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Kane joined HOPE in mid-December 2021 and moved into a foster home in July 2022.  He is now almost 2 years old, who has learned a lot of amazing things during his time in the Program.   Kane LOVES to jump, run, destroy stuffies! He seems to prefer female dogs to male dogs, so he might prefer to be the only dog, or maybe just the only male dog in the household. He did like to chase cats in his previous home, so a home without cats would be preferred.  Kane is being sponsored by our wonderful rescue partner, Canine Rescue of Central PA.  Kane has no issue telling you if he’s not sure about you, and we don’t believe he would do well in a home with kids.  Kane may need multiple meet and greets with a potential adopter, as he doesn’t always decide right away if he wants to be friends with someone or not.  His circle of friends is growing bigger and bigger every day, but he’s still a little uncertain of new people.

12/09/2022  Alright, well, Russo updated his journal, so I need to update mine too!  I’ve been in my foster home for a few months now and Foster Lady has told me that I can call her mom if I want to.  She said for Christmas I’m getting a forever home, and IDK what means, but she said I should tell all of you, and maybe you could help me figure it out?  So if you have any ideas, can you let me know?!?!?!

08/21/2022 Oh man!  I’ve been in my foster home for about a month now and it’s CRAZY here!  I have fenced-in yard, there’s this HUGE water bowl out there too!  Foster lady calls it a swimming pool, but I’m not swimming in it, NO HOW, NO WAY!!!  Anyway, Foster Lady is keeping up with my training, which is pretty cool, and we go for walks when its incredibly hot out too.  There are other dogs here too, one that lives here, another foster dog like me, and sometimes dogs come to stay with us for a couple days and then go back to their families.  Oh and there’s beds, like everywhere!  I can take naps wherever I want, but really I spend most of my days figuring out how I can wiggle my way onto Foster Lady’s lap so she can hold me while I nap.  If her lap isn’t available, I’m usually upstairs on the bed dozing off.  She says its weird that I sleep like a person with my head on the pillows, but I think its weird the other dogs don’t use the pillows!  Anyway, Foster Lady said she’d let me update you guys more on how I’m doing and make sure everyone knew I am still looking for a forever home…this like is pretty alright, but I’d love a home of my own too!

07/22/2022  Kane left the prison last week to go to a wonderful foster home. When a HOPE dog’s training is complete, and we have a great foster home available, we move the dog into foster care to free up a spot for another dog in need to come into the prison.

Kane’s handler just joined HOPE in September 2021, and Kane was his first dog. Kane was NOT an easy dog! He knew absolutely nothing when he came into the prison–not even his name. To say that Kane’s handler worked wonders with Kane is an understatement. He was SO DEDICATED to Kane and making him the best dog that he could be. In turn, Kane made his handler into a changed person.  The bond between Kane and his handler was amazing.  This is Kane’s handler’s last journal entry about Kane.

“Big head, I miss you more than you will ever know.  I just want to thank you for trusting me and giving me your loyalty.  I also want to thank you for bringing about a change in me that I thought was foreign. . . I embrace it because of you!!!  It was a wonderful journey.  You touched so many people more than you can imagine.  Did you hear the people call your name as we took that long walk to the main gate?  You had so many fans.  So many people loved and respected you.  Nova, Pixie, and Libby are really feeling your absence.  You truly were the glue and the heartbeat.  I smile knowing that.

Kane and I want to thank everyone that played a role in his success in his training, those who loved him, were loyal to him, and believed in him.  HOPE–I thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me with Kane and giving him a warm home.  I’ll see you again Big Head, God willing.”

07/15/2022   I never understood the phrase “a dog is man’s best friend” until I met Kane.  He exemplifies that in totality.  At one and a half years old, he is full of character.  When Kane came into the HOPE program, he knew nothing.  Now, he knows everything!  To watch Kane play off leash with Libby, Nova, and Dozer is a treat.  Kane is the most loyal and fun dog to be around.  Kane is a true testament to wanting to do better and thriving!  Kane is excelling with everything and every task given!

