateful to his new family. Once Ollie gets comfortable and settled into his new home and feels like part of the pack, I know he will feel like the luckiest dog around.
I would like to thank all of the HOPE program volunteers for their dedication to all the canines and our program here at SCI Camp Hill. Thank you for the trust you have given us with these dogs, your tireless efforts to make this program grow, and make it better each time you come in.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity in this program to be able to help train Ollie and Stewie over the past seven months. I am glad to have been trusted enough to be responsible for more than just myself. I have learned a lot from all of you and I hope that some of my previous dog training done in another state prison has been helpful to the other handlers here. Having my two dogs get adopted has been an accomplishment for me and a way for me to help give something positive back to society.
To all of the HOPE Program followers—Thank you for keeping up with our dogs here. Please tell your loved ones, friends, and acquaintances about these dogs and the need to place all of them in forever homes.


This past week Ollie and I have been working on greeting people and having him auto-sit whenever we are out and I stop with him. Early in the a.m., Ollie is fully recharged and just wants to go...anywhere!!! His rear end torques so much sometimes he gets off-balance. Once he is able to release some of his energy, he won’t jump up on people as much as earlier in the day. He just gets so…excited and wiggles around so much. It must be nice to be young and full of energy! His auto sit needs much work. If the ground is cool, wet, or tall grass he’s not having it. He will give me his sad puppy eyes which I still fall for every now and then. Generally when we are out on leash, he has his nose glued to the ground sniffing everything and anything and it’s hard to get his attention. He tries to bully me around—likes to do what he wants to do at all times. I will often give him my 'I’m not fooling around look' and he knows when I do this he better get with my program. At the end of the day is when Ollie is at his best. He listens very well and is very affectionate.


We have just been released from a state wide lockdown and I have kept Ollie outdoors all day long in the rain. I tried to keep Ollie as active as I could playing in our cell during that time, but it’s not the same as being able to run off leash outdoors.
When we have our weekly training session, Ollie is on his best behavior because he gets lots of yummy treats. I wish he would act this way 24/7. He knows that he can’t get away with bad behavior when I’m around, but he’ll try to push the buttons and temporarily forget his manners for other people sometimes. He’s lucky he’s cute!


Ollie has been going out now twice a week to visit other housing units and really enjoys himself. He is loved by all here at Camp Hill! His best play friend, Gia, found her forever home and he misses her terribly. When we walk by her old room, Ollie will look for her. When he sees the new dog, Penny, it confuses him - more so when he sees Gia’s handler with a different dog. Ollie has so much personality and is such a good boy. He is hard to keep focused, especially if you have him doing something that he doesn’t like or when he gets bored. Some days he doesn’t want to leave my side and other days he just wants to be left alone. After spending a day on training and going out for a visit, it takes him a day to get rested up and not be grumpy. When he is grumpy, he will bark and act like a you know what and that is what I love about his personality. Whoever steps up and adopts Ollie will forever be happy that they did. He is ready for his chance!


Ollie is such a happy-go-lucky dog! His long legs cause him much awkwardness and it’s soooo hard not to laugh at him. If he’s running too fast, he generally will fall if he tries to turn too sharply. If he has an itch on his neck or along the sides of his body, he will fall over if he tries to scratch it while standing. He runs like a fawn—it’s almost like he prances. He’s so goofy and that’s what I and everyone who knows Ollie love about him. When he’s playing with the girls, Gia, Khloe, or Zoey, he will start making these funny noises like 'arrr,' like he’s trying to speak to them. It is so funny and sometimes he’ll keep doing it for a long time. Ollie plays very well with them and vice versa. He will basically keep his energy level at the same as who he’s playing with. The other dogs will go for his long legs or his long ears to nibble on. I have not yet needed to give Ollie a correction for playing too hard with another dog. He’s still not that crazy about our newest pack member, Diesel. If another one of the dogs starts to bark at him, Ollie will go off the deep end! I believe with time that they will get along and even play together, but I hope someone will give Ollie his forever home.


