Kane will be joining HOPE in mid-December 2021.  He is a 1 year pit mix, that can’t wait to start learning how to be a good dog.  Kane LOVES to jump, run, destroy stuffies! He seems to prefer female dogs to male dogs, so he might prefer to be the only dog, or maybe just the only male dog in the household. He did like to chase cats in his previous home, so a home without cats would be preferred.  Kane is being sponsored by our wonderful rescue partner, Canine Rescue of Central PA, who is currently caring for him while he recovers from his neuter surgery and receives his vaccination boosters.  Keep checking back for more information on Kane!

01/21/2022  Kane had a great week!  He wasn’t as reactive to people he doesn’t know.  Once he meets the same people again, and he knows that you are in his life, he welcomes you 100%!  This week, I finally got Kane to roll over, give paw, and high five.  I’m now trying to get him to give me his other paw!  We have also been working on the “wait” command, and Kane is doing great.  He has been able to wait for 3-5 minutes!  Once Kane gets to know you, he is such a great dog.  His loyalty is endless.  He is very alert and extremely protective.  He would make a great dog for someone who lives alone and would like to have a dog around to love and feel safe with.  He’s not fond of other males dogs, but is okay with female dogs.  So he needs a home with no dog brothers and no cats, as he would chase them!

1/14/2022  Kane continues to make strides in his training each week.  His every day growth is a joy to watch.  He no longer barks at the guards when they do rounds each night, and he is now more comfortable when people he doesn’t know approach him.  He is not a fan of large, male dogs, though!  He is a huge fan of Miss Gypsy; watching them play together is a really something!  Kane insisted on sleeping with me this week, and there was no getting him to return to his own bed, so I gave in!

01/07/2022  Today Kane got to finally take a bow and now I can’t get him to stop bowing! He does it in mid-stride too, its so funny!  Certain foods he wants from you, and he turns real preppy!  We just laugh all the time because he’s really a funny little guy.  This week he also got to play with Gypsy off leash for about 30 minutes.  Being able to see him do that was a joy because he really needed that!  Sometimes when we’re playing with each other he gets a little mouthy, and occasionally it hurts just a little, so I stop and act like I’m hurt or crying and he’ll start licking my face hundreds of times.  We also learned that Kane snores!!!

We are still working on his behavior with other male dogs, so for right now he should either be an only dog, or perhaps go to a home with a female dog.  We’re also still working on his behavior with some people, as he seems to be a little choosy with his human friends.  Some people he loves instantly, others not so much!  He’s still getting used to his life here, so he’s still learning who he can trust, so he’ll need an adopter that is willing to take their time in getting to know Kane.

12/29/2021 This is Kane’s second week with his HOPE Handler and up until now, he never wanted to meet the other HOPE dogs.  He’s a ladies man and prefers Gypsy and Diamond to the boys, and who wouldn’t, they’re gorgeous!   He was allowed off leash to run around with Diamond and it seemed to be his best day yet!

The handlers set up an agility course in the run yard and he ran it like he’s done it all before!

Kane finally learned “down” and “crate” with no hesitation too!  As a young dog, he still struggles with distractions while he’s working, and the male dogs can really get him going sometimes.  Sometimes he even ignores his name when the other dogs are around too, but he’s a young dude and learning is hard.  He also whines a bit when he’s separated from his handler, but that is slowly improving too.

12/22/2021  Kane has been with HOPE for 1 week now, and for only being a pup who just turned 1 year old he is adapting better than expected!  The first night was a bit of a wild ride, but he’s since settled into the routine.  Kane likes to jump on his handler and slobber him with kisses every morning.  Kane seems to know when his handler has to go to work or leave for awhile and will try to block his path so he just has to stay with him!  When his handler returns, Kane can’t even contain his excitement!  Both Kane and his handler have a lot to learn together, but they’re a great fit together, and they have plenty of knowledgeable handlers to depend on too!

Kane is going to be focusing on being more comfortable in the crate, stay and wait cues, as well as learning that he shouldn’t jump up on people.  He gets excited and just launches himself right up to your face, and Kane is a small guy too!  It will definitely be interesting watching him grow and learn!

12/15/2021 Kane joined HOPE at SCI Camp Hill this week!  He was definitely a crowd pleaser as he met some of the administrative staff this morning.  We learned that he has a squeaky little bark and that he likes to wait until someone gets real close, then BARK in their face…I think he enjoys startling them 🤦‍♂️ Kane met his handler and got a lot of one-on-one time with him and a HOPE trainer, helping both to get to know each other and getting Kane settled into his new digs!



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