07/08/2022  This week, I continued to work on Kane’s social skills.  A while back, Kane had an episode with an individual that he didn’t know.  Kane really, really barked at him.  I made it my mission to get Kane to be social with this individual.  So, I decided to change my approach.  I let Kane see this individual from a distance every day, gradually decreasing the distance, and Kane got used to this person.  Kane then walked up to him to say hello and gave him kisses!  To see the reaction of this person to Kane, and Kane’s reaction to him, was amazing to see.  Kane’s social skills are improving daily!

Kane is a WONDERFUL dog.  He is going to make a terrific addition to someone’s family.

07/01/2022  Someone told me to “turn your misery into your mission.”  I didn’t get it at first, but now I’m witnessing it!  Kane has become my mission!!!  Kane has been given every name under the sun, now silence has become the loudest sound when witnessing Kane playing with every dog.  He has been so gentle with the new puppy, Libby.  Kane has become the best dog off leash around every dog.  Kane’s will at wanting to get better has become his mission, just like making him a better dog has become mine.  I am so very proud of him, and I am always expressing that to him.

06/24/2022  A new dog was introduced into the pack this week.  Her name is Libby.  She is a five-month-old puppy.  When Kane initially laid eyes on her, he barked at her, which raised eyebrows.  I know Kane so I was not worried, but to see the panic on people’s faces, I couldn’t wait to show them how great Kane has become and to silence the whispers!  Kane and Libby now play together.  Kane seems to know she is just a puppy and plays very gently with her.  It is really beautiful to watch.  The label that people have placed on Kane is so far from the truth.  I’m just a proud trainer witnessing the growth of an amazing dog!

Gold stars–Kane’;s commends and recalls have been improving every, single day.  His introductions to new people have been improving as well.

06/17/2022 This week the dogs were gifted with a pool, and Kane had no clue what it was, and he did not want to get in the pool whatsoever!  He eventually got two feet in, then it became a game, like hot potato!  When there was no water inside the pool, he thought it was a giant toy, grabbed it then ran away with it, growling and having a blast!  Everything is a game to him!

We had a thunderstorm and Kane definitely did not like it!  To see him act differently from his usual self was weird.  He was shaking in his crate, and I sat halfway in it with him, comforting him.  Then he fell asleep and I was stuck in the crate with him!

Kane continues to get better with meet and greets, but there are still times when he just doesn’t like that person for whatever reason.  But, meeting and greeting the two newest handlers is going pretty well.

It’s also important that Kane’s future family knows that he is very intense when playing with toys, EVERYTHING is a game of tug-of-war and getting him to let go can be hard at times.  We are working on trading objects for treats or other toys, but its a work in progress.

06/10/2022   I’d like to start my journal entry a little bit differently this week with a question.  Do dogs dream?   Kane sleeps in his bed next to me so I am able to hear every noise he makes.  Kane woke up in the middle of the night like something scared him, and he headed straight for the door of the cell.  He had his head low and his tail somewhat tucked, which was different for me to see.  Kane would not come back to his bed no matter what I did.  So I picked up his bed, took it over to him, and we both laid down on the floor and went to sleep.  Definitely a “first” for me!  I was able to be there for him just like he has been for me since the start of this journey.  Kane truly is a very special dog.

Kane has done well this week with every task he has been given, especially with meet and greets with people.  Some hiccups but nothing huge.

06/03/2022   Kane had another exceptional week.  I took notice sometime back that once Kane takes to you, it’s on another level of emotional.  I had a bad week personally.  Kane seemed to know that I was off balance, and he was relentless at standing by my side–literally.  When I stepped out the door he started to whimper–he just wanted to be by my side.  Kane truly is a special dog.  I now know the true meaning of the word “empathy,” and the love that people have with their pets.

05/27/2022   Kane once again had a productive week.  Kane has been playing with Pixie and Nova and it is a joy to watch.  Kane was once thought not to get along with other dogs, but that’s no longer true!  Kane loves to play tug-of-war with Pixie, and always the gentleman, let’s her win.  Kane and Nova truly are “besties,”–they love being around each other!  Kane is getting more and ore awesome every day.  He will make a wonderful addition to a very lucky family!

