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Libby is a very sweet and loving 4 month old puppy who was rescued from Craig’s List.  She was kept in a crate 24/7.  Since she has been in foster care, she is thriving!  She is about 30 pounds and has had all of her vet care.  She is SUPER loving with all people, children, and other dogs.  Please contact us if you have room in your heart and home for a loving, energetic puppy!

09/09/2022   Libby was adopted today!  I am told that she went to a wonderful home.  I am really going to miss her.  I know it’s for the best because she needs her very own home.  Love you, Libby!

09/02/2022   Little Libby had another great week.  She is a total sweetheart.  She had a bit of an upset stomach this week so the HOPE Team took her to the vet.  After bloodwork and x-rays, which were normal, she got an injection to calm her stomach.  It seemed to do the trick.  We babied her until she was feeling better.

Libby continues to do well with her commands.  Her new home will need to continue with her training, which I know they will do.  Libby is a wonderful dog.  You won’t find one sweeter!

08/26/2022   Libby is a growing puppy with her child-like temperament.  She is doing very well–the more I teach her, the more she knows.  She follows commands very well and is not hard to train.  Libby is both toy and treat motivated.  Libby is looking for a very loving home.  She would do well in any type family–with kids or without.  Libby has two brown hearts on her left side which means she has a lot of love to give.  She is doing great learning all of her commands.

08/19/2022   Just watching Libby and Lacey play reminds me of little kids playing.  They play like they are best friends.  Libby will be a great addition to any household.

Libby is doing wonderfully with all of her commands.  She is ready to be adopted!

08/12/2022  Libby’s heart is bigger than life itself.  Libby loves attention and cuddling.  She is also very playful.

Libby aced her commands this week!  She is super smart.

She loves everyone she meets, including dogs.  She will make a wonderful addition to a very lucky family!

08/05/2022  Libby continues to get better and better with her commands.  I am so proud of her!  She is one smart cookie!

The other day when I was working with her, I said, “Show me how to get in your crate.”  She went to the crate, opened the door with her nose, and walked right in.  How’s that for smart?!

07/29/2022  Libby would be a great fit for someone who is lonely or someone who has family.  Her heart is big, and she has a lot of love to give.  Her training is going well.  She listens to commands—she is a very impressive puppy!  She’s funny, playful, and everyone here just loves her.  How could you not?

07/22/2022  Libby continues to show her compassion to others.  Kane went to a foster home last week, and his handler has been really missing him.  Kane’s handler was lying down on one of the tables out in the yard.  Unexpectedly, Libby went over to where he was, jumped up on him, laid on his chest, and started licking his face.  It was so touching.  It made me smile because I know she was trying to lift his spirits.

Libby continues to do great with her commands.  This week, she mastered the “leave it” command.  She is the sweetest puppy!  Very smart too!

07/15/2022  This week, we had a Dog Days of Summer event at our library, and Libby was invited to attend.  Libby did well interacting with the other inmates–they loved her.  As it turned out, the librarian needed some books shredded, and Libby was more than happy to help!  She really went to town on those books.

Libby did great with her commands this week and at the library too.  She listened well to me even with all the distractions.  She is a great puppy and will make a wonderful addition to someone’s family!

07/08/2022  In addition to doing well with her training this week, Libby showed me just how loving and caring she is.  I was having a really bad day and was very upset.  I was sitting on the floor with my head in my hands, and then the unexpected happened.  Libby came over to me, pushed my arm out of the way, and laid her head in my lap.  She had a concerned look on her face.  It was as if she felt my energy and had to comfort me.  Now that’s a true friend.  Little Libby :).

07/01/2022  Libby continues to be such a great puppy!  She is very eager to learn everything I am teaching her.  She is lovable, smart, playful, and just a big baby (although she really isn’t that big!).  This week, she learned the “touch” command.  She is also progressing on learning “down” and “stay.”

06/24/2022   Libby’s first week in the prison went very well!  She’s such a good puppy–gets along with all humans and other dogs.  Her first achievement this week was learning “sit,” which she has mastered.  Next, we’re working on “down” and “stay.”  Libby could not be sweeter and I love having her as my first dog to train!

6/17/2022 Today was Libby’s first day in the program and oh boy did she have a welcoming committee waiting to greet her would be a COMPLETE understatement.  All the staff came out to meet this sweet pup, more so than any other HOPE dog…except maybe Comet!  Be sure to come back and check out the progress this girl makes while in the program!



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