Ollie has been his usual overly-excitable puppy this week. He really enjoys lying down with my fan blowing on him on these hot, humid days and nights. The heat drains him quickly and I limit how long we stay out when it’s tropical-like weather. It’s really nice seeing Ollie play with Gia, Khloe, and Zoey on leash all at the same time. None of them get jealous or overly excited. Ollie loves to 'flop' a lot when playing because the other dogs have figured out that if they take out his front legs, he’ll go down and it’s easier for them to wrestle around. He is getting better when he sees Diesel and is not barking as much at him. He will really get going if Diesel starts barking first. Diesel has a deeper bark and I believe Ollie is intimidated by this. Ollie looks forward to going out on Friday afternoons to visit some of the other housing units here. He loves all the attention that he gets and all of the treats. Ollie really enjoys eating apples and bananas! He has been really good around all the guys and staff here—everyone loves on him. He’s still a little mouthy but nothing hard. He’s not jumping up on people as much, other than the HOPE volunteers. He goes bonkers when he sees them and will act a fool until they acknowledge him and give him a treat! He will shake with excitement and whine until they spend a moment with him. Ollie demands attention and will bark and act 'pouty' until he gets it. He is such a good boy and is very deserving of a forever home with someone who will give him their attention, love, and lots of exercise.


Ollie has been excitable as ever this past week! We have an officer who shares his SlimJim when he’s working with Ollie and he goes completely nuts when he sees this guy come in. Ollie gets so excited that it’s hard for him to sit and wait for his treat. When we are out in the dog runs, Ollie will jump up and stick his head out of the opening in the door to lick the officer. He will not listen to me at all because he gets so excited. It’s difficult to get him to focus on something else. He gets like this when women are around also—he goes crazy! Ollie started getting into our doggie pool finally. He had been scared of it and wouldn’t go near it. Now he goes over to it and very slowly will put one paw in, then two, and finally the back legs. The water is only about six inches deep and he acts like it’s six feet. Playing fetch with a popped basketball seems to be the most fun for Ollie. In between this, we play tug-of-war and he will shake the ball and prance around with it. When he starts to bark (when he gets bored), I will toss treats or kibble and tell Ollie to 'find it.' He’s more visual with the treats rather than using his nose, which is funny because he’s a hound dog.


Ollie has had a very good week and seems to be 'calming' down a little bit with getting excited. We have been working on 'leave it' and he’s doing very well with it. He’s struggling when we are walking and I toss a treat on the ground. He wants to pull me right to it and if it’s a short distance, he snatches it with his long giraffe-like neck! When he’s in a 'down,' I am able to put a tasty treat on each of his front paws without him eating them, waiting for me to give him another treat. We were asked to try and not tell the dogs NO. When they do something that they shouldn’t be doing, redirect their attention and 'treat and praise.' This has been a little difficult with Ollie because he is still a puppy. I see where this is less confusing for Ollie because saying, 'NO' is so vague. Our main issue is that he’s always sniffing the ground and everything apparently tastes yummy to Ollie! Ollie and Zoey still love playing together and it is a good way for them to burn off energy. Ollie makes funny noises when he’s playing and everyone who is around will just laugh.


Oh Ollie! This guy has been a handful this past week. He goes completely bonkers whenever he sees a female! He gets to barking and jumping up on his rear legs and trying to pull me so he can get to them. He gets so excited, jumping around and whining. It's difficult for him to calm down. Even after a long day outdoors, running around off leash, he still gets wild. Ollie definitely needs a human who can spend a lot of time giving him plenty of exercise. It's tough with all the rain that we have been getting because we are very limited on going outside and when we do it's generally just for a quick bathroom break. We play tug-of-war in the cell to give him as much of a workout as I can.


Ollie, Khloe, and Dexter went on visitation last Friday. Handsome Ollie is doing well greeting new people and really enjoys the social time. We continue to work on not jumping to greet, but this gets better every week. He was exhausted afterward! Over the weekend, Ollie and Khloe enjoyed themselves off leash for the first time and had a great game of tag. Ollie also worked with Calvin's handler, Calvin, and myself on loose leash walking. Ollie gets bored when he's alone, so having Calvin working with us helped keep him engaged. Also, as suggested by one of the volunteer trainers, I kept varying my pace and that made him pay more attention to me. Ollie is doing so well in his crate while I'm at work. Occasionally they say he will whine a little, but it only lasts a couple of minutes and then he settles down. When Ollie is really excited he does struggle with impulse control, but once he settles down, he is doing really well with his commands!


