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Lacey joined the HOPE program on July 29, 2022.  She is an adorable, petite, Beagle mix, about three years old.  She is being sponsored by our friends at Furry Friends Network.  Stay tuned for updates on this total sweetheart!

09/16/2022  This is my last week with Lacey because she will be off to her forever home.  All we did this week was play.  I let her sleep out of her crate, and she kept me up all night!  Every five minutes she would jump into bed to lick my face and lay on me.  It is such a blessing that she gets a second chance and is now going to her forever home.  It really means a lot to me to be part of her success story.  Lacey is a really cool dog and every week that she spent in the HOPE program she did great.

09/09/2022  Ms. Lacey was looking like a show dog this week.  While playing with her in the dog yard, I had her jumping over crates lined up like an obstacle course.  She can definitely jump!

For the last couple of days, we really couldn’t do much outside because of the rain.  When I did take her outside to use the bathroom, she came back in and jumped right on my bed and got my sheets all muddy.  Luckily, I had a spare set.  Other than that, she is still doing great and always happy.

I am really going to miss her when she gets adopted.  But she so deserves a forever home for the rest of her days!

09/02/2022   This week with Lacey was another great one!  She got better at “sit” and “stay” before exiting the cell or the housing unit.  She’s now walking by my side on her leash–with treats of course–so that she won’t pull.

This week, Lacey got a new friend, the new dog on the block, Rocco.  As of now, all they do is run up and down the fence on opposite sides until they get tired.  Then, they lay next to each other, also on opposite sides of the fence.  It is so cute, LOL.

Lacey is doing well with all of her commands.  I am still working on stopping her from jumping up on everyone she meets.  She is so full of love, that it’s a work in progress!

08/26/2022   This week with Lacey was somewhat of a success.  She still struggles with jumping up on people being that she loves everyone.  I ask everyone who walks up to her to ask her to “sit” first, then she gets rewarded with hugs and kisses.  She’s also getting better with me walking her on her leash.  She pulls at times but that’s when she gets excited about something (birds and people).  Also, I noticed that she is a thinker.  I put one of her treats into a bowl of water and told her to get it.  At first, she looked at it for a minute, then she turned the bowl over and got the treat, LOL.  To the family that’s blessed with adopting Lacey, know that she’s an awesome dog, and you will not be disappointed.  I’m working with her to make sure she gets everything right!

08/19/2022  This week with Lacey was another great one.  You really have no choice but to love her, and she makes sure of that!  She went to visit some staff throughout the prison , she did great, and of course, everyone loved her.

A funny moment this week–when I was doing my push-ups, she laid on my back, thinking it was playtime.  LOL.

Lacey did well with her commands this week, and I taught her not to jump up on my bed until I tell her it’s okay.  We’re still working on her leash pulling–it’s a work in progress.

08/12/2022   This past week with Lacey was another good one.  She gets along and plays with all the other dogs.  It’s so much fun to watch her play with the other dogs–they get upset because she’s so fast they can’t catch her.  She moves so quickly and her cross-over move looks like she’s playing football.  For her to be so little–she sure is fast!   Lacey gets along with all the people she meets.  She’s also smart–her training is going great!  Lacey is a terrific dog and will make a wonderful addition to a very lucky family!

08/05/2022  My first week with Lacey was like she knew me her entire life!  We got along great!  She sits in my lap and loves to lick my entire face.  When it’s nap time, she balls up and cuddles right under me.  Lacey loves to cuddle!

Lacey adjusted very well her first week.  She already knew the “sit” command.  Then we worked on “down.”  It took a few days, but now she’s got it!  We’re now working on other commands.

I’ve been having a hard time getting Lacey to eat her dog food–she much prefers treats!  But, hey, who doesn’t?!



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