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Humphrey now lives with his rescue, Animal Rescue Inc.


Humphrey has been doing very well at his commands. I've been trying to get him to like water so he'll go swimming and be relaxed while bathing. He doesn't trust some dogs, but he and Gabbie are great friends. Humphrey has been doing really well with the other guys in the program.


Humphrey did awesome with meeting new people this week. He's been doing very well with his commands and has even started to allow some of the correctional officers to pet him. Humphrey knows a lot of tricks and commands. We hope he gets adopted soon.


Humphrey is truly a little old man stuck in a dog's body. He's set in his ways and although we have to admit he's a little odd, we all truly love that quirky personality of his! Let's face it - Humphrey either likes you or he doesn't. Somewhere along the line, Humphrey's trust was betrayed and humans mistreated him. He needs an adopter who will understand his issues and continue to teach him new things. Humphrey is very smart and responds well to direction. He gets along great with some dogs but not all dogs. Humphrey has been in the prison far too long and wants a home of his own. Please help us get this guy paroled!


Humphrey and I had some fun going to the big yard. We played catch, and Humphrey ran around a lot. He practiced some tricks like 'stay' and 'lie on your back.' He had some fun playing with Leila. Humphrey does really well with 'stay' from a distance. I had him stay and I walked away about 30 feet. He lasted almost 2 minutes and then came to me.


Humphrey had fun this week playing in the dog yard. We played catch and ran around in the dog yard for a while. Humphrey watched me cut the grass. We practiced tricks like 'place' and 'pick a toy.' I find that when it is just the two of us, he does all of his tricks better. He's more distracted when lots of people are around.


This week was another fun week for Humphrey. We went to the baseball field so he could run around and play catch. Humphrey really likes to chase the groundhogs. We're still working on redirecting his attention when he sees them.


Humphrey is doing very well. He played with the new dog, Leila. I gave him some extra room to run around by putting two leashes together. I wanted to see if he would listen to me when he's farther away. He did really well! I am teaching Humphrey how to moon walk and he's getting better at it. I will continue to work with him. He will do anything for a treat. He is a great dog.


Humphrey is starting to get along well with the new dog, Leila. I am very proud of him. I've found that he plays much better with all of the dogs when he is tired, so I take him outside to let him run around in the yard first. We are working on Humphrey lying on his back on command.


Humphrey practiced tricks like 'lie on your back,' 'roll over,' 'crawl,' and 'find it.' He does well with all of them, except he isn't a fan of lying in the grass. He prefers the concrete. He is very protective of the cell, but we've been working on it.


Humphrey is a very loving dog and I am having a great time with him. He does really well with his commands like 'sit,' 'stay,' 'down,' and 'crawl.' I taught him how to sit on a milk crate. Humphrey likes to chase bees and birds, but he will stop when I tell him to leave it.


This week, Humphrey and I had some fun together. I took him out and we played ball. I would throw the ball and he would bring it right back to me. We also played tug-of-war. Humphrey is a very playful dog. We practiced some tricks together. He knows 'sit,' 'down,' 'spin,' and 'give me your paw.' Humphrey and I have now bonded and I can tell he gets jealous when I play with other dogs. He also played with Jack and Leo. He was very well behaved.


Humphrey has a new primary handler and he is doing very well. He just moved in with me and is taking the change very well. He is a great dog. He sleeps with me at night and cuddles with me throughout the day. He listens when I tell him to sit in his cage. Humphrey plays with Jack and Leo and he even let Madison sniff his butt once. I'm trying to help him not be scared of the water when I bathe him.


Humphrey was a good boy this week. He really enjoys being around people that he's comfortable with. He's eager to please and loves performing tricks. Humphrey played with Leo and Jack a lot outside. Humphrey does very well each week at training class. We hope he gets a home of his own soon!


Humphrey took a field trip to a park this week and I was told that he did really well. Humphrey has been doing well in here too. He's been playing with Jack a lot and they just keep going until they both are exhausted. Humphrey is such a smart, sweet boy. We can't believe he hasn't been adopted yet!

“This week, we worked on ‘place’ and on walking on a leash. Since we were on lockdown for four days, the dogs did not get much exercise. Humphrey did well with the correctional officers and staff taking him outside during that time. The lockdown gave Humphrey more exposure to strangers, and he responded well with everyone he met. Good job, Humphrey!!”

“Humphrey has been playing with Jack and Leo a lot. Leo and Humphrey love to chase each other in the yard. Humphrey loves to cuddle and to be close to his person. He’s a very smart dog and is ready to be adopted to someone with dog experience.”

“Humphrey did a great job meeting a couple of new people this week. He and Jack have been playing nonstop together. Humphrey is getting along great with the new handler in the program. He listens to his commands from everyone very well. We hope you find your home soon, Humphrey!!

“Humphrey is protective of the cell when people come by, but outside of the cell, he is doing very well. A newer dog handler has been helping out with Humphrey, and Humphrey behaved perfectly for him this past week. Humphrey had a great week overall and didn’t have any issues with dogs or people. Way to go, Humphrey!”

