Neiko is working on his stays and is good with auto-sit. I gave Neiko his first bath and had no issues. He behaved very well. He loves to eat slices of apples and surprisingly oranges. Sometimes when Neiko naps, he snores or barks and runs in his sleep. When he wakes up after a dream, he looks around like he expects to see another dog or person. Wish we knew what he was dreaming about!


Neiko is continuing to acclimate to this environment. He is still a little jumpy and doesn’t like loud noises. I believe that with time he will come around, but it would be great for him to get adopted soon. Neiko is so cute when he sleeps with his face covered in his front feet. He is such a bed hog, pushing me with his feet and head and waking me up hanging off the edge of the bed. He is good friends with Shadow. Neiko loves to carry a tennis ball around in his mouth. It seems to boost his confidence and it’s adorable to see.


Neiko is ever so slowly becoming accustomed to his new environment. He is still overwhelmed when everyone is out in the day room all at once. He is less jumpy when there aren’t a ton of people around. Neiko is a loving dog and very smart. He has learned auto-sit, sit/stay, and down/stay while training in the dog yard. He has a harder time performing these tasks with distractions so we’ll be working on that. He loves to play fetch and his stamina has improved. When I leave the cell, I put him in his crate with toys. If I happen to leave anything within his reach, he will pull it into the crate with him. My towels, shower shoes, and boot strings are not safe! Haha


Neiko is getting accustomed to his new environment one day at a time. He is still nervous when there are a lot of people moving around and it’s noisy on the tier, but I already see progress compared to his first week here. He has made friends with some of the other dogs, but we are still working on his initial greetings with dogs. He loves to play fetch and is working on his sit/stay and down/stay. Neiko seems to warm up to women more quickly than men and loves the HOPE ladies who come in.


Neiko has bonded very quickly to me. He likes to curl into a ball with his head against me when he sleeps. Neiko is a very sweet dog and he loves to play fetch. He brings the ball back and releases it easily. Neiko knows limited basic command skills. He knows sit and shake and we will work on teaching him more skills. Neiko is very smart and he’s already learning down, stay, and auto-sit as well as loose leash walking. Neiko is timid on the housing unit and around strangers when it’s noisy and everyone is out. Over time, I hope he will become more confident as he acclimates to his new surroundings. There are many staff members showing interest in Neiko so I don’t expect him to be here too long as he is a beautiful dog. When we play fetch, he does this little ball shake with the ball in his front teeth that is too cute. Neiko needs to learn how to greet other dogs. He wants to play, but his behaviors rub some of the dogs the wrong way. The other handlers and I are working on training Neiko to meet other dogs in a calmer fashion so hopefully he’ll have some dog friends soon.



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