Meet Hazel!  Hazel is approximately 2 year old, and is thought to be a German Shepherd mix girl.  Her coat is a gorgeous caramel brindle and so very soft.  Miss Hazel joined HOPE on 11/04/2022 and we are looking forward to learning more about her as she progresses with her training.

Hazel spent about a year with Canine Rescue of Central PA.  She did not spark a lot of interest from potential adopters, but the volunteers at the rescue just love her!  She is an active girl who loves going for walks, playing with toys, especially her purple egg, which as you can see she likes taking everywhere, and pretty much any activity that involves being outside!  If you’re an active family looking for a furry family member, Hazel might be your girl!


Hazel’s PetFinder Profile can be found here:


11/18/2022   I’m continuing to work with Hazel on commands.  Right now, she’s struggling, but I know she will get them as time goes on!  She continues to adjust well to prison life.

This week, we’ve been working on “sit.”  She’s starting to somewhat get it.

She loves to play fetch in the yard, and gets very excited about that.  She also likes to just relax with me.  She’ll jump up on my bed and lay next to me so she can watch TV.

Hazel is a dog with a lot of love to give.  She loves to give kisses.   Hazel is my new furry friend!

11/11/2022  This was my first week with Hazel so we spent most of the week getting to know each other.   She’s pretty laid back, loves to play, and likes to run!  I really like that she loves to cuddle!

We’ve been working on her commands, but it’s going slowly.  No worries–we have plenty of time!



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