“Humphrey has a new handler and seems to be adjusting well. Humphrey has been playing with the new dog, Jack. Humphrey really loves the people he knows. He’s still somewhat leery of strangers. It’s very important that he’s introduced to new people properly and is allowed to sniff and greet them first. Humphrey is such a sweet boy and he has so many adorable quirks!”

“Humphrey got a ton of exercise this week with two trips to the softball field. Humphrey also went to the dog yard with Leo, where we worked on ‘stay’ and ‘recall.’ Humphrey doesn’t get a lot of long distance recall work, but he didn’t do too badly. I also did ‘with me’ off leash and he did really, really well. He’s very smart and can learn anything.”

“Humphrey has been doing ‘with me’ off leash in the dog runs, and we will try it in the big yard soon. ‘With me’ is also helping him with his focus and seemingly doubles as ‘watch me’ too. That will be important outside around the birds and groundhogs here. His ‘down’ is getting better. He learned ‘crawl’ and then began crawling whenever he went down. It’s funny but not ideal. Humphrey attended the CPAA Spay-ghetti dinner this week and was a bit overwhelmed with the people. He did okay for a short period of time, but then was uncomfortable around all of the new people. Keep working hard, Humphrey!”

“This week Humphrey continued his attempt to perfect, ‘with me.’ He is doing really, really well walking with me. He backs up when I back up and sits when I stop. He’s like a mirror. Humphrey’s ‘meet and greet’ with people go well as long as they approach him slowly and offer out their hand palm side up. We can’t wait to see him get a home!”

“With the weather getting nicer, we’ve been working more outside. Humphrey has always walked nicely on a leash, but I started working on ‘with me,’ just to see how good he can get. It’s getting to the point when he can be anywhere around me and when I say, ‘with me,’ he’ll go to my left side. Humphrey is very smart and I shouldn’t be surprised at how fast he is learning that….but I am. Humphrey went on a field trip this week and had a great time at the St. Puppy’s Day Parade. He fit right in, meeting new friends, both canine and human. What a little superstar!!”

“Humphrey got to work with a new handler, who reported ‘He took right to me. The little guy loves the snow.’ Humphrey did a good job around people this week and listened very well to both of his handlers. He’s a man on a mission when he goes for walks but still manages to have great leash skills.”

“Humphrey was introduced to a muzzle this week, in an effort to help with his acceptance of strangers. Fortunately, Humphrey doesn’t hate the muzzle and behaves well with it on. It was introduced gradually, and it isn’t used exclusively when he is meeting people. Leo and Humphrey played and trained together like usual. Humphrey is working on improving his ‘touch’ cue.”

“Humphrey had a productive week. He’s really mastered ‘walk backwards’ and ‘crawl.’ He is slowly getting used to new people. A different handler helped with training Humphrey this week, and Humphrey made himself right at home in the new handler’s cell. Humphrey listened and obeyed cues for him very well. Long distance ‘sits’ and ‘downs’ are what he’ll be working on next.  Humphrey and Leo do the trick, ‘Bang!’ simultaneously, although no one else has yet to see it.”

“Humphrey earned a well deserved furlough on Saturday. He and his handler have been working really hard on all the basics and meet and greets, and in the past few weeks he’s learned the ‘back up’ command, he’s learned to crawl, and he even walks backward alongside his handler. So he was ready for some R&R. As we left the prison, his wiggle butt started going and I don’t think it stopped the entire time we were out. We practiced loose leash walking and auto-sits, which are both coming along nicely. We met a few people along the way and he did very well and remained relaxed. His favorite parts of the outing, however, were running through the snow, and investigating the igloo that we came across!! This boy has so much to offer and is more than ready for his forever home!”

“Humphrey and Leo continue to play and train together as often as possible. He is doing well with his new cues, including ‘back.’ He is grasping walking backwards, after a few days of confusion. His ‘back’ is getting there and his handler is trying to eliminate the spin that Humphrey likes to do. Humphrey is also crawling on command without a lure, but we can’t wait for spring so he can crawl in the grass. He gets gold stars for meeting people and managing his resource guarding.”

“This week Humphrey met the new dog on the block, Buddy. There were no issues between them, so hopefully they will soon be able to run around and play together. Humphrey and Leo continue to be good playmates and train together. Humphrey gets gold stars this week for his ‘out.’ His ‘stay’ is also improving. He also learned a new command this week – ‘back’ – and he’s catching on quickly. His latest trick is crawling for a few feet without a lure. He needs more training in different locations, but he is getting good at it.”

“Humphrey’s handler is on a mission to have Humphrey ‘spot on’ with his commands. So they are going back and working on all the commands that need improvement. Humphrey’s ‘stay’ is significantly better and will be worked on regularly. He and Leo are great together. We put them in the cells daily to play and train. Humphrey has been doing great with meeting people and with his resource guarding. He is comfortable with people he knows being near his food and toys. We are working with Humphrey and Leo and having them practice commands simultaneously and then have one ‘stay’ while we call the other. Thanks for taking the role as Leo’s big brother!”