Ollie has been very stubborn this week, probably due to the hot, humid weather. It has been too hot to take out to the yard to run around as he enjoys zooming around off leash. We've taken short walks and let him play with Gia, Calvin, Zoey, and Khloe but we only stay out for short periods at a time. We are still working with Ollie about planting and not jumping on people to greet them. We've seen a lot of improvement, but sometimes his impulses get the better of him. He's a hard-headed hound and tries to be demanding. His 'sit-stay' and 'down-stay' are good, but sometimes I have to use my 'dad' voice for him to realize it's not play time. I've been working with him on 'stand,' but once he stands, he wants to move. His long legs just keep going, and sometimes he still trips over them when he's walking. Ollie's favorite activity is when I toss about small treats and ask him to 'Find it!' Heavier treats work best. I can toss them far and he loves using his nose to search.


Ollie has settled in here with me. This past week he has been really well-behaved. He loves to be outside and can be demanding when he wants to go out. At first I thought he had to go potty, but really he just wants to get out and run around. He gets excited really easily and sometimes will still jump on people, but it's not as frequent as it was when he first arrived. We've been working on 'sit-stay' and 'down-stay.' When treats are involved he does very well, but when the treats run out... Uh-oh! He loves apples and bananas and I'll use them as treats for him too. He has been running around with the two new dogs here and we still call him 'Crazy Legs.' He and Zoey have had a lot of fun this week. Also this week, he has gotten noticeably better with willingly going into his crate and not crying as much when I leave him. Ollie has figured out the schedule here and as I write this he is starting to whine and pace to go out because it is almost yard time. Ollie is a fun dog who would fit well with a family that loves to exercise outdoors.


We have been working on meeting and greeting people this week. Ollie likes to jump up when meeting new people and this is not acceptable. Having him sit before the greeting is starting to help. Ollie gets so excited and it's hard to keep him focused on the task at hand. He is much happier being outside than indoors. All he wants to do is sniff, sniff, sniff... And why not? He's got the hound dog nose! Ollie doesn't seem to enjoy being petted a lot. He gets annoyed and moves away when someone tries to give him affection. On the other hand, he likes licking people and leaning on them. He is starting to get some good muscle tone and his legs are able to support his body so he's not quite as clumsy. When he runs we all call him Crazy Legs! Out in the dog yard, where we take the leash off, he loves to chase Gia and he barks non-stop at her. He and Calvin will also chase each other and play together with a lot less barking. He's beginning to dig a little and gets upset when I discourage this. He does love to roam the perimeters with his nose to the ground and I guess this is what he was born to do. He is getting so much better with the 'out' command and enjoys playing with a solid rubber ball. He is starting to play fetch and bring it back to me regularly.


Ollie arrived to the HOPE program on June 7, 2018. As soon as we were inside the cell and the door closed he did not like it. He was trying to get on top of his crate and scratch at the door. He started to whine and I ignored the whining. After about 10 minutes he relaxed just a little and started sniffing around. At first, he didn't like being in his crate when I would have to leave. He would whine and bark some. I started covering the crate with a blanket to make it feel safe and so he couldn't see out when the door popped. This seems to work well. Now when I leave they say he will whine for a little bit, but stop after a few minutes. Now he seems not to mind going in his crate, especially if we've been out to the yard for exercise after dinner. He has some resource guarding issues with toys, so we will work on this. I give him the 'Out' command and he is starting to let go of his toy. When he lets it go he gets lots of praise and a treat. Then I give him his toy back. I've been doing this 10-15 times, five times a day, and it is working out well. Ollie's 'sit' and 'down' are good and we will start working on 'leave it' next. Ollie isn't completely comfortable with handling and petting, but he has only been here five days and he's still adjusting. He loves to run around with Gia and he'll bark at her to get her going. He's not very coordinated yet and we call him 'crazy legs' when he's running.



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