05/20/2022  Another productive week for Kane!  Kane, Bailey, and Courage were all off leash in the play yard!  Kane and Courage played some, then Courage realized that Kane was too much, so he just drifted off.  Bailey then start checking out the yard.  I’m so proud of Kane and the path he has been on.  He is getting along with other dogs and his fear of people has really improved!  Kane and Nova continue to bond and it’s getting stronger every day–they are Besties!

05/13/2022   Kane had another productive week.  I introduced him to several new people, and he did well.  I’m really working to show Kane that no one is going to hurt him or me.  He is getting there slowly.  Kane now has a girlfriend in Nova.  The way they play is wonderful to watch.  Kane and Pixie also play but it’s non-stop.  Bailey and Kane have more of a respect thing going on.  Kane is eager to play but Bailey is more laid back, which Kane respects.  We now have birds that fly into the exercise yard.  To watch Kane get into position like a lion as he watches them is funny.  Kane really is doing well.  The growth he shows is priceless.

05/06/2022  This week, I reintroduced Kane to people that he had prior interactions with.  It went much better than I expected!  It was all about trusting me, and once they let go, introductions took off!  Kane and Nova love to play off leash with each other, and it is just beautiful to watch.  Every week, Kane’s progress amazes me.  He is 16 months old, but he is still learning.  Kane knows when I’m having a bad day and in pain.  He gives me hugs and kisses and plops right into my lap.

I’ve been working with Kane on commands off leash, and it’s been going extremely well.  Meeting new people without barking is still a work in progress, but it’s getting much better!

04/29/2022 Kane’s week was nothing short of phenomenal!  We finally let Kane and Nova play off leash for the first time! To see Kane and Nova smiling was really something adorable.  Kane and Pixie play off leash too!  We have to watch Pixie’s play because she likes to nibble at Kane’s legs, but it’s all in play, and he doesn’t seem to mind.  Kane and Courage are also buds, just taking walks together right now.  And he and Bailey are starting to mirror each other when they play through the fence right now too!

Kane is still working at understanding how to greet people, and he does MUCH better if he can be the one to approach instead of having someone walk up to him.  He is ready for a home where someone will understand that he will need continued work on socializing around other people.  He might not want to be friends with everyone, but we’re working on getting him comfortable just hanging around new people.  He’s getting there!

04/22/2022  To write this week’s entry is *almost* too good to be true!  Kane has found 2 new friends–Nova and the new boy Courage!!!  It really is an amazing thing to see.  What I enjoy the most is watching others’ faces when they see Kane playing with other dogs.  Kane, with a lot of love and work every day, is really growing into his true self.  The perception of Kane is all wrong.  Once thought of as aggressive or even dangerous dog is now a lovable, smart, goofy dog.  Kane’s greatest trait is that he is extremely loyal and has a LOT to offer those who are willing to give him the time to get to know them.  At times, he still struggles with meeting new people, he has to be the one to introduce himself, not have the person approach him.  Strangers are still a work in progress, but he’s making progress every day!

04/15/2022  This past week, Pixie and Kane have continued to grow together in play.  To see them “look” for each other is such a joy to witness.  Kane has also started to play with the other female dog in the HOPE program, Nova.  They have played with each other through the fence only.  But the fact that Kane is interacting now with other dogs is a huge milestone for him!  His every day growth is amazing.  I am so proud of him.  When him comes inside from playing, I direct the fan at him so he can cool off.  He flops down in pure exhaustion.  It is really cute.  Kane still has his moments of barking at people he doesn’t know, but as long as they take it slowly and let Kane come to them, he does fine.

04/08/2022  This week Kane was an absolute joy to watch.  Kane and Pixie have become besties.  Seeing Kane play with another dog brought tears to my eyes.  Kane has not really interacted with any of the other dogs since coming to the prison, so this was a huge step for him.  Even the staff was amazed.

Kane also spent some time with one of his uncles this week.  They watched TV together, and Kane fell asleep next to his uncle in bed.  Kane is turning out to be an amazing dog.

04/01/2022   This week, Kane got to go outside the prison to have a photo session with one of our HOPE trainers.  I can’t lie to you, walking him to the gate was difficult, because he has never been away from me for very long, and I was worried!  To hear that Kane did extremely well during his outing was the most calming feeling ever.  To know that he can handle the outside world put me at peace.  Kane coming back to the prison after a few hours and seeing me was a joy like no other.  He ran to me like a race dog at the gate.  Kane’s love is indescribable.