“Humphrey and his handler have had a busy week. This past weekend, Humphrey and Leo went out to the dog yard where they ran around and played very, very well together. Humphrey and Leo also performed simultaneous auto ‘sits’ and side-by-side ‘stays.’ Humphrey still needs some work on his ‘stays,’ especially if there is something around to distract him. Humphrey and Leo also played together in the cell without a hint of an issue with toys or water. Humphrey just never wants to stop playing. Humphrey’s handler is working with him on his resource guarding issue and reports that he is doing much better.”

“This week Humphrey’s best friend Dixon got adopted, but he gained a new friend in Leo. They play together well and Humphrey is assuming the role of a big brother to Leo. They are together off leash in the dog run and when Leo reacts to other dogs, Humphrey checks him. Humphrey also worked with different handlers.”

“Unfortunately the bitter cold and rain prevented Humphrey and his handler from being outside this week. Humphrey is not a fan of the elements. His week consisted of playing with Dixon and greeting his friends on the block. Humphrey is also doing well with Leo and they have been playing together. Humphrey has been practicing his ‘stay’ and can ‘sit and stay’ for a minute! We timed him!”

“Humphrey’s handler reports ‘nothing interesting happened this week which should come as no surprise.’ But we disagree. We learned that Humphrey does not like the snow. He runs to his bathroom spot, does his business, and wants to be back inside where it’s warm. Humphrey and Dixon continue to play together and look forward to their playdates. Humphrey and Leo will even play together when they see each other. The visitors who stop by to see Humphrey have left a good impression on him. He now gets excited when he hears their voices and is happy to see them.”

“This week Humphrey was in his crate out in the cell block and reacted to someone he knows who came to see him. He doesn’t guard the cell but seemed to guard his crate. This is a new situation and Humphrey’s handler will work with him on desensitizing him to having visitors when he is in his crate out in the cell block . He did great with other visitors and performed his ‘sit’, ‘down,’ and ‘paw’ for them.”

“Humphrey has been doing really well this week with everything he’s been working on. His favorite time of the day is when he gets to play with Dixon. Humphrey is the annoying little brother who will not let Dixon rest.”

“This week Humphrey had a really good week all around. He greeted people and allowed several of those he knows to pet him. His resource guarding is improving but it still exists, so the work will continue until it’s gone. He loves his visits with Dixon and he shows no signs of guarding with other dogs. When he’s visiting with Dixon, he steals his toys. When Dixon is visiting with him, Dixon steals his toys. They love to play together.”

“This week Humphrey continued his evening visits with Dixon. As mentioned before, the visits are great for all involved, humans and dogs, just for entertainment alone. Humphrey does not resource guard with Dixon or his handler. His resource guarding issues that have come to surface are being worked on and he did allow someone to take his bone a few times without reacting. Humphrey likes Leo and Leo seems to be warming up to him. Humphrey did great with a few people over the weekend. He allowed them to pet his side as he rubbed up against them like a cat.”

“In all honesty, this week has been relatively uneventful for Humphrey. His ‘down’ and ‘stay’ commands need improvement and there’s nothing exciting about that. Distractions are his problem with ‘stay’, so that will be addressed. His tolerance of people is as expected with no real progression or regression this week. The one funny thing that happened is the discovery that he is scared of the new dog, Leo. He will play rough with Rebel and not be happy meeting every new person, but will run away and hide from a barking Leo…ha ha.

Note from volunteer: Humphrey is a very sweet dog once he gets to know you. The first time I met him, I stayed still while he came over and sniffed me. He decided I was okay and we have been friends ever since. I usually only see him once a week, but I am always greeted with a wagging tail and kisses. He really is a nice smaller dog. I believe he weighs under 40 pounds. The best way to meet Humphrey is to let him walk up to you. He would make a great companion and would love to go for walks and play fetch with tennis balls.”

“It was recommended that Humphrey’s ‘stay’ command improve, so that has been the focus for his training. His ‘down’ also needs improvement so we’ll be busy. Humphrey had fun playing ping pong with his friends. He was infatuated with the ping pong balls being hit, so we played with him. He got to get up on the ping pong table for a closer look and he liked it. This week Humphrey also went out to have fun on a field trip.”

“The handlers are making a video to be shown to incoming inmates, telling them about the HOPE Program. This week Humphrey made his film debut for the video. He did really well and had a lot of fun, even though Rebel treated him like a dust mop…ha ha. Humphrey is still working on meeting new people, and is getting help by meeting some of the other inmates. Humphrey saw me cleaning the other day and decided to help me by pawing at what I was working on. He wasn’t helping me at all, but I appreciated the effort.”

“Humphrey’s handler reports ‘Humphrey has made a lot of progress since Day 1, but this week he had a little bit of trouble meeting new people. We don’t know if he just had a few bad days, or if it’s time to change our approach to his training. Either way, he will get what he needs to improve his only issue. Other than that, he is doing great.’”

UPDATE 06-29-14
“Humphrey headed to the big house this weekend. This little boy just needs some help with basic obedience and manners. He is a cute little 3-year-old terrier mix who is available for adoption through Animal Rescue, Inc. Stay tuned for next week’s update!”



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