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Luke entered the “Big House” on May 12, 2023.   He’s a beautiful Hound mix and is sponsored by Furry Friends Network.


6/2/2023  Luke got a new, plush, soft dog bed, which I actually think I needed more than him since he was really cramping my good night’s sleep, because he is such a bed hog!  Since he got the new bed, he absolutely loves sleeping and napping on it, almost to a fault, because now I actually miss Luke sleeping with me!  Sometimes. . .   Now, when I call him to get up on the bed, he will jump up, lick me in my face, let me pet him for a few pets, and BOOM–he’s right back down to his pimped- out dog bed.   Maybe it was ME who was messing with HIS good night’s sleep before his bed got here?  Maybe I was the bed hog?

Luke got GOLD STARS this week for the “come” command and also for his great behavior in meeting other dogs!

5/26/2023   Luke did the cutest and funniest thing that I have ever seen a dog do.  The other day, I gave Luke a Milk Bone.  He took it very gingerly from me, walked over to his crate, moved his blankets very gently with his paws, and put the Milk Bone underneath the blankets with his nose.  He did this so slowly, almost like the Milk Bone was a very delicate egg he was hiding.

A few days later, we were outside in the exercise yard.  I have him another Milk Bone and doesn’t he do the exact same thing!  He took the bone and hid it in the smallest amount of loose grass and dirt.  He hid it so well that you would never find it unless you saw him bury it.  I’m not sure if he would do this with car keys, but I hope not!  Luke is such a gorgeous, loving dog.

Luke gets Gold Stars this week for sit, stay, and paw.

Luke is still frightened being around large groups of people, and he doesn’t like it in his crate when I leave my cell.  So we have those things to work on.

5/19/2023  Luke’s first week in the “Big House” went as to be expected.  He was a bit nervous, wasn’t a big fan of the food here (neither am I) and the noises and unfamiliar people were scary to him. However, he loved being outside in the play yard and taking walks!

Luke is a very “nosey” dog, which I attribute to the Hound in him.  He loves to see what’s going on.  When we are in our cell, he likes to look out the window to “people watch.”  When he’s done  looking out the window, he’ll go to the cell door to peek out and try to catch a glimpse of what is making all the different noises.

Luke got Gold Stars this week for his sit and stay commands.



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