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Mason is a two-year-old Cane Corso and Neapolitan Mastiff mix.  He is a gorgeous buff color with hazel eyes, and even though he may not look like it in his photo, this boy is TALL!  Mason is a wonderful dog, but he would do best as an only pet, as he does not like to share the spotlight with other pets.  He just wants to be the only furry love of your life!  Mason also requires a prescription diet for his IBS, which also includes a very limited treat selection, so its great that he loves peanut butter, sweet potatoes, cheese, and his food, as those are the only things he can have without causing gastro-intestinal issues.  This issue is something that his future family will need to pay close attention to and be able to provide the veterinary prescription diet food for the rest of Mason’s life.

01/14/2022  Exciting news for Mason!  He had a home visit this week and will be going to his forever home next week!  Mason got a bunch of new toys and had so much fun squeaking and chewing those!  Mason has been a great dog and a fast learner.  He really is a “gentle giant,” and I am really going to miss the big lug.  He is the best dog I’ve had since my time in the HOPE program.

01/07/2022  This week the Counselor took Mason and I on a walk about the facility and Mason did great!  We went to the infirmary and Mason was showing off his cool tricks!  It’s seems as though everyone loves Mason, even if they’re not dog-lovers.  All we heard during our trip was, “Wow he is so smart!”, “He is so handsome”, “I want him!”  Mason definitely knows how to put a smile on a lot of faces, and really that’s his best “trick” making everyone fall in love with him.

12/29/2021 Mason had a blast this week running around and playing in the snow!  He was catching and eating the snowflakes as they fell from the sky. He also enjoyed catching snowballs!  He loved that they would break apart in his mouth.  Mason is ready for his forever home, as he knows all his basic cues and honestly just wants to please the person holding the leash.  He is such a GREAT dog!!!

12/22/2021 Mason wanted to give a BIG THANKS to Diamond this week!  Mason & Diamond have been playing off leash and Mason loves it!  Allowing them to play has really saved Mason’s handler some knee and back pain because now he’s not the only running around with Mason.  The handlers still have to keep a very close eye on the play and they keep the play sessions short and sweet with lots of breaks because Mason can be very picky with his doggie playmates.

After one play session, he was COVERED in mud, and the dog wipes were NO MATCH for a mud covered Mason! So…he had his first bath!!!  🛁 Two of our other dog handlers took the lead for this because Mason’s handler didn’t want Mason to be mad at him! 😂😂😂 And it worked!  They reported on Mason’s bathtime progress, while his handler waited outside the door.  HUGE thanks to those guys for handling this boy and showing him that bathtime doesn’t have to be scary!

12/15/2021 Mason likes pulling pranks on people even though he may not even be aware he is doing so!  He loves going up to people, sitting down, and then hikes his hind leg up and over their leg and everyone pushes him away because it looks like he is about to PEE ON THEM! 😂 But he doesn’t!  He just really likes to have belly resting on your leg while he’s getting pets!  It makes me laugh every time he gets someone with that trick!

He’s getting better with his “auto-sits” for people greeting and better with going to his crate, which we call “crate up!”  Now we just have to work on getting him to come back out of his crate without looking so sad that he was in there in the first place!

12/10/2021 Mason is such a GREAT DOG!  I enjoy him so much.  There’s so many cool things that he does, it would take a whole page to list them all!  I love that when I leave him in the cell that he doesn’t chew any of my stuff; he listens to his commands with ease; if he needs to out, he will come up and nudge my arm.  He has really enjoyed Diamond too!  They play everyday.  His newest thing that he discovered is my bed.  5 Weeks in and now he jumps up on my bed to hang out.  He is a great dog!  Whoever adopts him will fall in love with him right away.

This week we worked on maintaining all of his commands, how long he can hold a position, with and without distractions, with and without distance between us and he’s doing amazingly well!  We’re still working on people greetings, but he’s getting better at sitting, calming down, and then going over to “say hi”.  He’ll be ready for his forever home soon.

12/03/2021 Mason has been starting to really come out of his shell and let his personality shine!  He has become more vocal this week; I swear he speaks English! When I tell him to sit and he really doesn’t want to, he’ll look at me and breathe out, making his cheeks flap.  I swear, it’s like he’s saying, “Whyyyyyyyyy?”  His wiggle butt will already be on the floor sitting.  He also, after four weeks, finally got to play with another dog, Diamond!  Since it was their first time, they were on leash, but he loved it!  Mason has finally met his match when it comes to ENERGY!

He is also becoming a PRO at Touch/Target, which currently is putting his paws on the wall.  Soon he’ll be able to turn lights on and off!  He also learned to bow this week too–he’s a real gentleman.  He’s still not a fan of bath time or nail trims, so we’re working on muzzle training, and he’s really enjoying all the peanut butter involved in that!  And for a dog that doesn’t like water, he doesn’t seem to mind soaking me with his DROOL!

11/26/2021 When Mason first got here I was told, “He really doesn’t like water.”  So for the past two weeks I have been keeping him clean with dog wipes.  But yesterday, I decided to lather up some dog shampoo on a wash cloth to give him a bird bath…OH MY!!! He started jumping, bucking around like the world was ending.  I may have gone a little too heavy with the water on the washcloth.  But we learned an important lesson this week:

Dog Wipes ✅

Wet Washcloth ❌ ❌ ❌

11/19/2021 Mason had a great week!  He got to play with Comet for a little but realized that Comet can’t match his energy.  Mason is also super-duper smart!!!  He learned to give his “paw” this week and another handler taught him to walk up and down the stairs.  So now every day we make our rounds to the counselors’ offices.  Mason also has made great steps on “staying” and “waiting.”  All the handlers have been putting in a lot of time (and cheese sticks) this week, and it is really starting to show.  Mason’s new thing is the Kong filled with peanut butter and dog food.  He ends up putting the Kong in my boot so he doesn’t have to hold it with his paws!  SUPER-DUPER SMART!!!

We’re still working on jumping up when he meets people, and mouthing when playing.  It’s something we will continue to work on while he’s in HOPE.

11/12/2021 Mason had a VERY busy first week with HOPE. He met all of the HOPE handlers and Prison Staff this week and he seemed to love all the attention! But brace yourself because this boy is a leaner! Mason is a large boy, and he leans into you with his whole body! Mason also discovered the other HOPE dog, Comet, this week and they’re becoming fast friends too. It’s important to make sure each dog is comfortable with the other so we’ll do a lot of walking and interactions through a fence first, but we have play date scheduled in the near future and everyone is excited! Mason already knows a lot of cues like “sit,” “down,” “wait,” and his name. He’s not the biggest fan of hanging out in his crate, but he’s getting better, and he’ll likely get more comfortable as he settles in to his new digs. Look for more Mason updates in the coming weeks!


11/05/2021 Mason joined HOPE today and was such a trooper!  He marched in like he knew he was going to run the place!  To say his handler was ecstatic to meet him, would be an understatement!!!  Everyone was so surprised at how tall and long Mason is, as his pictures are very misleading.  We’re all looking forward to learning more about this handsome hunk!



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