03/25/2022  Sometimes when I’m describing Kane’s week, I think I do him a disservice by not giving him proper acknowledgement.  Every week there is so much progress, which is phenomenal to watch and be a part of.   A time or two each week Kane reacts to people he doesn’t know, or a dog he never saw before, but now it’s manageable and easier to control.  We have a new dog on the block named Pixie.  Kane wants to play with her every time her sees her.  Once Kane gets to know you, he becomes very attached and is your friend for life.  Kane just wants to play, cuddle, and be your best friend.

03/18/2022  This was another awesome week for Kane as he continues to grow.  His dealing with people and other dogs has improved ALOT!  I have been able to walk him through areas when people he doesn’t know are around.  Kane is so much a lapdog, and he loves to cuddle, which is so calming for him and me. Kane loves to stay in bed with me and will stay until I am ready to get up.  Kane is one of the good ones–he’s truly a “keeper!”

03/11/2022   Whoever said that Kane is not a lap dog was WRONG!  He wants to jump up in your lap, especially if he hasn’t seen you in awhile.  He even loves to cuddle, which is becoming the norm for him.  I’ve learned that Kane also snores, and he “smiles” when I rub his belly.  Kane sometimes struggles with recall, but he is getting better at it.  We’re still working on meet and greets, but that is improving too.  All in all, it was a great week!

03/04/2022  Kane continues to be a work in progress, and he is definitely progressing!  He is doing so much better at meeting new people.  I’ve discovered that he is much better meeting new people if they are seated.  I don’t think they are as intimidating to him then, so he is not as fearful.  I continue to work with him on getting along with Bear and Russo.  He is doing better with that, too.  I took him in the large exercise yard this week, and he walked very well next to me, off leash.  Kane is a great dog and will soon be ready to find his forever home!

02/25/2022  Kane is making tremendous strides at getting better with strangers and interacting with Nova and Bear.  I’m so proud of him.  His attitude is now all play and curious.  He’s getting much better at recall, and we continue to work on getting familiar with and not being afraid of people he doesn’t know.  Kane truly is a great dog and will make someone a great companion!

02/18/2022  Kane has done extremely well this week, especially when around other dogs.  He seems to be okay now with Nova and Bear, but Russo is still a challenge–perhaps due to his size.  He’s doing better with eating his food, but I am guilty of putting some treats in his food to coax him to eat it!  Kane is spoiled for sure!  He sleeps in his bed, but he usually climbs in to bed with me, waiting for me to rub his chest so he can fall back to sleep, after waking me out of mine.  Kane is really improving with his reactivity to people and other dogs, and the training techniques that our wonderful trainers have taught all the handlers are working great!

02/11/2022  Kane is a work in progress, but overall, is doing well.  He knows basic obedience commands.  Our biggest challenge is helping him to understand that not all people are bad and want to hurt him.  He is young–about a year old–and had no socialization prior to coming to HOPE, so we are working to give him the confidence he needs to be a great dog!  We are starting some non-prescription medication to help with his fears to see if that will help him relax a bit. A lot of dogs and people around Kane, scare him.  When it’s quiet, he is the best companion and friend.  Kane needs a quiet, no-other-pet home where his family will be patient with him.  In return, you will get a very loving and great dog!

02/04/2022  It’s been a good week for Kane.  He is now warming up to Luna, and he has stopped barking at the newer dog, Bear.  He has really calmed with his barking at everything.  I have taught him how to bow consistently.  His commands are all on point–sit, bow, lay, stay, wait, and leave it.  Kane is still struggling with meeting other dogs and new people, and we are continuing to work on that.  Kane really is a great dog; he just needs love and patience.

01/28/2022  It’s been an interesting week for Kane!  The guards allowed us to unleash the dogs to let them run around the block–one dog at a time, never together.  I could see Kane smiling as he was running around. It was a joy to watch!  He is definitely living his best days!  Now he gives me high fives one paw at a time.  I am working on both paws together.  Kane is still struggling at meeting people he doesn’t know.  Once you are in his inner circle,  you are golden.  I will continue working with him on this.  Kane likes to cuddle although he doesn’t want that to be known publicly.  We always wrestle to see who gets the pillow!

