Neiko is 2 years old and he weighs about 60lbs. His family dealt with some very sad circumstances that led to Neiko being surrendered.  Neiko is very sweet and loves to cuddle with his people. He loves his tennis ball and watches TV sometimes. Neiko is working on learning basic obedience commands and figuring out that the world can be a safe place.


Neiko is in forever foster care.


Neiko got lucky and we were able to get him a spot with a room & board trainer, so he has left the prison and is getting the royal treatment! Lucky dog!


I played with Neiko in the dog yard a lot this week. He is very happy to be completely off of his activity restriction. Neiko plays fetch for awhile and then he will follow me as I walk around the yard. He sits and waits for me as I do some pull ups. He cocks his head trying to figure out what in the world I am doing. Today, Neiko dug out all of his chew toys and put them on my bed. It was my turn to cock my head trying to figure out what in the world he was doing.


Neiko is so happy to finally be off his activity restriction. He played fetch and slowed down after only a few throws. He is out of shape. He hasn't played with his buddy Ace yet because I want to be sure Neiko is fully healed before they roughhouse. My back is a little stiff this morning because Neiko decided that he wanted to sleep in the middle of the bed last night.


Neiko is going a little stir crazy due to his activity restrictions. He had a very small lump removed that was thankfully not any type of cancer, but he has a few stitches there. We went out to the dog runs and played fetch, but I could tell that he wanted to run for real. He got the zoomies the other day and ran around in circles as I spun round and round on the other end of the leash. I almost fell over because I was so dizzy.


Okay America, I'm not too sure how this dude pulled it off but Neiko got one off on me. For the past week, I've had him in my cell because his regular handler was away. The thing is, he allows Neiko to sleep in the bed with him. I don't....I'm too big and Neiko is roughly 75lbs. There just isn't enough room, plus, only Pepper (I miss you dude) could get a spot on the bunk with me.
Last night, the dude Neiko tried me a few times only to get denied. He would sneak over to the bunk and try to crawl up. I would give him a quick no and he would wander off, but last night he pulled it off. I woke up and the dude was at the foot of my bunk, sleeping like a baby. I mean, homeboy didn't move when I got up. He just laid there like he owned the joint. I'll be honest, I left him there only because he looked so sad. FYI, he's still there. It's now about 7-7:30 am.


So this week I've been dog sitting Neiko. Cool dog but he tends to get nervous, very nervous and I felt badly for him earlier today. I had him in front of the cell during dayroom just trying to socialize him with other people when some guy was running down the steps and almost fell. As soon as he got to the bottom of the stairs, he made a loud noise by running into one of the tables. Listen, Neiko took off so fast. I don't think he even knew how fast he was moving. He ran into the wall, bounces off of me then beelines into the cage. Neiko comes back out out of the cell but only sticks his head out to see what was going on. I'm petting him and trying to console the dude. It must've worked because he eventually came back out onto the tier.


Neiko is loving the warmer weather. We spend the afternoon outside in the dog runs. Neiko and Tawny play together in the runs. He takes it easy on her compared to how he plays with Ace. They love to play rough together. Tawny will nudge him with her nose until Neiko plays with her, play bowing and running around.


Neiko and Ace loved playing in the snow nonstop for about an hour. Afterwards, it was nap time for Neiko. We played fetch in the backyard and Neiko would lose the ball in the deep snow. He would run around searching for the ball, shoving his face into the snow. He would stop and look back at me with his face covered in snow. It was so funny. I'm really going to miss him when he finally gets adopted.


Neiko went out to the dog yard and played fetch. We also worked on his stays and leave its. Last night, I brought back some pork from dinner and he responded well to all of his commands. He's a very smart boy. Neiko and Tawny went to see the vet and behaved nicely. Yesterday, Neiko crawled under the bed to get a toy and when he came out with his rope, he bumped his head. He dropped his rope and looked at me with a goofy look as if to ask what happened. It was hilarious.


Neiko and Ace roughhoused in the dog yard and afterwards both had to be bathed. They had mud all over them. They are so funny. When they both have a soccer ball in their mouths and hear something, they freeze but hold onto the ball. Neiko is a great cuddle bug and lately, I've been waking up in the middle of the night with cold feet because Neiko is rolled up in all of the blankets. Gotta love him. He will make someone very happy.


Whether it’s playing with Ace, Tawny, or just playing fetch, Neiko loves the snow and has a blast playing in it. He is an awesome foot warmer and he loves to sleep under the covers. Neiko is so smart. He has learned to bow in just a matter of days. Neiko will make a family very happy so hopefully someone will adopt him soon.


Neiko is still jumpy with sudden noise and movement, but we are working on desensitizing him and making him more comfortable. Neiko has made friends with Tawny who comes over every night to visit. It is so funny watching him play bow for her while they interact. Neiko changes when he is outside and becomes more confident.
I’ve become more firm with him and hopefully he will respond. Neiko is a very smart dog. He knows how to behave but is selective in doing so. He has an independent side that can be quite trying at times.


Neiko really wants to be friends with the new dogs, Tawny and Sam. He wants to play so badly that he gets so excited and vocal to the point that it causes tension between them. Neiko and Tawny are okay, but it will take some time to see if he and Sam will become buddies or not. Neiko has made a new human friend in here. He became his friend over a four day period by brushing him. Neiko is now shiny and feels soft.


Neiko loves playing in the snow so we're making the most of it and having as much fun as possible. Because he is still a little uncomfortable in this environment, it's important that he has things to do and places he can be in here where he feels safe so it's good that he enjoys the snow as much as he does. There's a lot of stimulus in here with the crowds of strangers and constant noise so it's impossible to avoid, but I do the best I can to put him in situations that don't overwhelm him. Neiko is so funny. Whenever I leave him out of his crate and leave the cell, he'll pop his head out of the door and look for me. He doesn't run out which surprises me. I laugh every time he does it. He’s always peeking.


