Maxwell is a stunning young guy, approximately 2 years old, 75 lbs, with a fun & endearing personality. He was found wandering the streets in Philadelphia, looking for a bite to eat and place to lay his big, gorgeous head. The staff at ACCT fell in love with his helper-dog personality and recommended him to the Hounds of Prison Education program. Being just a young teenagery kinda guy who wasn’t accustomed to living in a human house, they thought he could benefit from some human bonding and learning a few manners to make him even more loveable. He has gotten just that in the HOPE program and is so ready to be a part of your family! Maxwell does well with other dogs and enjoys human affection. He would be a great fit for an active owner or a family who has other dogs, since he is a young and active boy looking for playmates! Maxwell has learned many basic commands and does very well with  loose leash walking. His photos just don’t capture his gorgeous coat and eyes, and they sure don’t capture the essence of his sweet, playful soul! But we’ll keep trying!


Max & I continued maintaining the tricks & commands he already knows. He has come so far from week 1 where he wouldn't sit. He will be leaving us on Saturday, so these are the last couple of days hanging out with this great dog that is going to make a lot of people happy. I imagine he will bring a lot of laughs and smiles! #MaxwellMadeParole


Max is so friendly with all of the dogs here. He finally played with Ace, the last dog out of the bunch. When Max & I are walking on leash, he doesn't pull much anymore. Even when he sees other dogs he will sit down and want to see if I will let them play. Big Boss does the same thing when they see each other. It's so cool to watch dogs grow as the weeks go by.


Maxwell has really been enjoying the 3 newest dogs. He is a lot bigger than Prilly, Ribbit, and Big Boss, but he knows how to play with them anyway. He treats each of them differently and they all seem to adore him! He still craves human attention and sometimes still squeal barks to get attention, especially from the people he knows well, but he is smart enough to know that if he is sitting and patient he will get more attention. We've also worked on recalls this week so that even if he is playing with the other dogs, he will come when I call his name. He's getting this much more often now and it's been exciting to watch him become such an obedient boy!



Maxwell & I have been working on the chin command. When I say, 'Chin' he lays his big head on my hand. I've realized just how big and heavy his block is! He is a gentle giant though and has started to become more vocal when he sees people he knows. It's less of a bark and more like a 'Wooo Wooo!'


We spent a lot of time playing outside with Toad this week! Those guys are besties and we're sure going to miss him when he leaves for his forever home in a couple of weeks. We are pretty sure that's going to happen, so we're trying to play as much as we can. This week I was sitting at my desk doing school work and Max decides it's time to play. He goes into his crate and brings out all of toys, one by one, and puts them in my lap. He's looking at me like, 'Come on guy, it's time to play!' He's such a social dude and when he's able will lay down with his head just outside the cell door, watching everyone and looking for attention. He also likes to sleep on my bunk and hog the bed! But it's not all work and no play. This week we worked on recall and he's getting it! He knows his name and will come when called.


We had a good week with a lot of playtime with Toad. We also did some running this week, but it didn't tire him out enough as he decided to chew up my bath towel while I was at lunch. I came back to find he had dragged my towel into his crate and shredded it! His big head just looking at me so proud and please to see me. I couldn't even be mad, even though he is a stinker. In another incident this week, he was laying on my bed playing with a ball and farted so loud he scared himself! He jumped up, dropped the ball, looked behind him, looked back at me like, 'What was THAT?' He looked so surprised like that had never happened to him before! It was seriously funny! This week we've been working on stay and wait, taking treats gently, and walking nicely on the leash. He gets a gold star on the stays & waits, but the treats and loose leash walking are a work in progress.


This week Maxwell worked on stay and paw. He got the paw part down, but the stay is a work in progress. Max loves doing commands for treats. We have been working on loose leash walking, so he doesn't pull me like a snow dog with a sled. He also got a bath this week and loved playing in the water! He nibbled at the stream from the house and splashed around with a big grin on his face. He's such a playful pup that likes to fetch ball, run, jump and do his antics, all with the ball in his mouth. He played around with the Toad too, rolling in the grass and wrestling. Maxwell enjoys greeting people in the prison, it doesn't matter who they are, and he's doing better not jumping up on people. He is learning to sit nicely and wait for their attention.


Meet Maxwell! He arrived last week and this young guy has won hearts already. He's around 70 lbs of fun! He's also really smart and knows how to sit, down, stand and touch in just a couple of days.






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