01/21/2022  Kane had a great week!  He wasn’t as reactive to people he doesn’t know.  Once he meets the same people again, and he knows that you are in his life, he welcomes you 100%!  This week, I finally got Kane to roll over, give paw, and high five.  I’m now trying to get him to give me his other paw!  We have also been working on the “wait” command, and Kane is doing great.  He has been able to wait for 3-5 minutes!  Once Kane gets to know you, he is such a great dog.  His loyalty is endless.  He is very alert and extremely protective.  He would make a great dog for someone who lives alone and would like to have a dog around to love and feel safe with.  He’s not fond of other males dogs, but is okay with female dogs.  So he needs a home with no dog brothers and no cats, as he would chase them!

1/14/2022  Kane continues to make strides in his training each week.  His every day growth is a joy to watch.  He no longer barks at the guards when they do rounds each night, and he is now more comfortable when people he doesn’t know approach him.  He is not a fan of large, male dogs, though!  He is a huge fan of Miss Gypsy; watching them play together is a really something!  Kane insisted on sleeping with me this week, and there was no getting him to return to his own bed, so I gave in!

01/07/2022  Today Kane got to finally take a bow and now I can’t get him to stop bowing! He does it in mid-stride too, its so funny!  Certain foods he wants from you, and he turns real preppy!  We just laugh all the time because he’s really a funny little guy.  This week he also got to play with Gypsy off leash for about 30 minutes.  Being able to see him do that was a joy because he really needed that!  Sometimes when we’re playing with each other he gets a little mouthy, and occasionally it hurts just a little, so I stop and act like I’m hurt or crying and he’ll start licking my face hundreds of times.  We also learned that Kane snores!!!

We are still working on his behavior with other male dogs, so for right now he should either be an only dog, or perhaps go to a home with a female dog.  We’re also still working on his behavior with some people, as he seems to be a little choosy with his human friends.  Some people he loves instantly, others not so much!  He’s still getting used to his life here, so he’s still learning who he can trust, so he’ll need an adopter that is willing to take their time in getting to know Kane.

12/29/2021 This is Kane’s second week with his HOPE Handler and up until now, he never wanted to meet the other HOPE dogs.  He’s a ladies man and prefers Gypsy and Diamond to the boys, and who wouldn’t, they’re gorgeous!   He was allowed off leash to run around with Diamond and it seemed to be his best day yet!

The handlers set up an agility course in the run yard and he ran it like he’s done it all before!

Kane finally learned “down” and “crate” with no hesitation too!  As a young dog, he still struggles with distractions while he’s working, and the male dogs can really get him going sometimes.  Sometimes he even ignores his name when the other dogs are around too, but he’s a young dude and learning is hard.  He also whines a bit when he’s separated from his handler, but that is slowly improving too.

12/22/2021  Kane has been with HOPE for 1 week now, and for only being a pup who just turned 1 year old he is adapting better than expected!  The first night was a bit of a wild ride, but he’s since settled into the routine.  Kane likes to jump on his handler and slobber him with kisses every morning.  Kane seems to know when his handler has to go to work or leave for awhile and will try to block his path so he just has to stay with him!  When his handler returns, Kane can’t even contain his excitement!  Both Kane and his handler have a lot to learn together, but they’re a great fit together, and they have plenty of knowledgeable handlers to depend on too!

Kane is going to be focusing on being more comfortable in the crate, stay and wait cues, as well as learning that he shouldn’t jump up on people.  He gets excited and just launches himself right up to your face, and Kane is a small guy too!  It will definitely be interesting watching him grow and learn!

12/15/2021 Kane joined HOPE at SCI Camp Hill this week!  He was definitely a crowd pleaser as he met some of the administrative staff this morning.  We learned that he has a squeaky little bark and that he likes to wait until someone gets real close, then BARK in their face…I think he enjoys startling them 🤦‍♂️ Kane met his handler and got a lot of one-on-one time with him and a HOPE trainer, helping both to get to know each other and getting Kane settled into his new digs!



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