Lacey joined the HOPE program on July 29, 2022.  She is an adorable, petite, Beagle mix, about three years old.  She is being sponsored by our friends at Furry Friends Network.  Stay tuned for updates on this total sweetheart!

08/05/2022  My first week with Lacey was like she knew me her entire life!  We got along great!  She sits in my lap and loves to lick my entire face.  When it’s nap time, she balls up and cuddles right under me.  Lacey loves to cuddle!

Lacey adjusted very well her first week.  She already knew the “sit” command.  Then we worked on “down.”  It took a few days, but now she’s got it!  We’re now working on other commands.

I’ve been having a hard time getting Lacey to eat her dog food–she much prefers treats!  But, hey, who doesn’t?!



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