Luna will be joining HOPE on January 7, 2022.  She’s another large breed girl, a 75lbs Greate Dane mix.  She loves people and other dogs, but has been overlooked time and time again with her rescue.  With a little work, HOPE feels that she’ll become the Gentle Giant she’s meant to be.  Follow along with her story in the coming weeks!

01/21/2022  This week, we worked on sit, stay, down, leave it, meeting new people, visiting a new location, and walking on loose leash.  So, it was an action-packed week!  I have also been working with a halti head collar for Luna, and she is getting better with it.  It really decreases the amount of pulling while on walks.  We are also working on her jumping on people to greet them.  She likes everyone so much that she is over-exuberant!  Luna loves to play and run around.  She likes to be petted and gives great hugs.  Luna is a great dog and friend!

01/14/2022  Luna’s first week in HOPE went pretty well.  We spent the week getting to know each other and on basic obedience.  Luna is a quick learner, and she will progress very well.  Luna is a great dog.  She is kind to me and everyone she meets.  She likes to stay close to me and also to the other handlers.  I gave her gold stars this week for how great she was meeting new people!  She loves to play in the yard outside, and does super well with fetching and dropping the ball at your feet to get you to throw it again.



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