Neiko and Ace played in the dog yard this week and boy, did they get muddy roughhousing and playing tug of war in the snow together. They had a lot of fun, but it was quite the mess to clean up afterwards. Haha.
Neiko is still skittish during block out, but he has mastered the stairs. Sometimes when we come out of the cell, he wants to go upstairs. He has 3 or 4 friends that we go visit so it's really good that he is initiating socializing with others.


Neiko and Ace went to the dog yard together and had a blast as they romped around like crazy. It was so good to see Neiko having fun. Neiko has overcome his fear of the stairs and now actually initiates trips up them. He has a couple of people friends here that can touch him, but he is still wary of people he doesn’t know. I really hope that his second home visit goes well so he can get out of here and live with his forever family.


Neiko has been getting acquainted with a new handler which is great because he needs to meet new people in order to help him get more comfortable. Neiko has walked up and down the stairs every day this week. We rewarded him with treats and praise for his accomplishment. Neiko tries to engage Harry to play, but Harry only plays when Harry feels like it. Neiko loves it when his friends stop by to play or just say hello.


Neiko loves to play fetch, but he has begun holding onto the ball so we are working on having him release the ball on command. He likes to watch a show on TV called Too Cute. He cocks his head when the puppies cry and stares at the TV. Sometimes he lays with his paws crossed and looks so content.


Neiko has a family interested in adopting him! They met him once so far and everything went pretty well. He’s going to go out for another visit to spend more time with the family and their pets. I was told that Neiko went up to one of their cats with his tail wagging and kissed the cat’s nose. He also gave the little boy plenty of kisses. I’m so proud of Neiko and really hope this works out for him. I know he’ll be happier in a home than he is here in the prison because it’s so noisy.


This week Neiko played fetch with a tennis ball in the dog yard and romped around with Harry. Neiko enjoys roughhousing with some of the other dog handlers too. He has a few guys that he likes in here who pet him who aren’t apart of HOPE. Poor Neiko still isn’t a fan of loud noises and cowers sometimes when he’s startled. He needs a nice, quiet home and I hope he finds one soon.


Neiko loves to curl up into a ball under the covers and take naps. He loves his belly rubs and chest scratches. He enjoys playing fetch and has started playing tug of war with the ball. He and Ace like to roughhouse together in the big dog yard. It’s so cute watching Neiko play fetch because of how he runs with his really long legs. I think he might be part boxer. He’s so happy when he plays fetch. He always looks like he’s smiling with his tongue flopped out to the side.


Neiko loves to interact with myself and the other dog handlers, but he’s still a little unsure of staff members. He’s a really smart dog. Neiko knows my schedule so well that he puts himself into the crate automatically when he knows it’s time for me to leave to eat. I can’t leave him out because he likes my flip flops a little too much...I’m on my second pair right now haha. Neiko loves to snuggle and he’s a bed hog! This is not the place for him and I hope someone adopts Neiko soon.


Neiko is working on his stays and is good with auto-sit. I gave Neiko his first bath and had no issues. He behaved very well. He loves to eat slices of apples and surprisingly oranges. Sometimes when Neiko naps, he snores or barks and runs in his sleep. When he wakes up after a dream, he looks around like he expects to see another dog or person. Wish we knew what he was dreaming about!


Neiko is continuing to acclimate to this environment. He is still a little jumpy and doesn’t like loud noises. I believe that with time he will come around, but it would be great for him to get adopted soon. Neiko is so cute when he sleeps with his face covered in his front feet. He is such a bed hog, pushing me with his feet and head and waking me up hanging off the edge of the bed. He is good friends with Shadow. Neiko loves to carry a tennis ball around in his mouth. It seems to boost his confidence and it’s adorable to see.


Neiko is ever so slowly becoming accustomed to his new environment. He is still overwhelmed when everyone is out in the day room all at once. He is less jumpy when there aren’t a ton of people around. Neiko is a loving dog and very smart. He has learned auto-sit, sit/stay, and down/stay while training in the dog yard. He has a harder time performing these tasks with distractions so we’ll be working on that. He loves to play fetch and his stamina has improved. When I leave the cell, I put him in his crate with toys. If I happen to leave anything within his reach, he will pull it into the crate with him. My towels, shower shoes, and boot strings are not safe! Haha


Neiko is getting accustomed to his new environment one day at a time. He is still nervous when there are a lot of people moving around and it’s noisy on the tier, but I already see progress compared to his first week here. He has made friends with some of the other dogs, but we are still working on his initial greetings with dogs. He loves to play fetch and is working on his sit/stay and down/stay. Neiko seems to warm up to women more quickly than men and loves the HOPE ladies who come in.


Neiko has bonded very quickly to me. He likes to curl into a ball with his head against me when he sleeps. Neiko is a very sweet dog and he loves to play fetch. He brings the ball back and releases it easily. Neiko knows limited basic command skills. He knows sit and shake and we will work on teaching him more skills. Neiko is very smart and he’s already learning down, stay, and auto-sit as well as loose leash walking. Neiko is timid on the housing unit and around strangers when it’s noisy and everyone is out. Over time, I hope he will become more confident as he acclimates to his new surroundings. There are many staff members showing interest in Neiko so I don’t expect him to be here too long as he is a beautiful dog. When we play fetch, he does this little ball shake with the ball in his front teeth that is too cute. Neiko needs to learn how to greet other dogs. He wants to play, but his behaviors rub some of the dogs the wrong way. The other handlers and I are working on training Neiko to meet other dogs in a calmer fashion so hopefully he’ll have some dog friends soon.



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